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  1. You will love these new irons! I made the move to PXG this April and filled the bag with 4-G 0211's, 0811 Proto Driver, 3,5,7, hybrid. I interchange the clubs to the legal 14 depending on the course and conditions. The #7 fairway metal has been the biggest positive-it rocks! Two weeks ago I was in Dallas and went to the new PXG store and went through a Driver fitting. Ended up with a new Gen 4 0811 Driver in a totally different setup than the Proto driver. They built and shipped within a week. Love the PXG family!
  2. I regularly play a course here in N MI and walking is the only way one can play-no carts. I have a 4 wheel Sun Mountain cart and have used it for at least 10 years. When the pandemic hit last year, the only way you could play here was to walk. That cart came in mighty handy! I love to walk!
  3. I live in Michigan and found that the new jackets with the quilted down front are the bomb-they keep the front of your upper body warm but do not restrict your swing in any way. Many manufacturers offer them now-they are also pretty cool looking.
  4. Foot Joy Pro SL I have all kinds of foot/ankle issues-these are the only ones I own. Also-just watch the weekend pro golf on TV-there is a reason most pros wear FJ Pro SL's,,,,!!!
  5. Hi Jerry, $1K???? Ha! Wait until you really get the bug! The nice thing about starting to play golf is that everyone in your gifting circle will never be at a lost for a present for you! You can get a 3 wedge set of wedges on Ebay for $75-100....just to get you started...
  6. Hi Jerry, welcome to the newest way to become a golf addict... Your clubs are going to get you started. I would suggest pulling the #2 and #3 irons out of the bag-they will drive you crazy trying to hit them when you are starting out. And yes, keep an eye out for a wedge...check Ebay from time to time. Bigger issue is your driver shaft-you might check with a retail outlet like Golf Galaxy and see if you can get a new/newer shaft with an R flex...you should be able to change out the shaft for a reasonable amount of $$-That shaft you have will likely keep you from staying in the short grass. Best of luck with your new sport.
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    Old Course Father/Son Trip
  8. Added the 7 wood proto recently-it is an awesome addition to the rest of my PXG bag 0f goodies...and it is deadly accurate!
  9. Charley VandenBurg is excellent, I also have several friends who have recently started lessons with GolfTec in GR and they are very much impressed.
  10. If you are just beginning, forget Pro V1 comparisons. I would refer you to many in house specials at Golf Galaxy/Dick's along with specials from manufacturers. Golf Galaxy always has a special section of price point deals-Callaway Diablo -2 dozen for $40; Srixon currently has a buy 2 dozen get a dozen free on some of their models; Shop around and try different brands-my buddy has gone from a Titliest Pro V1 appetite to a Titliest Velocity and they come in a variety of colors-he loves them and he was never able to generate the clubhead speed to take advantage of the Pro V1. Good luck!
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