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  1. So in the world of crazy talk I had my buddy try TGF last night who just got fit by the Titleist fitter and then purchased. We used the expert mode for 2 categories knowing the specifics - his exact swing speed and angle of attack. Not only did TrueGolfFit nail the driver model, but the shaft happens to be the same one too.
  2. I've been rolling a Huntington Beach #1 for a few years and I couldn't see changing. Crazy feel and performance for a sub $100 flat stick.
  3. Jordan Spieth is overrated and doesn't come across as sweet as everyone builds him up to be.
  4. That's just the stock white Srixon and by fluke Canada MGS badge and bag tag matched perfectly.
  5. Same irons and wedges in the bag atm, I'm actually playing around with the idea of starting the year with my Tmag Tour Preferred's for the hell of it.
  6. So before y'all email me again claiming our testing is a scam, we're geoblocking you, that we never announce winners, that you've been to the site every time there's a new testing opportunity yet never get picked, that we're desperate for testers and never choose you, and so on and so on and so on... I'm BUMPING THIS THREAD!!!! It's FRICKEN EASY!!!! Be active, participate, post good content, show us you care about our community and aren't just here for free sh&t.
  7. It just don't feel right leaving it in and I've had the back of the cup save me one too many times on putts that are too hard.
  8. Man this thread is poppin! I'm guessin some guys can't maintain a +1 cap during the winter so they don't have a lot to talk about.
  9. South Park was really good last night
  10. It's the price of playin in the big leagues boys. Enter at your risk, go big or go home.
  11. So is stopping in the same thing as "slipping in"? Sounds a little sketchy.
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