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Ball of Steel Review: by Eyeline Golf


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The ball is red rubber with a smooth but tacky surface. It is 42.25mm compared to a real golf ball that is 42.60mm. The ball weighs about 244 grams compared to about 46 grams for a real golf ball.



The ball does feel very heavy. It takes a very firm stroke to get it to go 6 feet. On slower surfaces, the ball will stay on the face or be double hit if the putter is not raised up after impact. I would not recommend the use of these on a high end putter. May ruin the finish or bend the neck/shaft.



I first tried it on the practice green. I hit putts varying from 3 to 6 feet. Has a good sound off the face. I was expecting more of a thud. It needs to be hit hard to go 6 feet. I used them for about 15 minutes. When I went back to my real golf ball, I hit everything past the hole. The golf ball did feel softer after using the Balls of Steel. I played a round of golf after practicing with them and my distance control was way off. So, I wouldn't recommend using them before an actual round of golf.


I next tried them on shag carpet. I do a lot of practice putting on this same carpet. This was not a good idea. I had to alter my putting stroke. If I didn't lift the putter up after impact, the ball was double hit or would stay on the face. This surface also required the hardest of hits to get the ball to go 6 feet.


The final surface was hardwood flooring. This surface enabled me to take the most natural stroke. It also produced the truest roll. If I missed hit it, I knew instantly. The ball would either go off my intended line or would not go as far as expected.



I would recommend this product for practice putting sessions. The dramatic weight difference may affect a golfer's putting if they were to play a round of golf right after using the Ball of Steel. I feel the best results would be achieved on a faster surface. But since the putting stroke is unique to each person, the next golfer might find the most benefit on a slower surface.


More Info: EyeLineGolf.com




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Im failing to see the point. Putting is not about strength, its about finesse. The video talks about other sports using weighted pucks, balls, etc. but those are hit/thrown as hard as possible to get maximum speed and distance.

Nothing helps you find a lost ball better than a provisional hit straight down the middle.

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I almost wish I had that problem Sarge... my problem is always leaving a long putt way short. I KNOW how hard to hit it... it just doesn't happen! LOL!

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I've used this product to make my putter stroke more consistent. If you drag the putter (get your hands ahead of the putterhead) this product will expose that. If you are a wristy putter, this will expose that.  If you want to develop a stroke that has a firm (not tight) grip and use your shoulders and body to stroke the ball, as most instructors want, this product should work for you.  And as mentioned in the article, use a flat surface or mat to putt on.

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Seems like a reasonable training idea. Not necessarily something you want to hit a thousand putts with but I think it would ago a long way in confirming whether or not you are stroking the ball well or not. As far as this actually improving putting? I don't know. I've personally never had success with training aids that "force" you into the correct position. Things like the Tour Striker irons, hinged clubs, etc. just have never worked for me. The idea that a forced position will make you better sounds nice in my mind but reality is another thing. 

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On 9/29/2021 at 2:57 PM, Kansas King said:

Seems like a reasonable training idea. Not necessarily something you want to hit a thousand putts with but I think it would ago a long way in confirming whether or not you are stroking the ball well or not.

Yes, that's exactly the idea of this thing.

I have one and the design intent is really to only hit it ONE foot -- with the underlying idea that since the thing is 5x the weight of a normal golf ball, that one foot putt simulates a -five- foot putt.

OK, so.. why?

If you end up double-tapping the steel ball - its telling you there's some problem with your contact of the putter head/face and ball at impact - most likely caused by a decel into impact.

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