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  1. Huge news! MyGolfSpy just released a brand new series on YouTube! After tens of thousands of shots and millions of data points, our results are coming to life. And yes, we DID cut a $600 Driver IN HALF. GOLF SCIENCE: EPISODE 1 Did TaylorMade Tell the Truth? Stealth vs. SIM 2 Video:
  2. In the book of obscure records, this has got to be up there, but it translates to some factors that we do care more about, like ball speed, consistency, flight patterns, etc... The video breakdown was also very interesting to watch. So what is this statistic? Hand Path Length Rising star Sahith Theegala has the longest officially record hand path length of any golfer at 74.4in, which is 4" longer than the next closest golfer. Ping had the opportunity to record the swing in their fancy ENSO system, that tracks movement in 3D to give us the video below:
  3. Saw these and immediately thought they would be perfect for our northern brethren - looking at you @GolfSpy MPR! Caliber Golf has taken the idea of a putter and added a hockey stick to it, supposedly for more control and feel...and for those who dream of reliving Happy Gilmore, I suppose, haha. Could this be the next putter crazy after arm-locks fall out of fashion (or are banned...)? https://www.wisconsin.golf/business/brothers-banking-on-innovative-hockey-stick-putter-becoming-their-shot-on-goal-in-the-multimillion/article_750dd926-bd7c-11ec-affc-5bd1cd6dac20.html
  4. Looks like a new brand has hit the scenes with a decent offering - Stix! Pitched as a DTC w/ disruptor mentality, these are a new offering looking to shake things up and hopefully make golf more accessible with a decent offering to the younger crowd or those who play a few rounds a year. After checking out their site, they do have a nice appearance, however I wonder about the durability of the finish. It's also nice that it's something of a complete package that might be a notch or two better than offerings from Top Flight. I know it won't meet the needs for our gear crazed forum users, but taking a step back and looking at it for what it is - a beginner/intermediate set of clubs in a complete package - what do you guys think? Check a review from a decidedly non-golf related site: https://www.wired.com/review/stix-golf-clubs/
  5. Haha, Lowery would certainly be fun to watch! I think DJ could throw some nasty elbows on opponents - his quiet demeanor is hiding a hardened competitive spirit that would come raging out after the first blow landed on him.
  6. That's exactly what I thought - trying to get NFL fans more into golf, and maybe golfers into NFL? I always like the idea of a professional athlete teamed up with a regular "joe" to jus show how good they really are. Would be fun to have a content to have like Rory and Jordan each team up with a regular 15hdcp golfer and then have a net score showdown, haha.
  7. 2022 Edition of The Match was just announced and looks like they are taking a very different approach with NFL QB's, the last 4 out of 5 MVP winners, no less! Who do you have in this wild matchup? Did they completely botch this for a ratings play, or is this must-watch for the golf world? https://www.pgatour.com/news/2022/04/18/the-match-nfl-quarterbacks-golf-tom-brady-aaron-rodgers-patrick-mahomes-josh-allen-las-vegas.html
  8. Recent article from Golf.com considered the idea of the Rahminator being the best UFC style fighter on the PGA tour - or so says his workout buddy. So what do you guys think? Would Rahm easily dominate or would someone else crush the competition? https://golf.com/news/jon-rahm-training-habits-ufc-fighter/
  9. Agree with the mix and match approach @bellken i played in central VA on 4/2 and it was 38 at tee time! Had a shirt, 1/4zip pullover and a down jacket to wear between shots, lol! At the turn i was very comfortable without the jacket, but it sure was s chilly start. thinking a jacket like the Colter would have been a good fit for a day like that!
  10. Yeah, that's why these are so interesting! Two Titleist VP's have signed affidavits that they are the real deal, so perhaps it was "one" set used during the tiger slam, but given that he could get new clubs for every tournament, or just whenever he wants to, perhaps the set he used last are in his house and these were used earlier in that same time frame....
  11. Since everyone was bundled up at the Masters until Sunday, thought this review by Golf Monthly was pretty timely. Looks like a nice jacket, comfortable when swinging a club, and some wind resistance. Won't replace your rain gear, but still good for those late fall, early spring rounds when you need something to take the bite out of the wind/cold for early starts. What do you guys use for late fall/early spring rounds to stay warm between shots...or even to wear the entire time? Full article review: https://www.golfmonthly.com/reviews/apparel/sun-mountain-colter-jacket-review
  12. While tiger was struggling at Augusta on Saturday, his old set of clubs from 2000/2001 that helped him achieve victory at the 2000 US Open, British Open, PGA Championship, and the 2001 Master to become the first player in history to hold all 4 titles simultaneously set an auction record with a selling price of $5,156,162. The set consists of nine Titleist 681-T irons, 2i-PW, and two Vokey wedges, 58* and 60*, both with the "TIGER" stamp on them. All clubs have been verified by multiple sources inside Titleist with signed affidavits. The previous owner purchased the clubs for $57,242 back in 2010...so looks like he had a better weekend than even Scottie Scheffler!! So what do you guys think? Was this the deal of the century to own a piece of history, or a flop for $5.2M? If you had the coin to buy them, would you, or what would you buy instead (golf related)? Full article, if your interested: https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2022/04/10/tiger-woods-equipment-masters-tiger-slam/
  13. All Members, With our recent Mod departure, we are looking for a new member to join our team in the capacity of Content Hunter! We really just need someone who has an interest in Social Media, finding cool golf content and sharing it, and generally gets along with everyone. More specifically -- Core Responsibilities: - Strong use of Social Media platforms - Journalistic curiosity to find relevant content (articles, posts, images, videos, etc...) pertinent to the Golf world - Technical knowledge for creating media heavy posts - Desire to drive the conversation forward and create exciting and engaging content for our members - Monitor and contribute to forum discussions in an impartial manner - Participate in member testing selection process - Report to Community Manager Desired Skills for Content Hunter Position: Available: Forum activity is taken into consideration, but is not a hard requirement. The selected moderator should be available and responsive as needed. We understand this is a part-time job so roughly 5 hours per week are asked. Unbiased: The selected moderator should be one that adheres to and upholds the Moral Codes. He or she should be able to walk the center line without choosing sides in times of conflict because this role as mediator is essential to the friendly atmosphere we promote. Attentive to Detail: Details are important and anything the staff posts is under higher scrutiny. Always be cognizant of what you’re posting and how it can affect the MyGolfSpy brand. Creative: The forum depends on the ability to think outside the box to offer an experience unlike any other. Unique ideas and fresh perspectives on existing processes are central to the success of the forum. Tech Savvy: The selected moderator should have above average to proficient understanding of the tools and functionality of the forum. In addition to elevated privileges, the staff should be able to train new users and troubleshoot issues. Important Information - As this is a Content Hunter role first, moderation second please send in information on relevant Social Media accounts as well as what you feel you can bring to the forum in this role. In this role it is required to bring content to the forum, future forum activity and participation will be critical. Past activity is (as said) taken into consideration, but not critical however again a commitment to future participation is a must. If you think you're a good fit, please send an application to forum.staff@mygolfspy.com by Friday April 8th, 2022.... OR Applicants can also send their application via the forum by sending a PM to all of the following mods @GolfSpy_APH@GolfSpy MPR@GolfSpy_BOS@GolfSpy_THV@GolfSpy_CS again must be sent in by Friday, April 8th, 2022 We as a Mod group intend to have a quick turn around for this and will look to announce the new mod by April 15th, 2022.
  14. Would be fun to have a BYOS option, haha! I know connectors are not compatible among a lot of brands...but one can dream!
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