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  1. It depends on the hole but with my driver, I tend to hit a fade so I try to hit it left. Unfortunately, I have been hitting a lot of blocks and push fades recently so I end up on the right side. anyway.
  2. Someone has been reading the golfwrx tip section. [emoji3]
  3. That is entirely possible as well. Everyone swings the club differently which is why a fix may not help all golfers. In the end you need to look at your individual swing to see the cause for the heel strike. It can range from a swing flaw to poor fitting clubs.
  4. I would say to play around with your grip pressure to find what is comfortable for you and provides the best results. Generally tension is bad for the golf swing.
  5. The key is finding someone that can read the report in that level of detail. My instructor was involved with the evolution of the product and he focuses pretty much exclusively on teaching putting. I asked a lot of questions about my putting stroke and he provide me with lots of information. What I provided is probably a 5,000 foot view of the detail we got into regarding my putting stroke. I putt left hand low with a left arm dominant stroke which is part of the reason my stroke is left biased. I putt with a Taylormade TM-180 putter. Old model, but pretty close to what I need for my stroke. It could use a little less left and I would need to adjust the hosel position a bit to smooth some things out.
  6. The question was asked about what to do with Puttlab data. Below is the assessment that my instructor went through with my stroke. This report is from about 4 years ago and I haven't done a more recent evaluation to see if things are any better. So here we go on Page 1. I setup slightly open but if you look at the face at address graph I am fairly consistent with my setup. At impact, I am consistently a little bit closed. People have a tendency to focus on score; however, score isn't Puttlabs strength, it is the ability to take the measurements. On page 2 we start to see my stroke (from overhead) and it obviously goes to the left and with the closed face at impact, I have a tendency to miss left. How do you fix that is the next question. I you compare the putter path numbers with the impact numbers I am a bit more consistent with rotation. We chose to adjust rotation since good putters generally control one or the other better. How much do we need to change the rotation. Well since the face angle is the primary influence on direction (about 82%) we need to open from .6 closed to about .28 open. One way to do this is to add a bit of weight to slow the rotation. The other thing of not is that my through stroke is bit long. This is related to how I swing the putter. On Page 3 we see the stroke (from the side) and we see that I hit up on the ball. We knew this was probably going to happen since I have the ball forward in my stance to help me see the line better. If you look at height at impact we see that I am really hitting up. The negative of this is that as the putter starts moving up it loses speed. Also of benefit would be reducing the loft on the putter to not launch it as high….another reason I leave it short. Page 4 shows more details on rotation as the putter approaches impact. Here I am pretty close to perfect on rotation based on stroke needs. The increased rotation is because of how long my follow through is to compensate for the need to maintain speed on the upstroke. Page 5 show details of the stroke in graph for and overall stroke timing. I mentioned earlier that I have the need to accelerate post impact. On the graph on the upper right you can see the speed increase post impact (the black lines represent impact). The other thing to look at is the timing of the stroke. My stroke is on the slow side; increasing the speed would also result in a shorter swing length to hit the ball the same distance I was hitting in this test. If you notice the backswing rhythm chart is shows that I am not very consistent. Having a consistent tempo is important to ensure the rotation is the same every time; otherwise you the face angle may be open one swing and closed the next. Hope that helps interpret some the information that is included in a Puttlab report and how to evaluate your stroke. I am not an export on reading the reports, but I learned a lot about my stroke from my instructor.
  7. Why are you hesitant to try a fitting? You don't have to change anything or maybe get a few tweaks. If you are putting lights out with that putter it might be the right fit for you
  8. People do it all the time; think about people that choose putters based on looks. There are basically changing how they putt to accommodate the putter. Seemore advocates changing your setup to fit the putter. If you move from theories proposed by Dave Stockton to Dave Pelz you move from toe hang to face balance. Given the same stroke going from a toe hang to a fade balanced putter will impact the direction the ball goes at impact. For me a face balanced putter tends to go right. In the end it is about the choices you make about how you putt. These choices drive what you need in a putter. I personally would rather fit my tendencies than try to change how I putt to fit a putter. Granted my approach to putting is fairly analytical. A player that doesn't want to delve into the details and just go by looks and feel will have a different opinion. What I discuss on the forum is information I have learned from my putting instructor
  9. Sounds like a rookie mistake. Thanks for the pictures and commentary
  10. Try not to think.....just put a good roll on the ball.
  11. When I did my Puttlab, it was to verify my stroke, verify my putter, and provide more details to my putting instructor. Prior to my Puttlab session, I had been exchanging emails and videos with my instructor for about 1 1/2 years before I did the session. He reviewed the report with me and explained what things meant and made some recommendations for improving my stroke and how I could change my putter. The key to a Puttlab report is finding someone that knows how to read the details. We discussed every section of the detailed report so that I could understand what the report was saying.
