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  1. Hi Jerry, welcome to the newest way to become a golf addict... Your clubs are going to get you started. I would suggest pulling the #2 and #3 irons out of the bag-they will drive you crazy trying to hit them when you are starting out. And yes, keep an eye out for a wedge...check Ebay from time to time. Bigger issue is your driver shaft-you might check with a retail outlet like Golf Galaxy and see if you can get a new/newer shaft with an R flex...you should be able to change out the shaft for a reasonable amount of $$-That shaft you have will likely keep you from staying in the short grass. Best of luck with your new sport.
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    Old Course Father/Son Trip
  3. Added the 7 wood proto recently-it is an awesome addition to the rest of my PXG bag 0f goodies...and it is deadly accurate!
  4. Charley VandenBurg is excellent, I also have several friends who have recently started lessons with GolfTec in GR and they are very much impressed.
  5. If you are just beginning, forget Pro V1 comparisons. I would refer you to many in house specials at Golf Galaxy/Dick's along with specials from manufacturers. Golf Galaxy always has a special section of price point deals-Callaway Diablo -2 dozen for $40; Srixon currently has a buy 2 dozen get a dozen free on some of their models; Shop around and try different brands-my buddy has gone from a Titliest Pro V1 appetite to a Titliest Velocity and they come in a variety of colors-he loves them and he was never able to generate the clubhead speed to take advantage of the Pro V1. Good luck!
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