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  1. EEZurg

    7 woods

    Update....the 7 wood performs the way I had hoped hybrids would. I use it FAR more than I thought....even out of (most) rough. Best attribute....forgiveness=> confidence
  2. Recently purchased the Kirkland putter with the weight kit. I don't know if it's just my imagination, but changing the weight was huge! Never thought weight was such a factor...but the right weight helped a great deal.
  3. I was also unlucky for about 15 years.....finally got practice round tickets! Rainy week....no patrons that day.....still hurts.
  4. The game is played within boundaries...... "Why should the pros be penalized for hitting the ball to the same places we hit it that's not OB when the stands are gone" They play on different days....we all have to keep it within defined boundaries.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something....but why aren't there more Out of Bounds stakes/rules? Too many pros seem to drive it in the stands or other unplayable places knowing they will get a favorable drop (some even admit to the reasoning). The "wall" was abused at the LPGA ANA event, truly and obviously affecting the result. Why hit a good shot when you can hit a no brainer to a place where the drop rules will benefit you greatly. Define some boundaries and make players make shots. We deal with O/B....far more than "the best" Been bugging me a while...vent over.
  6. EEZurg

    7 woods

    Just bought a used Tour Edge Golf Exotics EXS 7 wood......this thread has me very hopeful. It may be up for sale soon when I realize it's just my swing (or lack thereof)
  7. I played with a guy who played on a college team....they play a different game.....they blow our courses away. He was a great guy...it was fun to watch. I will NEVER have game like that.
  8. I have found the same.....it's fantastic. Now...let's not tell too many people.
  9. I totally agree.....with one exception. The Masters. Always loved watching one situation and hearing a roar from somewhere and wondering who did what and how good was it. The roar could have been really from anywhere on the course.
  10. EEZurg

    Fitting question

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I should become very obvious when it's time. IMHO
  11. The "course management" lesson.....best in groups ( the course and ideas are the same)....swing stuff...One on one. A lot of lessons I've taken fix some fundamentals, but, More Importantly, clear up some misconceptions I have that may not be addressed without a 1 on 1 lesson.
  12. I am sure there is a lot to be learned by a lot of techniques. What happens in reality...people see it on TV.....and do the same with out even knowing why they are doing it, but it looked cool on TV. Then they go on to misjudge the putt by 3+ feet(speed or break). It takes about 2 holes to see if what they are doing is meaningful (and shows impressive results)...or they are playing "golfer" instead of golf. When I start lipping out more putts instead of mishitting/misreading....I will look from more angles.
  13. One feature I am glad I lucked into on my cart....brake on the handle. My son has a foot brake model and doesn't like it as much....
  14. Also....In my research....push cart is better than pull for your back.....if you're going to go cart....I suggest push. Hand brake vs foot brake is preferred (as i have read and many prefer who I play with)
  15. I carried too long. It was then posed to me....pick up/put down that bag wrong once and how long will you play NO golf until your back feels better. I had a 2 strap bag and still sometime only used one( "old school") I bought a cart the next day. Honestly, I kicked myself in the ***.....it's like having a caddy. AND......I play more golf....and feel better. I can carry more water, too. Even my kids use them now.....
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