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  1. 74 pages already. I guess we still have people that don't understand the rules and requirements for testing....so many putter testing hopes and dreams destroyed...painful to watch. I'd recommend reading this page before deciding on a model to test as well. https://ping.com/en-us/blogs/proving-grounds/putter-alignment
  2. This takes me back....In my junior golf days, I remember being completely enamored with this putter when my local pro pulled one out of his bag for the group lesson that he was giving. I was convinced that all of my putting issues would be solved if I just had this putter, instead of my classic junior, 2-way Northwestern. Never had the chance to really test one out though. Is it just hollow under that plate?
  3. IceHawk

    Fitting question

    What kind of shaft are you using now in the 410?
  4. Great stuff, except for those wedges. The bag on its own is incredible. It looks like you have the standard alta shafts on your driver and woods. Have you ever tried their tour shafts?
  5. 100% agree! This experience as a young(er) golfer completely changed my perspective on shafts, and their overall impact on the performance of the golf club.
  6. Great looking driver and head cover. I still just can't get used to what they do with the topline, regardless of the benefit that Cobra argues it brings. I don't use Cobra anymore, but I really liked the old Speed LD driver and the deafening sound that it used to make on the driving range.
  7. It's happened so many times now, but I still feel like I have to control the slight increase in adrenaline that I feel and try not to absolutely destroy the ball. You can use some sport psychology tools like mental imagery, or positive self-talk during your routine to help calm yourself down too. Nothing frustrates me more when a two-some suddenly gets paired up with you that just found a last minute deal online on golfnow. It's especially irritating when one of them starts smashing their club against the retention wall of a water hazard by the third hole.
  8. Read a few articles on the development of the duos and decided to give them ago. Had the same experience - found it to perform really well and really liked the feel on and around the greens. I used to love playing with the Wilson staff balls back when I first started golfing, so I had no problem giving them a try.
  9. Look on the bright side. If it is fake, at least you shouldn't find any difference with its performance characteristics. Hope it works out well for you though. I just couldn't bring myself to spend $270 on a used putter. https://mygolfspy.com/real-scotty-vs-fake-scotty/
  10. While they may be there for you to perform basic driver adjustments, I really don't think there's too much of a vested interest there. There's usually too many other people to deal with, and it just turns into a guessing game for them and they start throwing different options at you to try. If you can book a fitting session with them individually though, it may be different, as they can take the time to view and analyze the data that they are gathering. Most of them likely just go through a training session that the manufacturer puts them through, so it's not like they have an engineering background or anything. They're there to sell the clubs. The rep that I dealt with was fantastic though, and never rushed or pressured me into doing anything that I didn't want to do. It's great when you find one that has playing experience as a pro and or/they truly have a passion for the game and what they do.
  11. They're hurting your score because they apparently don't perform as well in wet conditions? Do some testing of your own and find a ball that works for you and your game.
  12. Great event for sports and for golf in general. Where else can you raise 20 million over the course of a day like this? Even though I don't like him, Tb certainly displayed a level of mental toughness and resilience in a situation that many amateur golfers would not have been able to recover from. He also shrugged off splitting his pants on live TV. Phil's earpiece meltdown was entertaining and TW just played solid, consistent golf. Good stuff.
  13. What club are you using for this shot?
  14. Where did you read that? Yes, they can give you that extra control, but probably not if you're still building your swing and learning the game. Right now, you're probably better off using the gap wedge in your iron set if you're looking for more consistency. I'm not saying to give up on the wedges that you currently have, but it will take some time to learn and understand how to use them. Also agree with Scooter - look for a cavity back wedge. I'm also a huge fan of the Glides.
  15. This has to be one of the greatest articles that I've read on this site, and I still keep coming back to it to this day. It definitely prepares you well to go into a fitting and ensure that you are asking the right questions. I have a difficult time seeing golfers walk into my local big box golf store and just buying a $500+ driver with a stock shaft right off the shelf after taking a few swings in the sim. The comments coming out of the sims are certainly entertaining though, as is the preoccupation with requesting the "stiffest shaft available." https://mygolfspy.com/golf-geeks-shaft-performance/
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