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  1. IMHO play what works for you. Am 77 yrs old. Play senior shafts in all my woods None match. Driver is 9deg PXG 211 (220 yds), 4wd is Tour edge (195yds), 7wd is Ping G430 (175 yds) and Callaway Steelhead 9wd (160 yds). Works for my game.
  2. Just purchased a PXG 0211 driver with Evenflow Riptide CB 40g 5.0 shaft. Am 77ys of age and works great. Pricing is great also. $249.00 delivered.
  3. Trade the PXG on a G430 max 7wood. You'll be glad you did.
  4. Playing a 9deg Callaway 2013 Big Bertha with a 44.5 in lite shaft which works well for me. I have better control of the club and make more solid contact then with std length shaft. Put the ball in the fairway most of the time with a good swing. At 77 yrs of age distance is 220yds plus or minus. Just ordered a PXG 211 in same configuration. Am anxious to see ihow it copares.
  5. Have played two rounds with the PXG ball thus far. Initial impressions are very good. Have been playing Pro V1. PXG is hotter off the driver face and slightly longer and lower in trajectory. My driver swing speed is 91 as I am an old fart of 77. It is a firm ball. I am pleased with the results with all clubs. Also like how it performs in the short game. Good spin and holds greens well. My overall opinion is that it is comparable to the ProV. At $20.00 a box less than Titleist, it's worth the purchase price.
  6. Played nine yesterday.. Shot 40 with three 3 putt greens. Frustrating but hit 5 GIR and 6 fairways. Winds 20 gusting to 25. Overall good afternoon.
  7. Just purchased three dozen at $34.99 a box and free shipping through their Heros program. Have been playing Pro V1s. If these play and hold up the same the PXG ball is a no brainer. Am saving $22.00 a dozen for equal performance. As a fellow Vietnam vet, I like how Parsons shows his respect for the military and first responders. He knows how to develop and market a good product.
  8. Have a Ping G20 16.5 4 wood that I have been playing since new. Love it. Decided to drop my 5 wood and add a seven. Just ordered a Ping G430 max with Aldila R shaft. Should have it in about 2 weeks. Demoed a G425 in store and did well.Will be about a 170yd club for me.
  9. Playing a Ping G20 4wood, 16.5 deg. Long and accurate. Love it.
  10. Would consider an EV if it had a 500mile range and could be recharged in five minutes, but not until then. Also consider how generating stations are powered {coal, natural gas and in some states nukes} ; your still running on fossil fuels by proxy. One thing more thing to think about is how the existing power grid will handle all these EVs the greenies want us to have. Still love the rumble of a 400hp V8.
  11. Played nine holes this past Saturday. Weird round. Shot 44. Had 5 three put greens. One triple. Two birds, one on a par three and one on a par five. Both one putts. Four GIR. Was on the green or in the fairway on eight of the nine holes. Go figure. And I just read the posted article on putting so I thought I would post this. g
  12. Played 18on Sat, 1st time since open heart surgery last June. Wx was good, 75 deg temp and 15 to 20 mph wind. Shot 86 which was a surprise. 48 on first nine and 38 on second. Was hitting the ball well but putting sucked. Five 3 putt greens. Got some more work to do there. 37 putts overall.
  13. The last TM driver I owned had a bubble shaft. Still have that medel 3 wood. Playing Cobra Speedzone now. Back in the day I bought my son a Yonex driver and he could hit it a ton. Believe TM is picking up where Yonex left off. To me the jury is still out.
  14. 5 brands. Driver and 3 metal are Cobra, 5 and 7 metal are Calloway, 4 hybrid and sw are Hogan, irons 5 through gap wedge are Ping and putter is Cameron Newport 2.
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