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  1. Amazing!!! I kind of live in a rural area, do my own adjustments/builds on my clubs and I usually rely on a lie board. This just might give me new meaning to consistency. Thanks for the vid!

    Unicorn Shafts?

    The Steadfast shaft is an interesting one. Makes a lot of claims like they use premium carbon fibers that cost 10x as much as their competitors use, I also haven't see any back-up of their claims, and they won't submit their shafts for OE testing, but still I'm intrigued. A golf shaft, tip and a grip for $99 Either this is a true revelation or may be as Barnum once said...............
  3. Just take things as they come. If you were hitt a 7i at 150 and now you are coming up short...simple take a 6i and make a smooth swing. Don't over kill it, and pretty soon you'll be back to normal. You were out of golf for 1 1/2 years, it won't come back in a month or so and it's also less frustrating.
  4. I'm surprised to see how little the jump in R&D is compared to cost of sales and SG&A!
  5. Walt McKenzie/TN./USA TM Ghost LN Ketsch Mallets have come a long way since I've tried them. Would love an opportunity to test the Ketsch and it's MOI!
  6. I just saw this topic!! Could I have a broke 80's badge and a veteran badge? Thanks!!
  7. Customer could make or break a product no matter how good the product is.


    Made onion burgers this past weekend. Simple to make and man are they good!! Use either a griddle or a large cast iron skillet. You also would need a mandolin to slice the onions paper thin. Roll out balls of 80/20 hamburger about 4-5 oz. each Use yellow/sweet onions, and have the mandolin set on the lowest setting and slice the onions. For 4 burgers I will use about 3/4 ions depending on size. Spread a little oil on the grill/skillet and put the balls of meat on and squash the meat into a burger shape. Make it thin. spread the onions on top and let the burger sizzle until its ready to flip Flip them over with the onions being on the bottom and the burger on top of the onions Put the buns on top of the burger and let it finish frying when it's done, take the bottom bun set it on a plate and flip the burger on the bun where the onions are on top add pickles and mustard cover with the other bun...grab a beer and enjoy!!
  9. That's another reason I like MGS is because they don't show favoritism(at least I haven't seen it) to guys in testing products. It's kind of obvious when you see it happen over and over again on other sites.


  11. WRX is OK, but since I don't drive it 300+ pretty much anything I have to say gets ignored. Sometime when you mention the clubs that you play on other sites, they act as though you're a leper. I don't post here that often, been around for a while but I enjoy the atmosphere at MGS.
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