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  1. again..late to the topic...but I have experience with all three...not in the same club but the same flex. As mentioned before...I tried steel fiber but they were too stiff in the irons..but played very well in my wedges in "R" flex. Had recoils in my CF16's and they were OK..had a decent flex and did absorb vibrations but I felt like I was not getting everything out of the irons with them Got PXG's with the MMT shaft and really they made the irons feel and perform as well as they did. From what I understand they have a metal mesh tip that gives the club more stability. don't know if it's true, but I really like them in the irons that I have. More on the wedges...I like the feel of graphite over steel for the added touch, but some graphite was too stiff or too flexible. Tried the steel fiber shafts and found the perfect balance between stiffness, flexibility and feel. have them is 3 wedges, 58*, 56*, 54*.
  2. Kind of late to the party on this but one of the main reasons that I don't post that much on topics is the navigation of the site. Seems like there is no direction laid out in the main topics that could filter down into smaller ones. The other is lack of testing. I was fortunate to be a tester once...but there needs to be a system where all get some kind of a shot at testing...even is it's golf balls!
  3. I use Johnson and Johnson Coach Tape. It sticks good even through summer sweat.
  4. I went to CC for a fitting and like many who have mentioned on here it all depends on who the fitter is. Unfortunately my fitter had only one goal in mind, upcharge. I'm a 13 hdcp. (most of the time) and he was putting me into clubs that I know I wouldn't hit consistently (blades). It started off bad when he said that I didn't need any measurements (length, lie, etc.) because he's been doing it so long he could tell what I needed. I really wanted to hit some GI clubs and even try one length, didn't do either one. Bottom line is that I didn't get clubs there, fortunately they had a special on fitting so I didn't loose much.
  5. Appreciate the response!
  6. Does anyone know who the manufacturer is of the RCH shafts? I swung it recently in an "R" flex at a PGATSS and it just felt extremely stable even though I normally swing an "S" flex.
  7. Best ball that I've played that's not to hard or soft with good spin around the green and green grabbing iron hits plus good distance is the Wilson Professional.
  8. I play to a slight fade and even then it's not dependable. Recently purchased a Callaway B21 driver and it has really changed my way of playing. This is supposed to be a draw biased driver, but it plays very neutral to me. Bottom line is that if there is something that helps me without looking like a crutch, I'm all for it. Looking at this driver, you can't tell it's draw biased. My drives now are straight maybe with a very slight draw, which is a new experience for me. When you live in a rural area, your options are very limited.
  9. Helium Black Wood Shafts | UST Mamiya
  10. The current price of a new 0211 driver is $249. With that price comes with a Evelflow Riptide shaft. Never had/tried a PXG driver so I'm jumping in. Read some reviews on youtube...seems to be a sold deal.
  11. As usual, my typical luck or should I say no-luck. Oh well, maybe next year!
  12. With COVID and everything being closed as far as testing goes, I am relegated to just doing on course testing for now. It's kind of hard to get a sense of spin when you really don't have grass on the greens and flight is hard to gauge when the fairway is dormant and almost bare. Even with the temperatures in the mid 40's, and with the conditions I'm playing with, I am still very, very pleased with the shafts. Light and flexible enough for a kick, but still have some tip firmness to them to help with dispersion. They will be tested further in Florida in a few months and I will still report on my home course testing and weather permits.
  13. For those who haven seen the informercial:
  14. I played another 18 today(weather was 58* but a little windy..got to play when you can). I won't belabor with a blow by blow just that everything I have said before about these shafts still hold true, especially the high launch. The fairways were almost worthless to hit off of(bare dormant ground) so hitting them from the rough is a plus and that's where I got the high launch from. These launch every bit and then some as compared to my MMT shafts. At 68.5 grams, to launch this high and be stable is an accomplishment. Even for slow swingers like myself, these shafts deliver the flex and kick while still maintaining the timing and accuracy of my shots. If anyone is looking to re-shaft irons and want a high stable launch, it would be a mistake not to look at the Zelos 6 shafts. I checked Golfworks and the Zelos prices are in line with Nippon's other NS Pro shafts.
  15. I'm going to turn this around a bit and not make it about stronger lofts, but is it HARDER to hit stronger lofted irons than the standard loft? I'm thinking that it is. If my loft for a 7i is 31* it's almost a club drop for a game improvement stronger lofted iron, and no matter how much I like the irons if my weakness is long irons then certainly a lot of the newer game improvements irons would not be a benefit. I do though understand the benefit and tech of game improvement irons but is the tech enough to overcome my long iron weakness?
