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  1. I thought the same thing! Pulled the trigger and, when they arrived, they were even better looking than the pics. I'm an 11-12 hcp....love them. They are very forgiving. I got the 699/699 Pro combo.....pros start at the 8 iron.
  2. Finally bit the bullet and Sub 70 699/699 pro irons. All reports of exceptional service are correct. Bought the irons labeled "new" in the pre-owned section .....Recoil shafts...Lamkin mid grips. Great deal. These irons are even better looing than the pics. So much so, I thought I might have gone a little out of my ability range. I've only been to hit off mats in freezing temps and in the practice bay at PGASS. Love them! They are very forgiving and feel great. Wish I hadn't dragged my feet.....
  3. in the mean time....check into the 7 wood threads.....i tried one and it performed better for me than any hybrid I tried.It has become a trusted club.
  4. Still playing the 1v1 9 hole match play.....
  5. Because they love guys like him to say crazy stuff and talk about it all week and then rub his nose in it. He went hook, line, and sinker!
  6. It's the stuff you say AFTER you win.....or never at all (if you're smart)
  7. Didn't Bryson declare Augusta was a par 67 for his game??????
  8. just my personal opinion...there were a few mudballs....FAR fewer than what were declared mudballs that were just crap shots.....it became an easier excuse than admitting to a bad shot.
  9. Mark Lake Zurich, IL Never had a net before....would love to start with this one
  10. Just ordered a set off the Costco website....
  11. All of the above....compounded by standing at address for an excessively long period of time....tensing up and thinking of every swing thought imaginable. Bad shot....stand over the ball longer.
  12. EEZurg

    7 woods

    Update....the 7 wood performs the way I had hoped hybrids would. I use it FAR more than I thought....even out of (most) rough. Best attribute....forgiveness=> confidence
  13. Recently purchased the Kirkland putter with the weight kit. I don't know if it's just my imagination, but changing the weight was huge! Never thought weight was such a factor...but the right weight helped a great deal.
  14. I was also unlucky for about 15 years.....finally got practice round tickets! Rainy week....no patrons that day.....still hurts.
  15. The game is played within boundaries...... "Why should the pros be penalized for hitting the ball to the same places we hit it that's not OB when the stands are gone" They play on different days....we all have to keep it within defined boundaries.
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