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  1. I grew up playing in the Dayton area. Miss some of those courses.
  2. Where are you stationed dude? I am an avid active duty golfer as well.
  3. I want to know static loft to have a baseline. Dynamic loft is useless for comparison if you don’t know the static loft (ex. If two clubs average 15* of dynamic loft, but have 3* difference is static loft then that tells you something). Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. That would work. Maybe just average all the lofts used and average all the launch angles to give the final ratio.
  5. Seems like Mizuino should be #1 for you based off these numbers. I would be interested to know how the app comes up with the "best" fits.
  6. I would prefer to see a comparison of static loft to launch angle instead. A couple of the drivers are 14% and 17% for launch which brings the average up and makes many other drivers seem very low launching when they might not be. Or at least a column of the average launch to compare the percentages against.
  7. Military computers and internet connections are so bad that I can't tell if the blurry picture is on purpose or if its just another photo not loading
  8. I know some of the courses around me are only closing to customers. A few of the staff are still working.
  9. I wouldn't have a problem as long as I knew about it before the round started. I like dogs, but it may be distracting until I realized the dog is well behaved. Watching the dog sit quietly by the putting green or driving range would do the trick.
  10. Agreed about the music. If someone wants to listen to music while they play that is fine, but i shouldn't hear it if I'm not in your group.
  11. I have found that when I do that (change the ratio of long game to short game practice time) my short game standards drop while my ball striking improves. Overall that leads to higher scores for me. My goal this year is to dedicate more time to the range and playing without decreasing the amount of time I spend on short game. We'll see what happens.
  12. good news on the golf courses. courses are shutting down let and right in VA. still a few open tho.
  13. Putting and short game are the strongest. Distance and consistent iron play are the weakest. Iron play really struggles if I don't keep up on practice.
  14. I tested these last year. They looked too big to me and I could not get over that mental barrier to give them a far test. So, obviously they did not make it in the bag. A buddy of mine does play them though and he loves them. The extra spin in the wet seems to be holding up to the test of time if the eye test results are accurate.
  15. No soccer or college basketball is tough. It has significantly decreased the banter and discussions in my circles. Not really watching (or at least paying attention to) much of anything.
  16. Best answer is find a place where you can get fit properly. Often times golf galaxy and similar places have many loft option you can try to get an idea for gappring. I have a 21* and 25* 818H1 heads. They carry 208 and 196 for me. I tested a 19* head when I got fit for the 21* and it was carrying 3-4 yards further. My 4 iron is 24* and carries 192. Also think about how many hybrids you want to play. 1 or 2? If only 1, then the 19 is definitely going to far.
  17. I have played a scotty for over a decade. I think it is a great putter that feels fantastic, but i think a lot of it is mental also. All the "good" players used a scotty back in the day so I did the same. Now I've had it for so long and I putt so well that I wouldn't dare change. So any other putter has a near impossible standard to live up to for me.
  18. I was given a range system to follow over a decade ago by a trusted coach and I still use it. This is all after being properly warmed up. I can post my warm-up if anyone is interested. Divide the range session into 4 equal parts. I vary the order of the parts. Take breaks between parts. Treat every shot like you are playing it on the course. This system ensures I do not neglect part of my game and over focus on something else. I also do short game practice at least as much as I hit balls on the range, but not always both during one practice session. Parts 1-3 are easy to make competitive games out of and this really helps me focus during practice as well. Part 1 is full swings using at least half of your non-wedge/putter clubs (ex. driver, hybrid, 5 iron, 7 iron, 9 iron). Part 2 is for medium length pitches and full wedges which is 50-125 yards for me. Establish good gaps and practice them. Part 3 is for workability (high, low, draw, fade, hitting gaps between clubs). Push yourself to try new and difficult shots here (whatever that means to your skill level). Part 4 is for swing changes/mechanics. I like to focus on over exaggeration here.
  19. In the military so I'm still working. There is a golf course on base right next to where i work. I get lost going home some days and end up on the course in golf gear with my clubs out of the car. Not sure how this keeps happening accidentally.
