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  1. No golf this weekend. Likely raining out both today and tomorrow morning times. What to do now?!
  2. I structure mine like this. I used iron covers until I decided I was going to keep t100s in bag long term. I keep headcover on putter, driver, and hybrid while I play. I have my 50 on the side to keep it from bag chatter since it’s stamped and I want it to last a few seasons.
  3. Only updates is I’m waiting for my tsi3 to come in. Loving the bag and has helped reduced my handicap 3 strokes in the last three months.
  4. Practiced hitting controlled fades with my irons and driver today on the range. Also spent a decent amount of time rolling 5 foot putts and made sure I made 50 before heading home.
  5. Looks like it’s going to happen anytime now! Awesome 9holes today.
  6. Great write up. Fellow lefty here rocking the T100s, I bent mine weak a degree and do not notice turf/bounce change.
  7. I went .75 short from titleist standard and have found more consistency in Striking center. I tried 44 inches and 44.5 before settling on 44.75. For my swing it balances control and speed.
  8. Wondering if anyone had preferences or a reference to who the best putter refinisher is. I got this beauty since they don’t make in lefty now and was thinking of just restoring back to original, maybe black it out or have it torched. Curious if anyone has experience doing this.
  9. How is the evnroll compared to your older spider?
  10. Hopefully bag is set once TSi3 comes in.
  11. Agreed. I have a fénix 6x gps and it wasn’t cheap. I will say for the most part it is pretty accurate. Tuning into this thread to see if it’s worth it to get Arccos. One thing I wish Garmin did was better tracking of putting.
  12. I agree. I have a decent amount of posts and activity over there but find the content here refreshing and glad I’m hoping over to MGS
  13. It’s a beast in my 2 hybrid. Velocore works in my mind. ive been contemplating a range finder. I have a Garmin watch for green distances but occasionally it would be good to know distance exactly to doglegs ect. Also wouldn’t mind it for the range to laser different targets.
  14. On the 17th hole today I hit a 317 yard drive that cut the corner on a dogleg and left me 145 in for a par 5. Hit the green but two putted for birdie. Reason it was a highlight is it was my first 300+ drive in a few months. Been working on my swing to hit a controlled fade and it’s awesome to finally see the fruits of my work.
  15. This year I’ve practiced my short game a lot more and at my home course short is the best miss because most greens have sever drop offs in the back or OB. My go to is a bump and run with a PW but will take a 7,8,9 depending on distance to hole. Anytime I am short sided I will pull out my 60 but most short game shots have been with my PW this year. For me I have a much more repeatable motion and know I will have a putt for par.
  16. My preferred is D4 but my current set is at D2. I did have a ton of lead tape on my irons to get to D4 but have been experimenting with them at D2 to see how they perform. My T100s are so pretty I didn’t want lead tape all over them haha but if I feel like I’m inconsistent I will put it right back on. Part of the fun for me is taking precut lead tale strips with me to the range and dialing in what feels best for each club.
  17. WITB Driver: TS3 8.5 at C3 setting (Waiting on TSi3 8* to be delivered) Fujikura Ventus Blue 7x or Diamana ZF 60TX Hybrid: G410 2 Hybrid with Fujikura Ventus Blue 9x Driving Iron: Callaway UT 21 degrees bent to 19, KBS Proto 105X Irons: 4-PW T100s (bent 1 degree weak) Project X 7.0 Wedges: SM8 50.12, SM7 54.08 and 60 Hi-Toe all Project X 6.5 Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Stability Shaft or Piretti Cottonwood II Ball: Srixon XV Currently waiting on my new TSi3 before I do a final show down on what shaft to put in the bag for next season. I am
  18. New to the forum and a fellow lefty. My current experiment is with these two awesome putters.
  19. I did a little experiment today with lead tape with my irons, then a little time with my driver. I spent the majority of the time doing a putt off between my gamer (Piretti) and new toy Scotty Newport w with stability shaft. Still undecided and no clear winner yet.
  20. My preferred ball is the prov1x but couldn’t pass up Srixon XV fathers day deal was 2 dozen for 40. They perform as good as the Prov1x just not as durable to me. Overall I will stick with it because I prefer to play a new ball instead of a used balls (AAAA).
  21. Exactly. My lefty t100s took 2 months. My tsi3 was pre ordered on October 20th and still no shipment due to a grip, if I would’ve known it was the grip I would’ve just installed myself. Also what doesn’t make sense is I did a custom wedgeworks for myself and my FIL and both custom wedges were shipped in a week.
  22. On paper with my harsh transition and 115 club head speed, black would have been the magic shaft, i was able to do on course with both and blue just gave me so much more feel with just as tight dispersion. Blue is threatening my ZF to stay in the bag, waiting on my new TSi3 for which shaft wins. For my 2 hybrid, the ventus blue is amazing and has made having a fairway wood no longer necessary. If you haven’t tried the blue give it a go, it may surprise you.
  23. I’m digging my piretti so far. I have had many scottys and the piretti has a more crisp feel to me. Beautiful putter and love the option for a sight dot instead of a line.
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