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  1. Back in the 80s, I had a putting lesson where the instructor taught that the backswing and forward swing should be about equal. For a flat 10' putt the backswing should be the length of the width of the putter head.(I use a blade putter).And the forward swing the same. For a 20ft putt two putter heads and so on. Obviously a little more or a little less if slope is involved. Has worked well for me over the years.
  2. All I can say is Arkansas is for real. Watched them play both Texas and A&M. Was impressed.
  3. All right guys, I,ve got one for you. Had open heart surgery in June. Getting antsy to play golf again. Will have four months of healing under my belt next week. Want to know if anyone on this site has gone through the same and how long it took them to get back playing. What drills and exercises did you use to get back in shape. Am putting right now but that's it. Docs are of differing opinions of when to start back. One says around November and another say after the first of the year. Sure don't want to mess things up or my surgeon will be pissed. Thanks in advance.
  4. Attended a Harvey Pennick short game clinic this past spring. Their philosophy is that the average golfer doesn't need a wedge with more than 56 degrees of loft. From my experience I tend to agree.
  5. Tony - Had quad bypass surgery in June. With the right surgeon all should go well. Prayers for your son. Not pleasant to go through but he will be better for it. Recovery is 3to 4 mos as they split the sternum and that has to heal before getting back to normal activities. Just got permission to drive again this past week and can't play golf again till October. All the best to your family.
  6. Was fitted by a Callaway rep for the Fusion when introduced. 9 deg with Recoil ES 450/F3 shaft. Loved the driver at the time. Excellent dispersion and good distance for a guy 70 yrs of age. 210-220 yds. Played the driver for a couple of yrs with satisfaction. Then Cobra introduced the Speedzone. Heard great reviews about the driver and decided to try it. Needless to say I was impressed. Was hitting the ball 20 to 40 yds further than with the Callaway. Dispersion was about equal. So I ordered one. 9 deg with UST Helium shaft SF3. Is my gamer but still play the Calloway from time to time. Have enjoyed both clubs.
  7. Playing a set of ping G700s. PW is 44deg, GW is 49deg. Just replaced a Cleveland 56deg SW with a Hogan 54deg Texas grind that I hope will help on tight lies. So far so good. Hogan works well in bunkers also. Use the GW for most chips around the green.
  8. Bought a pair of Sketchers Max Sport yesterday. $89.00 Very comfortable and water resistant. Sole will give you a grip anywhere.
  9. Been playing Ping G700s for past 2 years with Alta A shafts. Great clubs. The ball goes long, high and straight. Demoed JPX 900s prior to purchase and went with the Pings because of better dispersion. Distance was about the same for both models.
  10. Did look at member testing reviews. Hybrid info was minimal. Only way to know if the club is any good is to try it yourself. Anyway got two nine hole rounds with the Hogan 4 hybrid on Fri and Sat. My impression so far is that the club is a fairway finder off the tee. Works well from the fairway and light rough. Am averaging 170 -175 yard carry. And the ball goes where you aim. Had two bad shots and they were from bad swings. Six shots from the tee with five in the fairway. The other drew left into a fairway bunker. Six shots from the fairway or rough with the two bad swings going right off the toe. Overall I'm impressed. Club is a quality build and looks good. Am playing again tomorrow and if I hit it well as I did last week will definitely keep the club.
  11. Expecting a Hogan VKTR+ to arrive today on a try and buy. 22deg, Recoil F2 a flex. Good reviews. So we'll see. Looking to replace a 4 yr old Mizuno 919. Will report how that goes.
  12. John Georgetown, Texas Don't walk but I should. At 75 need the exercise. Used to use a pull cart alot but that was 20 yrs ago.
  13. The Destin area has alot of good golf. Check out Blue Water Bay. Nice course.
  14. Happy Veterans Day to all who have served and are serving especially my fellow Vietnam vets.
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