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  1. I will try a sleeve when it come out, however, when I play a ball I look for a certain feel/spin/distance. I know that I can hit certain balls a lot further but they are hard feeling(to me) and really I just don't prefer that feel. Some are just way too soft and I don't play those except in the winter. The rest of the balls I just lump together and play them and weed some out if I don't like certain things about them. This isn't very scientific or brand supportive but for me at least it works. I play to a 13 hdcp. so I'm not that good of a golfer(compared to some on here), and yes I still manage to slice and hit squirrely shots so I don't think that ball type will magically help me there. I currently play Wilson Professional, QST, Tour Response, Tour Soft, and a couple of weird ones strictly because of feel/distance...AVX, TP5
  2. It was bigger than you Ribeye...wasn't it!!
  3. Love Hirzl gloves but they are so hard to find. That said, I'm really hard on gloves mainly because I don't take care of them, so I go with mainly the MG glove. It's cheap, well made, they last as long as the brand names and it's all cab. leather. I do have some Callaway, Titleist and FJ in the mix, but really none are that much better than the MG plus at six bucks and change, I can afford to to be a little rough with them.

    AVX vs PRO V1

    I'm not a single ball type of guy so I tend to move around quite a bit. I go from TP5, to PV1, BXS, Tour Soft, Tour Response. I recently tried an 2020 AVX and really liked the performance especially my short game. I'm not one who skilled enough to suck a ball back a few feet, but the AVX does a very good job of one hop and stop with very little run-off. Plus it's soft enough which is my preferred feel.
  5. Like to play urethane most of the time, but I tend to switch around...no reason why.
  6. Walt, McKenzie, TN TaylorMade MG 56* 56*. Still working on getting that part of my bag right...long work in progress
  7. I would love to be part of this test, however, I hate wearing things like watches, GPS, etc. when playing. Good Luck to all who enter!!
  8. I would love to test, but with my SS being in the low to mid 80's would probably not do the driver justice. Good luck to all.
  9. Walt- McKenzie, TN 13 PXG 0211 PTX Pro-Icon Combo
  10. When I was in Florida a few weeks ago, I got a box of the Tour B RX and like you said, it does have a lot of spin especially around the green. Srixon Z Star V is also a spinner. I also want to try out the Gen.3 version of the Q Star Tour. My preferred ball flight is high(doesn't always happen), but the feel to me is that the new Bridgestone spin better, but to me feel somewhat firmer than the last years BRX.
  11. Totally agree, which is why I said that I prefer the Professional. It gives me the spin I want around the green and still some solid distance.
  12. Well it sounds like you have the prefect all around set-up for your full club fitting. Congrats. I'll still continue to do mine as I have for most of the reasons I gave you plus the fact that I like what I do and for the most part, the results. As for your comment about being uneducated on a product or process, I went to a fitter to get fit by someone who knows more than I do about stuff. It would be counter productive for me to go to a fitter and when he gave me his recommendations for me to say "tell you what, I'll look up what you want to do to the shaft ands the process involved and I'll let you know". I don't think so. I also don't think I'm the only one that has had a bad recommendation or club fitting, but, I would hesitate to call those people uneducated on the product or process.
  13. You obviously are a BIG proponent of shaft fitting, and if it works for you great. Your probably in an area where you are blessed with fitters that are good and have done multiple fittings that you either observed or known people who were successful with getting fir with a custom shaft. You made failed to read that I'm about 2 hours away from a fitter meaning a big box store, or even CC. By the way I've done a fitting with CC a few years ago, and lets just say, I wasn't too impressed with their recommendation, fitting process, and final outcome. I'll give you a an example. When your there at CC and you hit somewhere between 200+ balls in the span of 2-3 hours, you really aren't putting your best swing on ball number 150 as you would on ball#3. I was fit into a Padderson shaft, which of course they recommended to be spined. If you look at Padderson's recommendations, you would see that they don't recommend spinning because there is no spine on their shaft because of the way it's constructed. So who do you believe? I listened to CC, and I was out $35 for the service. Did it make a difference, IDK! So anyway, re-shafting my driver with a custom shaft, grip, spining and separate freight charge because it had to be sent to Chicago to be spined, I was out almost $300. Lesson learned! If you are in a competitive setting when you play, by all mean get the last bit help you can IF you have access to a good fitter like you have. Again, I don't have that luxury, been through the fitting routine already and seen "MY" results, we have our money games that I play in, I'm happy with my way of getting fit for a shaft considering my rrestrictions, and life is good (so far).
  14. Unless you get fit every single time you buy a driver and have the ability to test every single offering that the OEM(or fitter has) has you probably won't get the "optimal"(?) shaft for that particular head. In my situation, the nearest fitter is about 2 hours away, so I usually go with the recommended shaft that Ping has after talking to one of their engineers. They have been very accommodating to requests like that. My SS is between 80-85, I like a high ball flight, I use several different balls but all are urethans covered and my best game in from 100 yard in. Ping has given me options and so far they've been very good. Now am I at my "optimal", I kind of doubt that, but realistically and monetarily, I think the standard Ping shafts work out well. Now that doesn't mean that Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, etc., are the same, but Ping drivers and my choices of their standard shafts have been good for me.
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