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  1. I use Johnson and Johnson Coach Tape. It sticks good even through summer sweat.
  2. I went to CC for a fitting and like many who have mentioned on here it all depends on who the fitter is. Unfortunately my fitter had only one goal in mind, upcharge. I'm a 13 hdcp. (most of the time) and he was putting me into clubs that I know I wouldn't hit consistently (blades). It started off bad when he said that I didn't need any measurements (length, lie, etc.) because he's been doing it so long he could tell what I needed. I really wanted to hit some GI clubs and even try one length, didn't do either one. Bottom line is that I didn't get clubs there, fortunately they had a special on fitting so I didn't loose much.
  3. Appreciate the response!
  4. Does anyone know who the manufacturer is of the RCH shafts? I swung it recently in an "R" flex at a PGATSS and it just felt extremely stable even though I normally swing an "S" flex.
  5. Best ball that I've played that's not to hard or soft with good spin around the green and green grabbing iron hits plus good distance is the Wilson Professional.
  6. I play to a slight fade and even then it's not dependable. Recently purchased a Callaway B21 driver and it has really changed my way of playing. This is supposed to be a draw biased driver, but it plays very neutral to me. Bottom line is that if there is something that helps me without looking like a crutch, I'm all for it. Looking at this driver, you can't tell it's draw biased. My drives now are straight maybe with a very slight draw, which is a new experience for me. When you live in a rural area, your options are very limited.
  7. The only thing stranger was this:
  8. Helium Black Wood Shafts | UST Mamiya
  9. The current price of a new 0211 driver is $249. With that price comes with a Evelflow Riptide shaft. Never had/tried a PXG driver so I'm jumping in. Read some reviews on youtube...seems to be a sold deal.
  10. As usual, my typical luck or should I say no-luck. Oh well, maybe next year!
  11. With COVID and everything being closed as far as testing goes, I am relegated to just doing on course testing for now. It's kind of hard to get a sense of spin when you really don't have grass on the greens and flight is hard to gauge when the fairway is dormant and almost bare. Even with the temperatures in the mid 40's, and with the conditions I'm playing with, I am still very, very pleased with the shafts. Light and flexible enough for a kick, but still have some tip firmness to them to help with dispersion. They will be tested further in Florida in a few months and I will still report on my home course testing and weather permits.
  12. For those who haven seen the informercial:
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