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  1. depends on what you are looking for and which OEM...
  2. Sweet man that is awesome! and long story about the manimal name from my college days and should have copy righted it.... nothing like new fresh irons!
  3. Also here is some Nippon information for you... Protos I know of: E11 - Heavier side, similar to Tour125 IMO. Has a nice kick, low/mid flight, Mid spin. I have a stiff in my 3i gamer. Maybe north of 130. 2S14 - Heaviest out there, 136-138g, based on Tour125 with extra stiff handle & tip. Low launch and Low spin C10 - Very similar to 2S14 IMO but slightly lighter and slightly less stiff. A beefy Tour125, maybe a touch more kick than 2S14. This is my gamer in my wedges in Stiff 2T15 - Often see this in titleists or from the UK, I have not hit it but seems to be simil
  4. So I am a huge Nippon fan and its probably the only OEM I would say I truly know in and out, that being said the Modus 105 X weighs about 113g +/- and the Modus 120 X weighs about 119g +/- (manufacturing tolerances). The numbers are not actually the weight of the shafts for example to Modus 120 TX weighs about 125g +/- where the Modus 125 X weighs about 128g +/-. Weigh can be used for a few things. for example if your AoA is very step going lighter could help you shallow out easier and vice versa. Also the Modus 120 when it was a prototype was dubbed DP for dual profile and was designed both f
  5. @RaginCajun Are you still looking? I might be able to help you out... @ncwoz can attest to my knowledge. I am not perfect but I am a fitter and I try to help people save money but still build high performing sets. in regards to this extra weight can cause some issues with timing and such, and I am not sure what Golf works charges for assembly, but heads can be found if you know where to go and 2nd swing is a place I try to avoid in all honesty. happy to point you in the right direction though.
  6. Any time I do a fitting I ask a few questions depending on the situation. Did he ask any of these; What are you looking to gain from this fitting? I keep in mind and note this answer, but I make it clear that this is not instruction but a way to maximize your current state of play and give you the ability to work towards your improvement goals with confidence. Do you keep a HDCP, and if so what it is it? If not why not? This is more just to guide me towards so club heads that might be the right fit I will ask some other questions like th
  7. Manimal26

    Sim 2.0

    Anyone have any pics they could DM me? Other than that what is everyone hearing? Rumor the hybrid will be adjustable and a new adjustability sleeve is coming too. Also heard the fairway heads will be a tad smaller too. Any info please share it!
  8. you could send me a DM however these have both been sold... However I can check with my Titleist guy to see if I can get another...
  9. Just two items up for sale today - First the brand new, highly sought after, limited release, Scotty Cameron My Girl putter. Not a ton to say here as this is an absolute beauty and the newest in the long line of very collectible My Girl edition putters. Still has the wrapper on the grip and ghost tape on the sole - as mint as can be. Asking $old OBO. Price includes shipping and insurance for the full sale price. Only 1250 putters were made worldwide. Second is the brand new, highly sought after, limited release, 2020 Scotty Cameron Inspired By Justin Thomas Phantom X5.5 Ltd. Not a ton
  10. All that is missing is the JT scotty
  11. @ncwoz maltby what???? j/K... did you do the build your self? what do those cost? I am actually getting ready to change irons myself and already updated my wedges... some others coming as well... In regards to your answers... yes the shaft optimizer gives lie angle recommendations. It probably gave you the X100 because to the speed however the others were probably because of the AoA... if you did the build yourself and dont like the $ taper stiffs try the nippon 120x or the KBS tour V X I am pondering what shafts I am going with in my next set of irons myself...
  12. Yah truth... I can not wait on MGS so I literally bought a box of every tour level ball in white and yellow to do my own test... Problem is I need a GCquad since its better at picking up strike point than trackman (not even sure if trackman does that)....
  13. This guy right here below... if memory serves me the Modus 115 wedge weighs aprox 122g so it sits in between the KBS 610 S & S+ https://www.golfworks.com/kbs-610-355-wedge-shaft/p/fs0040/
  14. Your spin is so low. As a fitter in this situation I honestly would not change the shaft first. I would simply add more loft and go to a 10.5 static head. if that is not option I would look at your ball your playing. Range balls are rocks it might be worth while to see if somewhere around you lets you rent a foresight or trackman and try like a srixon z star or a mizuno ball.... Fyi adding more static loft should increase spin and launch and help you get some extra juice out of your drives
  15. @Mavrix first welcome! I am a club fitter so I might be able to provide some direction for you. Did your fitter ask any of the following questions? Any time I do a fitting I ask a few questions depending on the situation. Did he ask any of these; What are you looking to gain from this fitting? I keep in mind and note this answer, but I make it clear that this is not instruction but a way to maximize your current state of play and give you the ability to work towards your improvement goals with confidence. What are you looking to switch f
  16. As a fitter I always tell people the KBS 610 wedge shaft is one of the best kept secrets in golf especially if you can get it... it is becoming so hard to get..... I actually have a limited Modus 115 masters edition wedge shaft if you are interested I love the Modus 125 wedge and the TT DG tour issue S400, but if you can actually get the KBS 610 its awesome!
  17. Here is a wrench thrown into this... The MTB-X optic yellow for me is actually getting 2-3mph more ball speed off the driver vs. the white... I know Tony spoke about this in a No Puts Given but yellow balls have a different chemical formula than the white so I would love to see this test done!
  18. yah we shall see.... sent you a DM as well but read through my thoughts and upload the data when you can and we can go through it
  19. @ncwoz here is some fun data (2019)
  20. I will get you some once I get a fitting head, but from the 785's being stronger lofted it might be better to compare the T-100s...
  21. @ncwoz glad to hear that you are sticking at it. I like the shaft optimizer as a starting point, but that being said it is only going to give options that are currently in Mizuno's lineup that are designed to work with their heads. A second note on that is if the place you went is past due with Mizuno or not doing enough volume they may have to pay or not have even have access to the new lineup. So double check Mizuno's website to see what no charge options are out there. Second since you used trackman did they give you your data? If so upload it and I will let you know what I think about
  22. Hey man I have been a ghost recently... I got hit with a s*** storm that would challenge anyones s***** 2020... Let me look through it and ill respond!
  23. Brandon Fort Worth, Texas TaylorMade SIM 4.8 115 mph I would like to review the TSi2
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