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  1. Ryan Fox (Euro tour guy who is a huge bomber) is playing the 785 right now, but most of Srixon's big tour names are not using their driver (I could have sworn Hideki was but he just had that gold shaft in that ugly beaten up Callaway Big Bertha). Seems odd to me, because their drivers do perform so well. They are having a bit of a Mizuno issue right now, because everybody loves their irons (their hybrids and utilities are good as well) but nobody seems to be touching their woods/drivers. And not as much hype around 5/785 as there is around the ST-190. I am still not sure if they qualify as an underdog. The way I see it, an underdog is somebody with an as good or better product that people don't know about and they should try. I see Srixon as a company with an equal (or perhaps even inferior product) that people know about, test and decide to go another way. Thoughts?
  2. I would assume the 639 and 699 irons are also in the testing? Players irons and players distance maybe? MGS listed the clubs they need to buy from the manufacturers that did not participate, but they don't list the clubs they got from the companies that do. It would be nice to see which set of irons/putters,etc. were sent in, since most OEM's don't send in the entire line.
  3. I kind of assumed this was a mistake, from the photos I have seen the offset does not seem that extreme. However, I do believe that you noted earlier in this thread that it is difficult to take a good photo of the offset in an iron. Thanks for looking into this. I am hoping to be able to demo the 699's this summer.
  4. As disappointed as anyone would be not to be selected, these gentlemen are some of the best our forum has to offer. Their reviews will be excellent and if you want to be a club tester in the future, follow these guys examples! Can't wait to read what you bring to the table fellas, good luck!
  5. For you guys that have demoed/played/seen these irons, what is the offset like? According to the spec numbers on their website (which don't provide units, so I have to assume are measured in milimetres), the offsets are the same or higher than my current set of Callaway Steelhead's, (which are a GI iron with strong offset). The 599 have the least offset but the 639 have even more offset than the Callaways. Has this affected the flight of the ball for anyone? I was kind of under the impression these are supposed to be more of a playerish type of iron, but with that amount of offset I am going to have a hard time keeping them out of the left rough (yes obviously I need to test them). Just wondering if a) these numbers/units are correct and b) if anybody else has noticed/has an issue with the extreme offset in these clubs. Thanks guys.
  6. This tool is a great way to get an idea of what you could/should be looking for, in advance of going to a fitting or a retail outlet and trying a few things yourself. I would be hesitant to buy anything based off of a manufacturers fitting system online, but not everybody has the same appetite for custom fitting. Find some common parameters among shafts and you will likely find one that you vibe with.
  7. This is a golf.com article (I know, more like "article") but Ryan Palmer (who was part of the leaderboard at the Honda) said this: "Equipment contracts are not worth the money." He was talking in the realm of a few hundred thousand dollars. I would imagine for a bigger name that number might approach a mil? Especially if they want to use you in advertising, etc. I don't know if guys on the fringes of the tour are worth the money for the OEM to invest in, so they are probably just happy with free clubs and tour van access. He's more of a true free agent than all the former Nike guys. Those guys are still getting their Nike money while playing whatever club they want,so there isn't as much of a financial incentive for them. https://www.golf.com/gear/2018/12/04/ryan-palmer-equipment-contracts-not-worth-it/
  8. But they're known for irons. Dozens of tour guys play their irons. Driver on the other hand...
  9. I think the biggest news is that it was from a guy without an equipment deal, meaning he wasn't being paid to put it into play, he looked at all the other options and chose the 190. If that's not the biggest win for Mizuno in a decade plus, not sure what is.
  10. I don't exactly think this driver is an underdog, maybe I'm missing the joke here. Srixon is a previous most wanted driver winner, and I'm fairly sure they've issued a "try it and your money back" guarantee with this driver. Doesn't spell underdog to me. The 585 in most wanted testing seemed like a bomber, low spin and lots of ball speed. Wasn't very accurate or forgiving, but it sure seemed like it had some long bomb potential. The 785 did not really show anything significant in my opinion.
  11. I was debating about whether or not to put a thread about him, I have recently checked him out as well and found him great. Lots of drills with specific purpose and he is great about interacting with people who leave comments looking for more help. I do love the way he breaks things down, an excellent teacher. I have found Chris Ryan's stuff to be pretty good as well. I used to be into Me and My Golf but I find they progress too quickly through things and they are more interested in promoting themselves and their products (which is fair, it's a business). I also really enjoy when Mark Crossfield does Q and A's on instagram.
  12. Great opportunity, love it when MGS kicks the year off big like this! 1. Kevin 2. 17 and I hover between 105-110 depending on the shaft weight and composition TBH 3. 2016 M1 460 4. I would love to check out the G410 plus. I need something to help me hit fairways and to reign in my hookerness. EDIT- I can't delete this post, but a few issues have cropped up into my personal and family life and I will no longer make a good tester for this driver. Please do not select me. Thanks very much!
  13. They are really getting that raw look quickly, which is definitely nice if you like that sort of thing. The grooves and milling seem to be holding up as well. Looking good!
  14. Since MGS tests only with stock shafts, Sub70 not having the same access to stock shafts may have hurt them in this test. They also won't have the library of no-charge exotic shafts that many of the big OEM's have access to. Maybe that hurts them, I don't know. But I agree. I am very interested to see where the irons fall.
  15. I got into a fight yesterday on my local golf forum (toronto) about somebody who said MGS is "lazy" with their test results. I might have exploded a tiny little bit... Things were said, notes were taken, 24 hour bans were put in place...
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