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Seen a couple youtube videos about the approach G80 from Garmin , highly touted as the first 2 in 1 launch monitor and range finder,  any one have or tried one?

Steep price tag but I have been looking for a decent range finder , could kill 2 birds here.

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Tried it and returned it. Very small screen and not that accurate for me.

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On 5/24/2019 at 9:12 AM, Pstmstr said:

Tried it and returned it. Very small screen and not that accurate for me.

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Sounds like you are talking about the Z80, not the G80

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Have a G80 on order. Saved some money by signing up for a Golf Galaxy newsletter at 15% off and using a $20 off coupon I had. I'll report back over the weekend after initial testing. 

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    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Precision Pro has folowed up it's NX7 rangefinder a Most Wanteed Wnner for Value with the NX9 HD.  Offering all the same technology from the previous version but enhanced HD optics take this price friendly range finder to a new level where it competes with some of the biger name brands. 
      Precisionn Pro has provided the following testers all with the NX9 HD to test out on the range, on the course and any other interesting place they may decide to put it to work.
      Follow along as they will be sharing their thoughts via a Stage 1 post in the next couple of days, then participating in an ongoing dialouge about their experiences, and wrapping up with a comprehensive Stage 2 post. 
      Testing the NX9 HD are the following members.
      jbmullin                                            Stage 1                Stage 2
      jonmusc08                                      Stage 1                Stage 2
      FromRighttoLeft                             Stage 1                Stage 2
      Perserveringgolfer                         Stage 1                Stage 2
      Russtopherb                                   Stage 1                Stage 2
      B.Boston                                         Stage 1                Stage 2
      poprocksncoke                             Stage 1                 Stage 2
      GolfSpy_MPR                                Combined Review
    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Who are the seven forum users that the NX9 has locked on for testing?
      @FromRightToLeft @Jbmullin @russtopherb @B.Boston @poprocksncoke @JonMUSC08 @perseveringgolfer @GolfSpy MPR Full announcement found here.
      Testers Wanted (7)
      Anyone that has read or better yet tried one of the previous versions of the Precision Pro rangefinders knows a couple things for sure.   The company is very customer oriented, responding to any manor of questions promptly and efficiently.   It's very first iteration of range finders—nexus- was among the least expensive on the market, but didn't  meet with a huge success.   Enter the NX7 series, and it's award winning performance in Most Wanted testing, and Precision Pro had a winner on it's hand, a very reliable, accurate rangefinder priced in the $200 to $250 range, with many comprable competitors sellingn for $350 to $450.   Precision Pro held it's own in the land of the established icon brands. 
      So with a product firmly entrenched in the value category, Precision Pro is introducing the next level of rangefinder for company.  The NX9 offers an HD display to an already quality product.   To find out all the tech behind it, you can read The First Look articles published earlier this spring Precision Pro Nx9 First Look
      So  we are offering seven US or members from anywhere in the world, the chance to test/review and keep a NX9 HD rangefinder.  Golfspy_MPR  will  be riding shotgun along with the testers on this as you, write a very through review for the forum, and provide ongoing thoughts during the review period in the review thread. 
      How To Apply
      Please provide the following information in a separate post----DO NOT  QUOTE or COPY THIS POST!
      First Name/City of Residence.
      Do you currently use a rangefinder or GPS for distance measuring or rely on good old eyeballing!
      If you use a device what model and brand
      We'll be selecting the testers next week.  Be sure to check back and see if you've been selected. 

    • By PrecisionProGolf
      Say thanks to Dad with our Fathers Day sale!
      Save $40 on the NX7 Pro and save $30 on the NX7.
    • By cksurfdude
      P3Pro Swing launch monitor and game simulator
      $750 plus shipping
      * Very Important Note: this is NOT a subscription service - once you own it, you can play the virtual courses for as long as you own it! Also, the PC you run it on does not need to be a high-end game machine nor does it need to be connected to the internet.
      Included hardware:
      * "launch pad" hardware with infrared sensors and turf covering
      * USB A-B cable (15 ft) to connect to PC; power cable
      * USB dongle key to unlock extra 41 virtual courses
      * approx 4x5 hitting mat (light wear) with cutouts to hold launch pad (- can use RH or LH)
      * metal guard to cover cable attachments to launch pad
      * reflective stickers for clubs
      * lightweight foam practice ball
      * Launch pad includes a short rubber tee (removeable) - into which you can stick a regular tee for driver; set of plastic tees included.
      --> PLEASE NOTE - the launch pad uses infrared sensors to detect the CLUBHEAD - so you can actually practice and play indoors _without_ a ball or a net!
      Included software:
      * basic installation***
      * basic course pack
      * Driving range, Chipping/Pitching range, Putting green (displays slope arrows)
      * Longest Drive and Closest To The Pin Challenges
      * Additional Course Packs for 41 extra courses plus 2 Par 3s
      * Join WGT online tournaments
      *** LATEST INSTALLATION FILES VIA DOWNLOAD FROM THEIR SUPPORT SITE @ https://p3proswing.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/45640
      Not included:
      * PC and monitor; hitting net; extension cord for power cable
      -- note, re: PC - you need two open USB ports
      Stats displayed include:
      * clubhead speed
      * path and face angles
      * AoA and vertical height of face entering and exiting impact
      * impact location on face (shows vertical and horizontal measures)
      * launch angle
      * tempo
      * carry and total distance
      * yards offline left or right
      * Many settings in the program allow customization; including on the practice range and putting green. Can also see ball flight trails and view different camera angles.
      * As mentioned above you can use this without a ball so even with limited space you could now practice and play indoors - anywhere you can swing a club!
      * You can set a spot - on a course - to keep hitting balls from to a single target (eg. practice round).
      * It also has the capability to join WGT online tournaments.
      see...P3Pro website @ https://www.p3proswing.com/ 
      Any questions, please post in here or PM me .. thanks!
      (pics follow)
    • By JonMUSC08
      I am going out on a stretch with this one...
      When we all buy new golf clubs or are in the market for a new club (testing), we head over to our local shop (Dicks Sports, Edwin Watts, PGA Superstore, etc) and request to try the clubs out in the bay with the launch monitors. Of course, how well is the new club going to compare to our existing club. In my personal experience, the employees in the shops always seem annoyed when you ask to try out clubs in the bays; more so if you are a lefty such as myself. That means they have to move the launch monitor sensor to the other side of the mat 🤬. Those of us not on tour or living in the 1% wealth do not have the ability to own a Trackman or GC Quad BUT would still like to utilize those products to test equipment and learn to gap our clubs. Do these 8 new drivers really give me 20 more yards and are much more straight than my existing driver... who knows, but the golf shop guy does not want me spending 3 hours testing all his equipment. Yet he wonders why i do not buy anything after i try one driver and dont get results. Don't be annoyed with me if i ask to try a different driver.
      Here is the dream... A driving range with 2-4 bays rigged with launch monitors. Having top of the line monitors may be quite expensive but something to at least provide sufficient data to help the average or better golfer. By allowing players to learn their yardages and make adjustments will in essence speed up rounds as well. With the popularity of the technology AT the range, players would need to schedule times and pay fees for equipment use. The Arccos system is a great tool to help gap and determine club lengths BUT it takes quite a few rounds to determine all your clubs. Now i can hit 20 shots with each club and get solid data on EACH club. In addition, i can borrow or rent multiple clubs if i am in the market for a new driver, iron set, etc. IDEALLY having newly released equipment AT the  range would be perfect.
      My Golf Spy Community, lets make this happen!
      Make this the new Top Golf or get me in touch with a Top Golf guy to integrate this!
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