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  1. In addition to that, I know MGS and Tony in the past have expressed their appreciation of Titleist hybrids. Not a distance hybrid, they have more spin and are more of a scoring club. You might be able to search the website's archives to find the write-up when they came up for some more info.
  2. Yeah the guy I went with sent me up over zoom and we had an hour together hitting balls in the backyard. Super chill, lots of fun and very helpful. Some guys will just analyze a video you take, I preferred this method. He also wanted me to film my swing and send them ahead of time, so he was prepared with some thoughts ahead of time. Scott Cowx is his name and he was the PGA Canada teacher of the year last year. Would recommend.
  3. One thing I would recommend that a lot of instructors are doing right now (I've had success with this) is an online lesson. If you're not sure about any good teachers close to you, or have trouble getting the time to do in-person lessons, you can do a lesson from the privacy of your own house/yard. It worked well for me, so you could try that as an easier option. I would also recommend following instructors like Mike Bender and Travis Fulton on instagram. Travis has helped me and has great video courses to check out. Good luck!
  4. It's a shame she has potentially played her last competitive round. If you would have told somebody 10 years ago she was going to have the career she's had, they wouldn't have believed you. I wonder if she's going to become a cautionary tale to all these parents who have their kids "specialize" in golf at a young age, and play what probably amounts to too much. Lots of wrist and ankle injuries that could potentially be related. Lots of studies show that multi-sport athletes have less injury concerns then those who specialize. I know parents want their kids to get scholarships and become pro athletes, but there are definitely side effects.
  5. @edingc I love it. Sick intro! And the #TeamCalvesLikePhil is perfect for me. I got all kinds of power in these bovine beauties and I love showing them off. Dig it brother, great job, great setup, can't wait to see how things go!
  6. I love how there are 60 pages in this thread and we don't even have a first post from the testers yet. This is going to be an absolutely outrageous challenge.
  7. And IMO, this is what people who are hating Bryson are forgetting. Lots of people can bring it like that or swing even harder. Hell, we've all seen the long-drive guys. But they can't drives inside of a football field, and Bryson is hitting what, 65% fairways on the PGA tour with that speed? Swinging really hard and being accurate takes a tremendous amount of skill, whether people like it or not. Everyone seems to think that all of a sudden everybody will just start swinging hard and driving it like Bryson. I don't know how many golfers have the skill for that.
  8. Right? Jealous non-tester trying to keep track! Looking forward to some great content this summer fellas.
  9. I have the evenflow black in a G400 LST I bought over the winter. Had no idea what it would look like when I went to the course. The driver is a very hot and cold part of my game, and mostly, it was cold. Trouble with hooking the ball and poor contact with my old driver. This combo has been a god send. I have been bashing the ball and the left miss is almost completely out of play. My carry distance has gone up and my dispersion is tightening up as well. That head is no joke, but this combo has been awesome for me.
  10. How you would you even know Bryson had a burner account on here? Unless..... As others have said, one length is intriguing. If I were to test it out I'd be more interested in a partial one length bag. Maybe a one length hybrid and the OL 5-7 iron, with my other clubs maintaining their regular length. I hit everything 7 and below very well, so I would not be super interested in changing that. And going OL around the green could cause lots of issues.
  11. Put on as much weight as possible? This is supposed to be hard?
  12. I'm excited to see your guys reviews/impressions of this. Been wanting to pull the trigger on shotscope for a while.
  13. The team I was on just took things way too seriously. Wanted to enter all these weekend tournaments to try and win prize money. Arguing about calls. Wanting to practice, team batting practice, etc. I just couldn't do it with a straight face. Then I tried playing co-ed. Without being a jerk, that was WAY worse.
  14. I played a lot of competitive baseball through my teenage years, and there are lots of similarities between the swings (namely rotational power and strength). Activities like throwing have similar benefits. That being said, I stopped playing slo-pitch a few years ago and my golf game took off. I got tired of playing slo-pitch mostly because it was being taken WAY too seriously and I just couldn't care that much. When I was playing softball the rotation aspect of the swing is the same, but as others have mentioned, my release became awful. Because you don't release a club the way you release a bat, I found I was leaving the clubface open and hitting those nasty pushes many mentioned (or slamming the face closed and hitting some AMAZING hooks). Glad it's working for some, but it did not work for me.
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