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  1. It's not so much SBST that I am looking for, but just a smoother stroke, whether it's arched to SBST. And I can only do that when I am more hunched over, and eyes outside the target line. If I move my eyes directly on top, or inside the line, I have a harder time getting it to start back smoothly. The putter head bobbles and everything. Maybe weak wrist? I don't know.
  2. So glad to see multiple comments supporting second hand clubs. I bargain hunt on Facebook Marketplace all the time and there are some great great deals to be had. Taylormade V Steel fairway wood (pretty old tech I know) for $25 CAD, which is like...$18 USD? And that's my fave fairway wood ever. I was actually about to get myself a set of TM TP irons for about $200 CAD, another steal for Christmas last year, but my wife surprised me with a fitting and a set of P760s instead. I think a lot of comments already hit the nail on the head, about not seeing much improvements year to year. I experienced the other side of the spectrum though and upgraded from a TM R540 to the M5 last year. Those numbers changed a lot for sure. My new average carry is longer than my previous average total drive).
  3. For those that don't have a putting mirror, I've seen IG videos where golfers take their putting stance, put a ball up to space between their eyes and just drop it. That should tell you where your eyes are. For myself, I think I am too over the ball. But it's also the only way I get a more straight through putting stroke that does not wiggle and waggle.
  4. Yeah yeah, we get it. You hit the sweet spot consistently. Geez...[emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Thanks for posting this feedback of the driver. I currently game a TM M5 Tour that I cannot hit well. Went through TrueGolfFit and this was what they recommended. Very curious to test this at a local shop once they open up again. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. What I find a little sad is the missed opportunity with shot tracers now. Back in the day, when you had player shaping long irons into the green, that would've been great to watch with shot tracers, but the tech was not available. Now, you get to see the shape of that drive, but not as fun when the second shots are mostly short irons and wedges. My own opinion, I really think that shot tracer made golf so much more enjoyable to watch.
  7. I also got rid of my hybrid and put in a 5 wood. I used to hit a Perfect Club 21 degrees. It was perfect, because a lot of my long irons and 3 woods were slicing hard right. But now that I learned to close to the club face better, that offset on the PC actually started causing a lot of hooks.
  8. I was watching another TaylorMade video where they were playing golf limbo with stingers. It looked like Matt Wolf didn't have that shot in his bag. Is he a shot shaper at all? Not implying that makes him a worse player. I was just wondering.
  9. Hmm, an old carpet is not a bad idea. I was thinking of getting some second hand foam mats from local gyms.
  10. Thanks for all the comments and view guys! Appreciate all the support to play the p760s! I also have a Scotty Cameron Red X mallet putter that I really love as well. I recently bought it second hand for nostalgic purposes. @IceHawk: I have actually been meaning to get fitted for a driver. In fact, I was looking into using TRUEGolfFit to find a driver, but even the simple mode had some questions I need to look into a little deeper. Hopefully a session at Top Tracer can give me some answers.
  11. I don't really not like a specific brand of balls. What I don't like are some of the new finishes that feels really "rubbery" or textured. I had some red Project A from Taylormade and yellow Volviks and I didn't like the matte finishing on the balls.
  12. 23 handicapper with his own WITB post... Driver: Taylormade M5 Tour (Bought the demo model that was 50% off and hit only a handful of times. No scratches or dings, but also not as forgiving as I need. Will need to trade this in at some point) 3W: Diablo Octane, S Flex (Looking for a second hand TM V Steel to replace this) 5W: TM V Steel, S Flex 4 - PW: Taylormade p760s (I know. Doesn't make sense for a 23 handicapper to play these, but I love the way they look and feel. Just means my game has to improve) 56, 60: Taylormade RACs Putter: Scotty Cameron California Del Mar (35 inches)
  13. I loved the Deep Reds when they first came out. I was a high school kid and couldn't afford them. However, I did manage find and buy the first Wilson Deep Red driver after working for a summer. Unfortunately, I was still pretty new to golf and didn't know what kind of club I needed. Bought it in 10.5 degrees with R flex (I currently and since then have been using a 9 degree stiff flex driver). It made the sweetest sound. Stupid me got influenced by Nike ads and traded that in the first Nike Tour Forged driver. I couldn't hit that thing worth a damn. Beautiful driver and woods. Even with the irons with the fat shafts were just beautiful.
  14. I got one up, but it did take some trial and error. Here is what I learned. 1) A bed sheet was the first thing I tried. Probably works well if you have enough room between you and your neighbours because the impact is pretty loud. 2) Made up my mind to pay the $ and ordered a net off Amazon.ca. Relatively few choices, but I got the one from Dynamax. I worry though because while most of the reviews have been pretty good, a few customers shot their balls right through the net after a few hundred whacks. I only installed mine a couple of week ago, so we will see how that goes. 3) If you are on tile/concrete/cement, the ball dropping is going to be noisy. Once again, a problem if you live in a condo like myself. 4) To mitigate this problem, I first hung the net so that it's pretty slack. Even though the net is 10 x 10 ft, hung it so that was was 6 ft wide by 8 ft high. Lots of material draping to the ground. 5) Surprisingly, when I moved the hooks further apart, so that it hung 9 ft wide by 8 ft high, the net seemed to "catch" the ball more and didn't just drop the ball straight to the ground after it stopped it. I am not sure how this works, but it worked. 6) I do not like the strips of turf to hit off. Went to a driving range and bought one of their old mats. It's not in great condition, but still better than hitting off a strip for me.
  15. Hello Everyone, Yelling a preemptive "FORE" all the way from Vancouver BC, Canada. Glad to join a forum where like minds are talking about the thing we all love. I'm a 23.5 plus handicap looking to make some significant improvements. My goal is to get down to the low teens by the end of 2020. Seems a bit ambitious, but the fact is that a lot of my strokes come from OBs off the tee, so if I can reign that in, rounds in the mid 80s are well within reach. I started playing the game back in 1998 but never took the time to really learn. Instead, I was more focuses to copying how the pros were swinging the club and looking like that. Looking to change all that now. My biggest struggle has always been the driver. I've literally been spraying it everywhere for the past 20 years. Then a funny thing happened. I learned about club face and face path, stopped trying to look like someone, and suddenly....Well' let's not lie. It's still not great. But now it's a lot more predictable as to where the ball is going to go. I'm still going OB and landing in roughs, but at least I know I should be looking for my ball on the right. LOL. No Putts Given was actually what got me onto the website, and not the other way around. And now that I am on the forum, I am curious as to what I am going to learn next.
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