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  1. GolfSpy MBP

    MyGolfSpy Tournament

    Ya, maybe a little Cali trip action
  2. GolfSpy MBP

    MyGolfSpy Tournament

    The Texas one in September was so good
  3. It just don't feel right leaving it in and I've had the back of the cup save me one too many times on putts that are too hard.
  4. GolfSpy MBP

    Be honest - is MGS dying

    Man this thread is poppin! I'm guessin some guys can't maintain a +1 cap during the winter so they don't have a lot to talk about.
  5. GolfSpy MBP

    Chicago PD role

    South Park was really good last night
  6. GolfSpy MBP

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    It's the price of playin in the big leagues boys. Enter at your risk, go big or go home.
  7. GolfSpy MBP

    The Greatest Showman!

    So is stopping in the same thing as "slipping in"? Sounds a little sketchy.
  8. GolfSpy MBP

    Chicago PD role

    Dammit I already watch a ton of other shows on Wednesdays, that's too bad...
  9. GolfSpy MBP

    Hello MGS, my name is Santa

    Somewhere Tony Covey is in awe of the hefty girth and mighty length of this intro, and elsewhere Adam is just happy you kept it under 10,000 words. Welcome, finally, to MGS. PS: I'm sorry patterning with me on Sunday's leads to such frustration in your game...
  10. Hurry up and get yours before Houston ******
  11. Tough as Huck - Children's Hospital Charity Scramble https://www.toughashuck.com/ I really wanted to tell a story about a no longer "new" forum member and a great friend - joyzee aka Clint. A year ago he messaged me on Instagram asking if I could share his tournament and story to hopefully get some exposure for it. Sure I said, but that's not where it stopped. After reading and seeing what it was all about, two hours later I'd entered my own scramble team to support the cause. Clint's family story: Baby huck was born with a heart defect and saved by our local BC Children's Hospital. Now every year Huck hosts a charity tournament to give back. And here's the official story from Clint's family off their website: https://www.toughashuck.com/our-story On July 4, 2015 our beautiful son Huck was born. Unfortunately Huck was born with a rare congenital heart defect known as transposition of the great arteries. This occurs when the two main arteries leaving the heart – the aorta and the pulmonary artery – are reversed. This starves the body of oxygen and is fatal without intervention. Knowing our son's survival was dependent on open-heart surgery was absolutely devastating and terrifying, but we felt confident in the teams' ability to provide the best care for our baby. At just five days old, Huck underwent his first open-heart operation. He came out of the operating room with a breathing tube, feeding tube, pace maker, drains, open sternum and numerous other tubes. The sight of Huck post-op was horrific. As a parent, nothing can ever prepare you for what we encountered. A few days after his operation Huck's right lung collapsed and he required another surgery. The very next day Huck developed another post-op complication that was extremely rare. A blood clot was obstructing the main vein draining blood from the head. This condition is so rare that our surgeon had never once seen this happen in his twenty-three year career. Huck was once again rushed away for emergency surgery. It was at this point that Clint and I were told to prepare for the worst. Our doctors did not expect Huck to survive and it was a moment we will unfortunately never forget. Thankfully, we had an amazing surgeon and dedicated team who refused to give up on Huck that day and miraculously he survived! Through our journey, it became evident how crucial donations are to BC Children's Hospital. The donations allow the hospital to recruit the best staff in the world and equip the hospital with state-of-the-art technology. The level of care offered to families is phenomenal. I honestly don't have a better word to use than phenomenal. The staff is caring, patient and extraordinarily talented. We will forever be grateful to BC Children's Hospital for saving our son. And we will forever be grateful to all of you for helping us support such an amazing place. Not only does it mean the world to us, but also it means so much to all the other families that utilize BC Children's Hospital every day. Click here to read more about Huck's Miracle Story on BC Children's Hospitals' Foundation website. ----- I just wanted to share this with our great MyGolfSpy community and say how lucky I am to have met a guy like Clint and his family. Maybe some of you can even help support his cause, hell even go donate to your local children's hospital and be a part of things. And if you live local, c'mon put a team in. I invite you to come and take it. PS: I only slept with it once ​
  12. GolfSpy MBP

    Nike RZN Platinum

    Nike outlet stores still stock em here and I'm lovin it
  13. The rules of golf will be safe for another week.