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  1. The longer I own my rangefinder, the more there is no going back to GPS (I always have it on the Grint if i absolutely need it). I was very skeptical, but find more ways to use it every day. Any given round I get more yardages on other things than I get on pins. Feel like I have a better grasp on my carry/total yardages with clubs with the rangefinder. The slope feature is great....surprising how much/little difference the slope makes (I would always guess wrong) Never thought I'd say these things. Also, the battery lasts forever.....no charging. Biggest surprise of all.
  2. Justin Rose for the low score.... how will they match up my Grint name with my profile name here?
  3. Enjoy my wedges more every day....glad I bought them.
  4. With the weight in the grip, you lose some feel of the putter head. I have been experimenting and the slower the greens, the heavier the putter head works best for me. Fast greens go light. Far from scientific, but I have truly enjoyed trying the different weights.
  5. LHL helped on the short putts….long putts were far worse. (My game calls for many long putts).
  6. They just understand golf......that is what makes helping golfers easy for them. JMHO
  7. My go to place......no complaints.
  8. Just think of it as having gotten all the bad swings/breaks/luck out of the way all in one round! You should be golden for a while now.
  9. Gamed Mizuno JPX Forged irons for years. Switched to Sub70 699/699 Pro irons.....with recoil shafts. Happier on every level.
  10. Clicgear 3.5. love it….it’s like having a caddy. No chance of wrenching my back and losing time on the course
  11. Recently adjusted my driver from 10.5 to 11.5 degrees......it seemed to really help.
  12. But tomorrow is May. Doesn't the first "round" end April 30? ( I know you want to play...but for the contest)
  13. I have the 699 5-7 and the 699 Pro 8-PW.....love them. Very forgiving for such a great looking iron. I was curious if the top line would be noticeable 699 vs Pro....and realized after a few rounds, I can't see a difference. Give them a call with concerns they are great but a combo set is ideal, IMO I waited too long to finally buy mine....wish I had sooner.
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