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  1. I'd like to give these a few hits.
  2. Yesterday I hit some balls to test a 7-iron for a potential new set.
  3. I’ve got 18 Srixon Soft Feels to work through before I try out something different.
  4. The 739s are already out of stock after being available for a few weeks. That didn't take long.
  5. Let us know how your chat goes. I’m in a similar ponder and either set is considerably cheaper than most sets I can get used after customizing for length and lie. Tour Edge seems to be the only other OEM in the ballpark. I’m above an 18 myself, but I can’t see myself using SGI irons for more than a season.
  6. In this category, I got a golf ball ornament that I like enough to keep on the tree. Otherwise I got a couple of polos that I had asked for and some Soft Feels. Overall I’m pleased.
  7. I asked for lessons, balls, and a PuttOut to go with the mat that I got for my birthday earlier this month.
  8. I went to 2nd Swing in November for a fitting and the bays were still restricted to fittings only.
  9. It's a 2-piece distance ball. The local Par-3 sells them by the dozen.
  10. They publish the names of the winners each month, so somebody is winning. But all of these contests are just a way for the sites to get our emails. That’s fine, I’ll make a purchase someday when I need something.
  11. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep an eye on the TS1 and TS2s.
  12. Yikes, this is pricey. It's a little further out, but what are the memberships at Potomac Shores and Montclair like? That's a little closer to where I live. @sixcat, I used to live in SWVA, but moved to NOVA because I didn't have any job prospects down there and I could more easily find a job up here that pays well enough to support my family. If I could make a similar standard of living and know that I would have consistent employment, I'd gladly move back.
  13. I'm really liking James Robinson lately. He seems down-to-earth and his videos with Foxy are relatable as a newer golfer.
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