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  1. Sorry, this will be picking up soon. Had a couple of deaths in the family and had to take on a 2nd person on my team's role since they quit and we haven't been able to backfill.
  2. The PGA Tour has dropped the hammer by indefinitely suspending all players who participate in any LIV golf including banning sponsor's exemptions for those players. Keyboard lawyers, let's leave it at the door, but this is quite the message by the PGA Tour.
  3. Checks notes: Saudi League has BAD, Reed, Na, Sergio. Hmmm logic checks out
  4. I don't think a single player has a problem with the tour rewarding Tiger. Tiger brought more money to golf than anyone in the history of the game and he continues to bring eyes to the game while he plays 4 events a year
  5. I think decades is a stretch. Despite what's said about the Saudi money, they won't sink another $2 billion into the league in a year if it's already losing traction. Having no co-sponsors is a dangerous game. Will a CBS or NBC pick up a TV contract for the Saudi league knowing full well they won't be able to charge a premium for ads because of the affiliation? TV contracts only work if there is someone willing to brand themselves alongside the Saudi league. I doubt AT&T and Morgan Stanley are going to pay for advertisements with that league. In my opinion, the best response from the PGA Tour would be to take the pieces of the Saudi League that are exciting to fans like the team aspect and the pieces that are exciting to players/caddies give stipends for Thursday and Friday, pay for travel expenses, etc. and announce they will be implementing that for the 22-23 season. If you create a more viewable and captivating sport and share the revenue generated then this will never spread to the top players, Saudi League will continue to be a destination for the forgotten and disliked until it dies.
  6. Just say it's the money. Bryson is not an innovator...
  7. 2 more big names jump ship on the PGA Tour. No details yet known around money for both, but I'm betting that Bryson's number will be close to or beat Phil's $200million. The PGA Tour has to start reacting to the mutiny or this may get ugly quicker than expected, but on a positive note for the Tour their rules official's just took a big breath of relief with these 2 gone.
  8. I agree. Tiger doesnt need to earn another dime in his life, but neither does DJ, yet he still jumped at the money. Norman is a narcissistic ego maniac. He lacks the ability to see that someone turning him down could be perceived negatively. It's all about the fact that he's able to brag about the offer number
  9. If this is true, what a statement by Tiger. Legacy means more than the money *at least for some of these guys*
  10. Got lots of content. Thanks Phil, Sergio, and players lighting up the Byron Nelson this week. As Max said, lots of perspective in next weeks.
  11. Max Homa winning at Wells Fargo tournament would be a good "Stocks Up" , has a great public personality and comes across as the type of bloke you would love to have along at a BBQ. Nice person, nice wife, got a dog and a baby on the way, what more could you want? 

  12. Definitely! Rickie being in form is a win for everyone! Thanks all for the comments! Looking forward to writing more in the future. Based on Sergio’s on course comments today, looks like we have a lot more content heading this way.
  13. Ever played a round who sucks the ever living fun out of every minute because they think they should be a tour pro (while being a 25 handicap)? Hand-up, I've been that guy. I'm known amongst my group of guys to be a bit of a hot head. In my younger days, I used to let that drag on for holes after the bad shot. In recent years, I still run hot, but now it goes more like "Oh that was a s&*# shot, come on" and then I'm able to move on. Golf is and should be fun (also should be fast, you should play fast). Take Matt Wolff's advice for it if you don't trust me.
  14. Taylormade announced that Rory will continue to be a member of Team Taylormade. Don't forget the single season largest gain of average yards on Tour was the year Nike discontinued it's club production.
  15. No the flat-bill, and orange head to toe circa 2010 isn't coming back, but Rickie has announced a full calendar for May as he tries to March on for his PGA Tour Comeback
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