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  1. Justin - Grayslake, IL hdcp: 9.0 Current Iron - Srixon z585
  2. Well got the new sticks today. Probably going to be able to get out Thursday with them. Can’t wait!
  3. I take a half wet towel to every green with my putter. Ensures a clean ball for putting and clean ball for the next tee.
  4. Just an update for everyone. I finished my fitting yesterday. I hit HMBs, 585s, 785s, 210s, and forged tecs. We got the shaft dialed in first after using the Mizuno shaft tool and playing with a few options. I fit into Modus 120X the best. It was between that and the 130, and the 120x just felt smooth for my swing. Based on dispersion and distance the HMB and 585 wound up being the 2 best clubs for me, and they were nearly identical as far as performance. I had an extra 2 yards of distance, and a little better descent angle with the 585, but the HMB spun about 300 rpms more. Unfortunately the 919 forged heads were one I couldn't order new, so I didn't even want to hit something I couldn't get. The 210s were nice felling but didn't have the distance the others did (and the 4 iron didn't look like it had enough help for me?). Dispersion was good on those as well though. The HMB looked a little nicer than the 585, although over the ball the 585s look good, and they both felt great on well struck shots. I didn't have my best swing going, but my 585 mishits seemed to have better proximity and didn't feel as harsh as the HMB. The 785 were in the same boat as the HMB. Probably the best feeling of the group, but I don't know that on an off day I should be playing them. I also didn't have any spin difference between the 785s and 585s. This was my first actual fitting. Excited to play some clubs that are actually fit to me, and see how it helps my game. Now I gotta wait for them to come in. It was good to see all of the strike and swing data as well. Super informative, and even if I weren't buying clubs I think that would have been worth the money in itself. So, I wound up with: Srixon z585 4-AW, Nippon Modus 120x, 2 degrees up, std. length, w/ Winn Dritac midsized grips. Thanks for all the advice!
  5. Good to know. That was kinda my concern. I'll hit them and see how it goes. I hear ya, but another factor is I am playing Whistling Staights in Sept. and want to get these and some golf in before that so I'm ready to go too. So I'll be pulling the trigger on something this week I think.
  6. Yeah, the Covid stuff I think already delayed Srixon's launch. Plus I like the look of the 2018 z series better than the new pics that came out recently. For Mizuno, the price discount getting the 19s if they're available would probably have me lean that way. Any time hitting HMBs?
  7. I'll definitely update once I decide what to go with. Although I have it narrowed down to those 2 for my short list, others on my radar are HMB, Apex, Forged Tec. I like Ping too, but I'm not sure if the i210s are in the same forgiveness category I'm looking for? Also, should the fitter find head or shaft first?
  8. Good to know that. It could put a damper on those if I wind up fitting in that head better. How about HMB? Any experience there?
  9. Longtime reader, first time really posting here. I am in the market for new irons. For a little background I play to about a 10 and am a decent ball striker. If I could get my short game in order I would probably play into lower single digits. Anyways, I've never been fit for irons and am doing that Wednesday. I currently game TM Rocketbladez Tour. I am looking to go forged, and into something a little more forgiving than blades. I had aspirations to learn to work the ball a bit more, but time doesn't allow for that kind of practice to be able to pull them all off. After a lot of research, and hitting some clubs I've narrowed it down to Srixon z585 (maybe combo w/ 785, but again I don't think the "workability" is that important for me) and Mizuno 919 Forged. Is one more forgiving that the other? Any preferences? I am fairly steep and really like what I hear about the Srixon sole which could be what makes the difference for me. Problem is both demo days I was going to got rained out and I'll only be able to try these of the mat. TIA!
  10. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Been playing on and off since my teens, so 15+ years. I generally score in the low-mid 80s and break into the 70s here and there. HDC is currently 9.6. What do you love about golf? The constant challenge and skill it takes to improve. Love the outdoors as well. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Looking at some new irons in the near future, so MGS is helping with my research. Don't know any spies. Where are you from? What is your home course? From SE MI, but live in Chicagoland. No real home course. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? I'm in a great region for good golf courses. Always seems to be windy in the midwest, and the public courses get way too packed here. I'm talking 5+ hour round packed. What do you do for a living? Sales rep in the automotive aftermarket. How’d you pick your user name? Nothing creative. It's my email. hah
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