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  1. Got lots of content. Thanks Phil, Sergio, and players lighting up the Byron Nelson this week. As Max said, lots of perspective in next weeks.
  2. Max Homa winning at Wells Fargo tournament would be a good "Stocks Up" , has a great public personality and comes across as the type of bloke you would love to have along at a BBQ. Nice person, nice wife, got a dog and a baby on the way, what more could you want? 

  3. Definitely! Rickie being in form is a win for everyone! Thanks all for the comments! Looking forward to writing more in the future. Based on Sergio’s on course comments today, looks like we have a lot more content heading this way.
  4. Ever played a round who sucks the ever living fun out of every minute because they think they should be a tour pro (while being a 25 handicap)? Hand-up, I've been that guy. I'm known amongst my group of guys to be a bit of a hot head. In my younger days, I used to let that drag on for holes after the bad shot. In recent years, I still run hot, but now it goes more like "Oh that was a s&*# shot, come on" and then I'm able to move on. Golf is and should be fun (also should be fast, you should play fast). Take Matt Wolff's advice for it if you don't trust me.
  5. Taylormade announced that Rory will continue to be a member of Team Taylormade. Don't forget the single season largest gain of average yards on Tour was the year Nike discontinued it's club production.
  6. No the flat-bill, and orange head to toe circa 2010 isn't coming back, but Rickie has announced a full calendar for May as he tries to March on for his PGA Tour Comeback
  7. For those who live under a rock or don't dive into the scary waters that are golf twitter, useGolfFACTS has long been rumored to be Patrick Reed's wife's burner account. The account has some absolutely wild takes including but not limited to: The PGA Tour used high quality video editing to manufacture the Reed improving his lie in the bunker to the PGA Tour giving the Reed Family "cheap" tickets to the Red Sox game during the Fedex Cup playoffs to now claiming the PGA of America is giving Tiger preferential treatment. My personal favorite take though is that the PIP has existed for years and it's only publicly being made known now.
  8. This is going to be a new bi-weekly golf column focusing on all the major news and stories around professional golf, golf equipment, and the general golf world. Please send your submissions to me as you think of them throughout the weeks and maybe your submission will be featured in the next column! Stock Up: Great Names on Tour After sluggish Double Bogey, Bogey start, the dart ripping (pun-intended) Thai fan favorite, Kiradech Aphibarnrat, drained his Ace. Shortly followed by Scott Gutschewski, one hopping in his Ace. In this case, do you split the bar tab or does it mean everyone gets doubles? Stock Down: The Shark swimming in the North Sea this July Despite not competing in the last 13 years, Greg Norman made some bold statements claiming that he deserves a special exemption by saying "I am past Champion. I love St. Andrews." The R&A swiftly dunked on him by saying “The entry terms and conditions for The Open stipulate that a champion must be aged 60 or under or have won the championship in the previous 10 years to be exempt from qualifying,. That remains the case for the 150th Open and we have no plans for any additional exemptions.” Looks like the Shark will have to keep swimming. Stock Up: GET TO THE CHOPPA Tiger stans were notified early Thursday that his private plane had departed Jupiter in route to Tulsa to play a practice round at Southern Hills to test his leg. While media was strictly prohibited on site, an Oklahoma news channel got very creative and flew their traffic helicopter over the practice green to watch Tiger and his beautiful Newport putter. Stock Down: Phil's Coffee for Wellness The golf news was dominated by Tiger, but there was a Phil sighting for the first time in a few months at Rancho Santa Fe, and by the looks of it he's been taking a break from his diet and his coffee for wellness program. Boy, oh boy, Phil is looking THICC nowadays, but he's still ripping HELLACIOUS SEEDS. Stock Up: Counting score like a 30 Handicapper After taking an unplayable and having to punch out, Rickie Fowler flushed a wedge from 134 yards to sink his bogey 5. Wait till the end of the video below for a classic Rickie moment. Stock Down: Reading The PGL (Professional Golf League) sent out a lengthy memo to all PGA Tour Members this week. In case you forgot, the PGL was actually the initial contender to the PGA Tour prior to the Saudi backed LIV Golf backed the Brinks truck up and took all the attention. If you want the TLDR on the memo below, the PGL claims that it can build a league worth $2 Billion and is offering the players a 50% share in the league.
  9. Phil officially announces that he has registered to defend at Southern Hills in May and has requested a release to play in the first LIV golf tournament in London in June. Just when you think that the Saudi league is on it's last breath, they're coming back. Anyone have any takes on how Phil plays at Southern Hills? He'll obviously be the media focus of the entire week.
  10. Who's going to be tuning into ESPN to watch the 30 for 30: Shark on the Rise, Collapse and Fall of Greg Norman? I'm really interested to see how much they dive into his entanglements with the Saudi Golf League since this seems like it's been in the works for a lot longer than we've known about his involvement.
  11. Thank you everyone! Very excited to join an awesome Mod team and ready to bring some new conversations and topics to the forum!
  12. GolfSpy_TCU


  13. Would love to be able to join if possible in September. Could convince the wife to visit her friend in DC while I sneak away for the golf.
  14. Thanks! I'll check that out! Oh good call! I'll watch those old videos!
  15. I am working on planning my Dad's 60th birthday trip to Ireland. If anyone has gone yet, please send recommendations of courses, itinerary, places to stay etc. Thanks in advance! Plan is to hit old head and ballybunnion but everything else for 7 more days is fluid!
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