  20. Got a new pair of True Major shoes. Look good, perform well, and comfortable.
  21. I have been fit for individual parts of my bag, but this was actually my first full bag fitting. It was obvious Ian knew what he was talking about and what he was doing. I like to know the why behind everything and Ian was able to answer every detailed physics/equipment question I had. Ian was great at getting me to turn it up a notch (I had been trying to guide some of my previous clubs instead of swinging freely) and take breaks at the right times even if I didn't want to. If you watch the recent TXG live driver bracket fitting for Matt you will see Ian talk about some of those tricks towards the end. It was like deja vu and I had no idea it was happening at the time. For driver, I was new to the changeable neck idea. I didn't play hardly any golf from 2010-2015 so I missed that revolution. Ian explained the relationship between loft, lie, and face angle which I had been doping wrong in my already misfit driver I had been using. He also explained the ideal launch conditions for my swing speed/ball flight preferences and how to line up my preferred feel in shaft to get those results. I also though I was getting way too much spin with my driver, but Ian was able to explain how I was only a little to high on spin and how that extra spin would actually benefit my game with my irons and wedges. For fairway wood, I'm not a great fairway wood player. I hit more balls with fairway woods during the first two days than with driver, irons, wedges, and putter combined. I must have tried over 20 heads/shaft combos. I wasn't' satisfied yet tho and this was the end of my scheduled two days with Ian. So, Ian asked if I could come back the next day before heading out of town. I did and he prep'd 2 other fitters to work with me for 20 mins. Then Ian came over when he was available and we finalized the fit (all of us together). This demonstrated again Ian's commitment to get the fit right. His experience also showed here as the other fitters were coming to the same or very similar recommendations as he did. Ian realized that my not so great fairway wood playing ability was causing me to doubt myself and the fit, but getting the reinforcement from other fitters helped me get over that mental barrier. 4 months on and I love my fairway wood. I could see myself keeping it for a long time. If Ian wouldn't have invited me back for that extra session then I wouldn't have bought the fairway wood and I'm sure I'd still have a fairway in the bag that I never hit because I have no confidence in it. For irons, I knew I needed more forgiveness than blades, but I love the look of blades (minimal offset, small top line, good feel). So, Ian gave me options in that category and explained that he could weaken the loft to take away some offset while simultaneously matching the loft of blades, but in a more forgiving head. He also put me in a 5.0 flex shaft when I'm stiff flex in everything else. He explained how this particular shaft would not flex too much due to my smooth tempo and getting the right weight was more important for my tempo which this shaft ended up being. Earlier I mentioned that he was getting me to turn it up a notch. Well here is where it paid off. He knew I would be swinging more freely and faster with better fit clubs so he encouraged me to do this in the fit. With that swing I preferred the MP-20 MMCs over the P760s when it was the other way around when I was still a little tentative and a few miles an hour slower. Now I'm so glad that happened because I am no longer having to feel like I'm guiding the club anymore. My iron lie fitting ended up being different than what my current clubs were. Ian had one of the other fitters bend my current set to that spec before I left. I was only going to have those clubs a few more weeks, but again Ian's goal was to give me the best tools possible for those few weeks until my new sticks arrived. For wedges, I tried a larger Ping head first and I wasn't liking it. I was all over the place with strike point and distances were wild. Ian's experience and ability to pick-up on my game/preferences led him to put a smaller head in next and I did much better. Not because the club was better, but because it was similar to what I used in the past and thus performed better for me. A less experienced fitter probably would have given me an even larger "more forgiving" head. We also discussed bounce a lot (my previous set was all mid bounce) and I even hit some shots off the concrete floor to test out the low bounce 60*. For putter, this is the best part of my game and my favorite club. I hit 8 puts and Ian broke down the details of each stroke via the data from his putting launch monitor. He then told me we should stop and I shouldn't waste time with other putters. His goal wasn't to sell me something, but rather to ensure I had the best tools. I left with even more confidence in my best club. I could go on and on and I'm probably forgetting things too.
  22. Agreed on the "great review" part. As for TXG - I was fit by Ian at TXG in Sep. It was awesome. Replaced everything, but my trusty putter. Wrote a bit about the clubs tested in the WITB forum. Well worth the time and money. Wish it was closer so I could go back more often for gapping sessions or tune-ups as needed.
  23. I play the MP-20 MMCs. They feel great. Not as good as the blades, but still very good. Faster and more forgiving for sure, but I still retain some feedback and workability. The HMB definitely launches higher than the MMC or blades and it is easy to miss high on the club face if you are used to blades or small cavity backs. The HMB also looks much larger behind the ball. Details and technical specs here: https://www.mizunousa.com/product/golf-mp-20-mmc.do
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