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  1. I am a huge No Laying Up fan and this interview is exactly why. They are willing to question things maybe other golf media won't question and will use social media to get their point across. Sometimes it does seem like pilling on, but I did like how Soly in this interview was very clear to say, "we have been ripping CBS for their coverage but have started to realize it comes more from the PGA tour then from the individual networks." They aren't afraid to be wrong either. Kostis' information about having to pay the bills, having to mention FedEx, and Korn Ferry and promos for other events all cuts into golf. The commercials have gone up to help CBS turn a profit when the rights fees go up. And he is certain nobody at the PGA tour cares about the quality of the broadcast or the viewer experience. Then he references Steve Jobs being dismissed at Apple as them losing sight of what makes them great. They are excellent points. When you alienate your viewership (that you are paying millions of dollars to have the right to broadcast to) you are putting short-term financial gain over long-term healthy sustainability and success. And I think as much as people are scoffing at the potential of the Premier Golf League right now, if they were able to offer a Masters quality viewing experience (with online shots being available) as well as their usual excellent production values and commentary, they have the potential to really hurt the PGA tour and the networks. They should be working together to make their broadcasts absolutely top-notch to stay ahead of the PGL, or they are in danger of getting passed. The tour does a terrible job with their online presence and broadcasts because profit is king, and that has the potential to really hurt going forward. And as much as people are tired of hearing about the Reed stuff, the fact that nobody on the PGA tour will talk about it or discipline him is the real problem. The guy is rampantly cheating and nothing is done because the PGA tour is member-run and they don't want the bad press. Ridiculous. We should hear about it every single day until something is done.
  2. Here's a link to a guy I follow on twitter who has a "bucket list" map for Canadian courses. You will find a few in the area: https://36aday.net/bucket-list-of-canadian-courses/ Of course, out there, the area is relative. Jasper is a natural connection considering they're both Fairmont, but it's a bit of a hike to get there. Kananaskis is close and Greywolf in Invermere, BC is also one to look at. The next portion depends on how much driving you want to do into BC. You could go south from there to Cranbrook or push farther west into Kelowna area. I would recommend Kelowna. I plan on putting together a similar trip to this when I have the time. If it were me, I would fly into Calgary, do Banff, Jasper, Kanaskis and Stewart Creek. Then into Invermere for Greywolf. The problem from there is the mountain. Fastest way to go is North through Revelstoke (some beautiful countryside) you could even venture out of your way to pass through Lake Louise. The route from there is Salmon Arm (for the course with the same name), then west to through Kamloops to play Tobiano. Then you can either keep going west into Whistler to play there and then down to Vancouver and out. To do the Vancouver route more courses are private and you will need to arrange availability ahead of time. But Whistler area has three very nice public courses.The other way would be to backtrack to Vernon for Predator Ridge, then south to Kelowna and try to catch a flight out of there. Either option is good. Depends if you want more mountain golf or something different. You're looking probably at about a week or more for all the travel because of how spread out things are and the roads are not exactly 8 lane highways. Wait, this sounds awesome. When are we going?
  3. I have no issue if they choose to change the ball for professional golf. I know bifurcation is a hated word among many golfers, but I don't care what the tour guys are playing. Let them play the special tour balls that go shorter, and who cares. Reducing the flight of every golf ball is ridiculous. I think that would honestly lead to more manufacturers creating "non-conforming" golf balls, especially at independent DTC manufacturers who have no skin in the game with the tour. I would be happy to play something non-conforming if that was the case, I am never going to turn pro. The biggest problem with this solution is how long would it take to implement? It wouldn't happen a week after it was announced. It would take months/years of R&D to make sure everything else is the same and you were getting the effect you wanted. You can't test with tour players during events, it would have to be lab and range testing. What's the timeline? 2-3 years for a solution? Growing the grass is an easier solution that can be applied in the meantime to see what the effect is. Then maybe you don't need the rolled back ball at all. Or you still use it or whatever. But then you have options. Putting all your option in one bag seems to be very poor planning.
  4. Did you see them? I didn't. The coverage today was abysmal, and that's saying something. Beautiful course like that and you can't just let it be the star.
  5. Was a great day today at Riviera. God I love this course. If I had a "last meal" course, I think this would be it. Always in great shape, so many interesting and strategic holes, lots of cool history. This is absolutely a bucket list tournament to attend for me. Love to see Adam Scott win. Surprised he has putted as well as he has considering the difficult nature of these greens.
  6. I did not say it wasn't possible, I said you need to consider why that happened. It's misleading to misquote someone.
  7. Thanks for posting. I think it's a great discussion and reminder for everybody as new drivers get out and people get excited. Compare your current gamer, and then relax and think common sense. If you're seeing 10+ yards of improvement without an obvious culprit (maybe you had an older driver, or the shaft was a bad fit etc) then you need to pump the brakes and think. With the USGA limits on clubs there is just not enough meaningful technology improvement year over year, or even over five years, to justify that kind of increase. Give it the ole sniff test and remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  8. You guys are right, I will definitely be sticking through with the league. Just discouraged when I'm losing 5-6 games a week against teams with 2 or 3 top 20 players and I don't have anyone inside the top 50. I mean sure, its my fault and I'm not expecting sympathy, but being locked away from the most exciting players definitely reduces your enjoyment of the league.
  9. Great inspiration for all of us. Inside the next 5 years I'd love to put something like this into my garage. I sold my wife on the idea because it would save me from the local indoor golf league every year! You mentioned an extra step with subflooring if you have concrete. Wondering what/why that would be? Is it due to not being level?
  10. I have to be honest, being 20 minutes late for the draft of this league (I will remind my son of this for the next 20 years) has really caused me to already lose interest in this league. Some people have very strong teams and I don't really have anybody due to the auto-draft format. Just sucks. When I have done fantasy golf in the past it's been more of a daily/weekly fantasy where you pick a new stable of golfers every week (with limitations on how many times you can pick players etc). I prefer that format because you get to use different players instead of being "stuck" with the same ones. Oh well. My fault. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do in setting this league up, I know it's not easy.
  11. Thanks for the news guys, I will definitely be waiting to check this out. I am hoping the price didn't raise too much because that was one of shotscope's best qualities.
  12. It's really interesting because back in 2017 he played the...M1, not the M2. So somewhere along the line he picked up the M2, liked it and keeps rocking it. I am not sure what his contract status is, but that's an anomaly for sure. The 4 iron is also interesting, I would imagine he likes the 4iron head for the spin, as UDI's tend to be very low spinning. He's also the second to win Pebble after going wire-to-wire, Phil did it in 2005. But he's the first Canadian to win it, so that's even better!
  13. I've done tricity in the past and probably will again this year. Savannah is a great track, I think it's really underrated.
  14. Great bag! I recognize the username from the Toronto golf nuts forum and we're in the same city (what a small MGS world it is). Where do you play most of your rounds?
  15. It's hilarious this thread has been recently bumped as I just bought one of these yesterday. With some christmas gift certificates and a 20% off sale, I was able to get one for almost half price, which makes an already great deal a better one. I had been shopping for a new stand bag for a while and I was weighing against the Ping Hoofer, and I couldn't see any appreciable advantage from the Ping. The EXO is a solid bag and I'm excited to get out there on the course again (in so many months). To answer your question, they did not have the all-black version, they only had the red version which is the one I liked the best anyway.
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