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Difficulty going up in shaft flex


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I recently was fitted to all new clubs, and every thing went from ladies flex to senior flex. I could wax lyrical about ego in the game but we’ll use these standard terms for lack of better ones, I guess. 

Club fitter told me it would take ten rounds or more to get comfortable with the clubs but I mean the wheels fell off. I went from comfortably shooting in the 90s to complete beginner unable to control my slice or get the ball to flight with low loft clubs. I understand why - the stiffer shaft meant the club face was connecting earlier in my swing - but it was a real struggle to bring my game back, to the point that it changed my swing and I ran back to both club fitter and coach in tears. 

I searched for answers and found none. I found one other woman on Insta who had the exact same problems so we’re a support group of 2. My club fitter and I are very curious about it, so I’m asking my fellow women golfers if this has ever happened to them too. Anyone else?

Titleist TSR1, Callaway AI Smoke Paradym 3-4-5 hybrids, TaylorMade Qi10 irons 6i-P, Cleveland RTX wedges 54 and 58, SeeMore OG FSG blade, yet helpless without my ShotScope V5.

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