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  1. Attended on Sunday in 2005. Was everything that I expected. Fantastic venue, was a wet week, and you could still smell the fertilizer, lol's. Food and beverages were a bargain. Very well run tournament, and yes you are their patron and guest. It is what all venues should aspire to be.
  2. I think Tom's point on drivers is spot on, and he has data on his side. That said, Tom would be the first to tell you that you have choices, but all in all, the data tells the story.
  3. I have an ER 5, and scoop the ball up all the time on the practice greens, so just some practice should assist you.
  4. Finished the 2020 season with the Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro 3 and 5 woods. Very satisfied, I do not upgrade fairways often, and for good reason. It is a tough pair of clubs to search for. Been a fan of Tour Edge Exotics clubs for sometime now. And these check all the boxes. GOOD LUCK in your search.
  5. What equipment you play matters little to me, until there is money on the line, Highly doubt anyone here is going into their wallet to settle a bet with a player who says he is using nonconforming equipment. Naturally, all bets are off anytime during the round if your caught, for all you non disclosure types. Lol's
  6. Play what you want. Although 20 cc's smaller is only a slight difference from a 460 cc driver. Your best bet, get a few lessons, and a good fitting. Have some fun with it, you will get better and hit some fairways off the tee.
  7. This shaft will be in my bag this year, To much good info and results from everything that I have encountered. Have to be fit, but will Have one.
  8. Playing the Srixon 785's, really a very solid set of irons.
  9. Keep two sets, the 785's in the north and the X Forged 18's in the south, will not send clubs through the airport when traveling.
  10. Enjoying the Apex Hybrid, still getting used to it, decent club, seems a little left side bias , but working on that. great sound
  11. I play the Callaway Apex when I am south in the winter, really a very nice mb. Great control and flighting the ball is a breeze. Great sticks
  12. All the equipment in my bags, are from companies who have a worldwide presence, and have amercan headquarters.
  13. Just put the CBX 119 3 and 5 wood in the bag, Moved my other TEE 3 wood to the florida bag The playability of these fairway woods is excellent. Checks all the boxes.
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