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  1. A follow up: I have been using this putter for a year and a half. Recently I found an Odyssey White Ice DART at a yard sale for $2.50 It has a large grip I wanted to try. Needless to say I putted so well I listed the Scotty Cameron on EBay and sold it for $430. I used some of the profit to buy the Arccos Smart Sensors.
  2. Nobody mentioned it, but many are using weight above the grip to provide counterbalance. I think that's opposite of where you suggest heading. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. My wife and I have 3 Shi-Tzu's. Our guest room has its own entrance to an enclosed courtyard.
  4. Next time through we'll put you up. The house addition should be done soon and the guest room should be available. If it's a weekend I would be able to get out and play. During the week it's after 3:30. We have 2 city owned courses here and lots more over the hill in the Vegas valley. I'll take you to my secret thrift store.
  5. Bumping it again, but for a good relevant reason. I want updates. I noticed the testers have moved on to other drivers, but 2 of you still bag the 3 wood. Was it a difficult decision to ditch the driver? I just got bought a JPX EZ driver from RBG for under $100 after a discount. I tend to have a low angle launch so I think this will be a good upgrade for my aged TM 360Ti. I found a Titleist 975J at a thrift store and tried it. Line drives no more than 10ft off the turf. I look forward to to getting my JPX EZ
  6. I have had a few putters over the years. The biggest improvement for me was when I bought a Plop and actually spent time on the practice green. I just got the Scotty Cameron and haven't hit it yet. For a measly 30 bucks, plus shipping, I can have the Custom Shop add a line or dot(10 each for each additional line or dot thereafter). That said, I do like the lines on the Gyro. From left: Tour Model 506, Plop, Dunlop BTS-4, Ray Cook GyroML, and Scotty Cameron Newport.
  7. When my parents broke up, my mom sold my dad's VW Notchback for $100. It's a 10 grand vehicle today. I went to spend part of a summer with my dad a year later and when I came back a friend told me she sold my motorcycle for $10. Nobody should complain when I ship her off to an old folks home.
  8. I think I hit the putter lottery this week. The wife waited in the car while I ran inside a thrift shop to check to see if they happen to have any disc golf stuff. I came out practically bouncing off the ceiling carrying this. And I spent a whopping $3.20 plus tax for it. My other putters refuse to even look at me now. I also snagged a pair of Titleist 910F fairway woods and 2 Vokey wedges and a Mizuno T-Zoid sand wedge for same price each. A very nice Bridgestone stand bag set me back $12.
  9. True as well: A friend took a girl to Palm Springs. On the way they passed the wind turbines that generate power. She said, "They put fans to cool off the desert." That didn't last either. Another true one for Bill Engvall fans: My wife and I were checking out at Walmart. The cashier rings up my frozen pizza and says that he has never eaten it and is frozen pizza any good. I replied, "I wouldn't know. I always cook it first. Here's your sign."
  10. I'll take a broke 90, attacked by a squirrel, and a 3-putt par. The squirrel story is a great one I'll have to tell here sometime.
  11. I would have pulled the trigger on a set of Mizuno MP-62 irons on Ebay today, but I decided I was not at the point of "forgiving blades" quite yet as I just got back into the game after a decade away. Although the set sold cheap, I had just won a set of JPX-825 5-pw irons an hour earlier and even I would have a hard time explaining that to SWMBO. I only paid $88 shipped so I feel like I got a deal. FWIW, I learned on blades in the early '90s. Perhaps in the not too distant future I will get to hit a set of player's clubs and gauge if they could help my scores.
  12. Store super glue in the fridge for much longer shelf life.
  13. Tees, divot tool, and ball markers. I used to have an awesome aluminum marker that was made on a lathe. Don't know where it went and can't find one like it now. I got bored today and made this one from a rifle shell casing. I have always preferred markers with spikes.
  14. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Since about 1990. Most of my coworkers played in an industrial golf league. I learned and joined the team. I joined a men's league that played different courses for our monthly tournaments in Southern California, mostly in Riverside County. I think my last handicap was 15. I had only played twice since moving to Nevada in 2004 and so loaned (gave) my clubs to my only nephew a few years ago. Last month I found a set of clubs at a yard sale for ten bucks and got urge to play again. What do you love about gol
  15. I needed to shorten up a set of Warrior clubs I picked up at a yard sale for $10. I'm 6ft but the shafts way too long. I used an angle grinder with a cut off wheel. I taped the carbon shafts after cutting off the old, hard grips. I spent more on the grip kit from Amazon than I did for the set of clubs. Don't breathe carbon dust! It's bad for the lungs. I know this is an old thread, but people sometimes actually use the search function to research things.
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