  12. Played 18 on a course I haven't played in a couple of years. Kind of a shotmakers course since they take the driver out of your hands on a lot of holes. Shot 39-40=79 with a triple on the back. Overall I was pretty happy with the way I hit the ball.
  13. I think the concept of SBST is a misnomer and not possible without manipulation because we stand to the side of the target line with a putter that has a shaft that isn't vertical. The amount of toe hang is really more about rotation of the putter that is necessary to get the putter back to the right position at impact. Looking forward to your review of the putter.
  14. Yep, I have a friend that I get together and play with a few times a year. I am, and he will agree, that I am a better golfer than him. For some reason he has the ability to beat me often. He just does stuff to get in my head and I don't play my best. Have to learn to separate the game from the gamesmanship.
  15. I have been to PGA, Web.com, Senior PGA, LPGA, and Symetra events. All I can say is that at every level there are some great ball strikers. Spending some time on the range will show you have poorly you personally hit the ball. I am always amazed at their ability to hit the ball specific distances. I have been volunteering at events for about the last 10 years and walking inside the ropes and listening to the interaction between player and caddie is a great learning experience. I highly recommend any golfer go see the pros if an event is near them.
  16. There are two approaches you can take with a putter fitting. The first is to fit the putter based on what you learn from SAM. The other is make adjustments to your stroke to fit the putter you love. I think the second is harder, but people do that that approach. A famous example of a player that changes his stroke to match what he wants to do is Rory.
  17. I read the website and the fitting if you don't buy clubs the fitting is $50. That is very reasonable to see what you might need. As you are just getting into the game, what I would suggest is that you talk with the fitter and see what specs you might need. Then you can take the recommendations and shop for used clubs which will save you a lot of money. Might not find what you need initially but you will be able to get clubs that are a year or two older for significantly less that new. Most manufacturers offer enough options that you should be able to find what your are looking for. Since they also offer lessons, you will probably get some basic advice on things to work on. call or go talk to them and tell them what your goals are and see how they can help you and their recommendations.
  18. I carry 4 wedges - PW, AW, SW, LW. I hit partial wedges with them as well as choking down to reduce distance. I wouldn't add another wedge since I have my distances covered with the current setup.
  19. Are you taking lessons? What are your goals? I believe in getting fit earlier to ensure you have the basics correct. If you are taking lessons, I would work with my pro to see what things are being changed to see if the changes would require significant lie and/or length changes based on your swing. We all use "used" clubs because once they are hit they are used. Buying used is an economical way to get more up to date equipment at a lower cost. As long as the flex is correct and the shaft generally fits you, it is easy to get someone to adjust the length and lie. You can go get fit to understand what you need and then buy used clubs that meet the necessary specs. You can find great deals at places like callaway preowned.
  20. Everyone has pretty much said it all. Welcome to the other side of golf. Scamble tournaments are fake handicaps and frustration. Just play them for the enjoyment of being with friends.
  21. Vice Golf Balls; its not lipstick on a pig!
  22. Was watching European event prior to my switching over to the LPGA US Open.
  23. Depending on the timing, It could be a Mizuno and KBS Hybrid shaft testing day. We are playing Royal New Kent and Brickshire and I am looking forward to meeting and playing with CG2
  24. i browse other golf forums (GEA, WRX, THP, PutterTalk) outside of MGS. I post and participate primarily on MGS. I find that each forum has small things that i find interesting that isn't covered on the other forums. For example. GEA - Not sure why I go here anymore, very little that I actually read. WRX - Tour Event/Bag photos, Tour talk, and putter section. Mostly read, will post in an occasional thread. THP - Occasional good thread, mostly just read the thread title and move on. Feel like you have to be part of the in crowd to really get any engagement and they don't seem to like opinions that differ for those in the in group. Have a DMV focused thread. Puttertalk - I love putters since 99% of the talk is about putters I go here. Also the home forum for my putitng instructor. MGS- Just good golf related topics. I don't personally like to share lots of personal details, I just want to talk about everything golf. Obviously best place for equipment reviews that aren't biased by manufacturers. Feel like my opinion is valued.
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