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  1. Tried the new Tour BRX, and it was OK. What got me was that the looks of it are not the same as previous designs, the dimple in a dimple. It's no where near what it was in the B330 series, so I really can't call this a dimple in a dimple pattern. The ball performed OK, had some good spin on wedge shots, but overall a good ball. I just wish their marketing was a little better at describing the ball as it is.
  2. Walt McKenzie, TN 85 mph 14 HDCP.
  3. I don't care if it's profiles, frequencies or LARSX, it should be standardized, but I don't think that will ever happen.
  4. I get it, it's the marketing, like I said. With all of the different shafts out there, past, present and future with varying names to go along with them, somewhere along the line there has to be some identical shafts out there from different manufacturers. I total understand different materials that go into a shaft and different processes as well as resin, but it's still amazing.
  5. Why can't there be a universal flex rating by all manufacturers so that a A-L-M-S-XS be the same with all? I'm sure some of it has to do with marketing, but to the consumer it would be of benefit and to the manufacturer. I might like a TT but willing to try a Fuji if the specs were closely identical.
  6. Tried a set of the original PTx irons, really liked them, don't know why I got rid of them, just like shiny new things I guess.
  7. I forgot to add, when you have a fitter telling you how important to have your clubs spined, you agree, and then you find out that the club you're getting has no spine because of its construction, you kind of doubt their whole process and what they should have or not have done. Again, this is probably not representative of the whole CC, but it was my experience and that's the only thing I have to go by when someone say CC.
  8. I agree with you to a point. When you say "the vast majority of fitters especially the good ones", how do we as customers know that our fitter is good? @Golfspy_CG2 say that his fitter has 30 years of experience, which is fantastic that he has a relationship with a fitter that good, I didn't. You can take probably 10 fitters some good, some meh, and some that are tops and you'll probably get several different answers about being measured. I for one would like to know what my "specs" are when I got fitted. I read a quote from a master fitter who said"The shaft matching a golfer's swing I'd say is 80 percent of the fitting process, with length, loft, lie and grip making up the other 20 percent."
  9. I did not have a good experience but that could be the store I went too. First odd they didn't measure me for anything, looked at my swing or lie angle. I took about a half dozen swings and they started to get me into exotic shafts (which I really didn't want to get unto) mainly because of the cost. I wanted to try different heads but they also said that I wasn't a good candidate for some of the heads, why (??). This was supposed to be a 3 hour session, and it lasted about 1 1/2 hours and by the time I was finished my arms were dragging. I must have taken about 100 swings, I had a small break, but still I was dragging. I decided I wanted to keep the driver as is because I didn't see any results markedly better than what I had. On to irons. Playing CF16, we went through several shafts, and the one that THEY said was better was a Paderson Kinnetic shaft. To replace my whole set of irons shafts (8) with grips and installation was a little over $1200. They were charging me 100 per shaft. I went on the Golfwroks site and the same shaft costs $69.00. I decided to have a single iron replaced with the recommended shaft. Bottom line, for shaft, installation cost, grip, grip installation and spinning (highly recommended) was another $35, plus shipping because it had to be sent to Chicago for the repairs. I later learned that the Paderson shaft has no spine because of it's construction! The bill was over $200 + tax. Lesson learned. Oh the 5i with the shaft, it didn't work out, just a little too whippy for my swing. I was told I could bring it back and they would put me in another shaft, NO THANKS! I have heard good things about CC, obviously this store didn't meet those standards.
  10. Walt - Tennessee 15 Titleist 714 AP1 145
  11. A wedge that doesn't get too much press is the TM MG2 wedge. Just a fantastic wedge all around. I'm looking for a 58* and will probably look at the SM8.
  12. Congratulations to MGS!! I haven't posted THere is a while, but I fully agree with PMookie. All of those "free" clubs/trips come at a cost, or if you're part of the friends and family plan.
  13. Still play my 1998 SC SS LN. Just feels good when you aim, and putt with it.
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