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  1. There are lots of phenomenal courses out that way in the Western Alberta/Eastern BC region. It's a dream trip of mine, and you guys might need a Canadian interpreter and spirit guide...
  2. I legitimately thought this post was a joke. Along with left handed divot tools and golf balls. Or, you could shop here...
  3. I follow Mike on instagram and twitter and while his training and methods intrigue me, being a high school HPE teacher I don't necessarily need the program on the app. Now that high school football season is over it's time for me to get back at it a little bit more and try to get myself back down into a more appropriate playing shape while maintaining speed. The best golf I played was two summers ago and it's no coincidence I was at the strongest I've been in a while. Going to try and get back there this summer. I love that he advocates for strength work over flexibility work. It boils down to this, who do you think is going to hit a golf ball farther, a sprinter or a gymnast? Or a marathon runner? Look at the long drive dudes, they have tons of torque and flexibility and they are still super strong. There are so many misconceptions about flexibility out there it's crazy. Often times these exercises (when done properly) will help increase your joint flexibility and a bit of light stretching after your working can do a lot for it too. To dedicate dozens of hours to yoga or pilates is unnecessary IMO.
  4. That's great advice. Scotland also interests me, my wife's family is from Saltcoats, which is about a 40 minute drive north from Ayr, so that would be cool to visit at the same time. With Troon and Prestwick around there it would be worth the trip too.
  5. This is a great looking driver. It's definitely a club I'm looking at upgrading and will obviously be a must-try. If 2019 was the year of the driver then 2020 looks like it will have some stiff competition. However, since many OEM's are on 18 or 24 month cycles for clubs, there will likely be less competition. I think that will help Cobra as people may be more likely to test it if there are less other options.
  6. Watching the latest "Tourist Sauce" season from the No Laying Up crew made me think of this thread. For all the hype Scotland gets as a golf destination the Irish golf looks positively breathtaking. I think they've been very fair in comparing the two. You can tell the difference in the weather though, the Scottish courses all looked burned out and the Irish ones are very green and lush. I highly recommend watching if anybody is planning on taking a trip. They talk about having a driver too and not only is the scenery beautiful to look at, but many of the roads are one-way, narrow or difficult to navigate. Having a driver means you don't have to worry about that, which seems appealing to me. Lots of great shots of the nightlife in the little towns they are visiting as well, and lots of Guinness.
  7. I think price is a huge consideration in this discussion. Shotscope is much more affordable than Arccos, shotscope is $160 US versus $250 for arccos and another $80 for the link device if you can get it. I would love to get a shot measuring system and these are the two best, but the dollar bottom line is a big part of the review I think. Based on these reviews it certainly doesn't seem to me the arccos is worth double what the shotscope is. Especially considering you could buy another wedge (or play more golf) with the savings.
  8. Thanks all! Certainly was not expecting that. And to share my bday with a forum legend like the rev is great!
  9. Shoutout to my league mates for these recommendations. I'll be sure to include a full forum review sometime soon!!! Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. Did you stay at the lodge? When I was in 6th grade, I accompanied my grandparents on a trip to Cape Breton Island, which included a night's stay at Keltic Lodge (and playing/walking a round at Highland Links with my grandpa). The food was delicious, and the experience was one I will never forget, thanks for bringing it up again. I don't remember a lot about the course, but it was fun and a great walk. Glad you enjoyed it, a definite addition to a Cabot trip (even though it's on the other side of the island).
  11. The guys from TXG did a course vlog on the course that is hosting the open a few months ago. The link is included below. I've never played it or been there, but heard nice things. The first round was televised on Thursday in Canada but today's was not. Too bad, everybody obviously pulls for Brooke Henderson up here and she never disappoints. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=793v4He_ilM
  12. You should consider adding a review to the forum members review section, I am sure lots of people would be interested in hearing about this. I certainly was, thanks!
  13. I think slow play on tour versus slow play on local courses is two different issues. Tour players play slow, local players often play poorly, and don't consider others around them. Slow play is really a big problem for the networks. It means more dead time and less golf shots. So, once somebody has one violation in a day, give them a warning. On their 2nd, don't show them on TV the rest of the day. No matter what, no more TV time. These guys need TV time to show their sponsors why they are worth paying. If Bryson and JB Holmes are constantly getting banned, who is going to sponsor them? Hit them in the wallet where it hurts. At local courses, we should be only letting people score double par on holes. More than that is just painful. A few of our local courses post clocks based on your start time all around the course, encouraging people to keep up. But lots of local golfers just have egos. They either don't think they're slow, don't care or take it as an affront to their manhood someone else is faster and wants to pass them. I think slow golf on local courses is far more important to most peoples enjoyment of the game, and what the pros do, sure it sets a precedent, but I don't know any amateur golfers who are slow because they think too much about their shots.
  14. What were your results? I tested the MTB-X for the forum and was a chrome soft-x player before that. I loved the MTB-X and was a huge fan. I found it superior or equal to to tour levels from many other companies, which is saying something. I hope it worked for you as well!
  15. I've loved to have your insight to be honest. Cool to have a forum member checking in with us as we go through our reviews. The more the merrier I think!
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