  16. I wound up playing 27 holes within the past 2 days. One was a scramble and the other was just 9 holes. During the scramble, the majority of shots were 7i on down. I hit maybe one 6i and and 2 5i shots. I'm still amazed on how stable the long irons are. Ever though I play to an R flex, I was really swinging hard just to see if they would flex too much and caused me to slice, they didn't! With the short irons, it was just high and straight. Now I'm not a big worker of the ball so I don't know how they will be if your trying to fade or draw the ball. If you prize your shots to be straight and high launch, I would without a doubt recommend these shafts. These work great in the CF16 head, but I don't know if they will respond the same in another head, I guess a fitter would know a whole more. One other thing that I've noticed is that you can actually feel the head as you swing through the ball. I know that with graphite shafts it feels like your swinging a shaft and that's about it. With the Zelos 6, the shafts is light enough but you can still feel what's on the end of the stick and through the shot. The only thing that I can be critical of is whether or not how these shafts would be towards my elbow. I went to graphite from steel because of elbow issues but I haven't played these long enough to gauge any type of difference. Since I don't have access to a good launch monitor like a Foresight, I will continue to play these clubs on our dormant course with bare spots, and give you as much information as I can as to the performance of these shafts. I will also be letting my playing buddies use my clubs and I will pass on down their likes and dislikes. One last thing, if these are as good as they are now, I can imagine what they would feel like hitting off of actual grass. I'll find out in Florida in March!
  17. Played 9 again today...very crowded and had commitments so no 18 today but will get 18 in tomorrow. This is kind of like a rinse and repeat from my first testing. These shafts play solid almost to the point of me asking myself why did I go with steelfibers if these are so easy to hit? Just getting a nice high flight, no distance lost maybe even a slight gain, along with a good feel. It was very windy today so I didn't have my best swing or accuracy with them. I let my buddie hit a couple. He plays to a 20 hdcp. I thought that he would have issues hitting my irons(CF16) which were smaller than his Mavrik Max with graphite shafts. To my surprise he hit them dead square turned around and said hey, these feel just like my clubs! He said that other than the different looks of the club heads, he couldn't tell the different between the feel/flight between his clubs and mine. On to 18 tomorrow.
  18. I can't speak for ZMendle10, but as for me it was a one to one replacement. My steelfiber shafts that were taken out of my CF16's were SW at D1. The Zelos 6 irons were installed by Nippon without grips, I had a buddy install grips (GP MCC+4) he had no way of checking the SW so they are as they are.
  19. For me, I could tell during the transition that the shaft had some flex compared to my steelfibers, but in all honesty, swinging through the ball I really couldn't tell that much difference between the Zelos 6 and my steelfibers.
  20. That would be driver SS. I didn't mention this in my write up, but one of the guys I played with hit my 9i and he plays a R+ shaft in his irons and he said that he loved the feel of the shafts. Hit them a few times all dead straight and high. To be honest, I really don't know that much about shafts, the different profiles and such. I mean if you game me an X flex vs a R flex I would know, but I'm not that sensitive to all of the different changes and profiles because my game is not that consistent. I took out my steelfiber shafts and put the Zelos 6 in their place and I won't change them out after my first outing, that's how sure I am about these. Now will these shafts he better than the Zelos 8, I don't know, but what I do know is that the Zelos 6 shafts like to be hit firmly. One other thing, I hit a few thin shots the other day and never got any shaft vibrations...definitely felt it in the head but not the shaft.
  21. Well I couldn't wait any longer. Yes it was cold (44*) but the sun was shinning bright and the fairways were dormant and bare in a few spots, but I really didn't care. Played a quick 9 holes with my buddies, I told them I was testing out some new shafts and gave them a brief rundown on them. I came from steelfiber shafts 70i, and liked how they felt. My first few shots with the new shafts installed in place f my steelfiber, were not very good. I was a new feel and a very light feel, something I wasn't used too. I will say that towards the end of the round I was getting used to the feel and lightness of the shafts. I was slowing down my swing to match the shafts but in reality I didn't have too. So the final three holes, I swung like I had my steelfiber shafts in and these things didn't miss a beat. They are a high launching shaft but they are also very stable. My SS in in the low 80's, but I didn't have any slice issues with the shafts like you would with flexible graphite shafts. These shafts love to be swung hard and direct at the pin. I didn't loose any balls or hit any OB shots. We're going to get out Sunday for a full round, and then I'll be able to give more information. So far, they are a BIG surprise. They feel good, you don't have slow your swing down to get these to work, and they're accurate. We'll see what Sunday brings.
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