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  1. He was T2 at the Masters this year and T6 at the Open in 2017. So, well
  2. How did you get on the old course twice? Did you get lucky with the lottery twice or did you work with a golf travel company that guaranteed it? I'd love to take a Scotland trip someday, and I would definitely pay extra to guarantee an old course round.
  3. Awesome chart thin, thanks for all your hard work. I currently have a plethora of chrome soft x and tour b rx balls in my basement. Looks like I'm going to have an excuse for poor rounds of golf this year!!!! Shoutout to @yungkoryfor his awesome spreadsheet as well!
  4. It is so nice to be discussing this test with fellow-MGSers. My local golf forum has people upset about the test because either a) that's my experience so the test must be wrong b) there's too much information or c) how can they discount FEEL? It's the MOST IMPORTANT THING IMO. Just wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate you
  5. I have been reading a lot about Bandon lately, and it is definitely my #1 bucket list destination. I feel like I have to work up to it, and with a young family it's definitely something 5-10 years down the road (45th bday present maybe?) but I am going to play there before I'm through, it just looks like an amazing experience full of golf nerds like me. I also really want to get to Cabot Cliffs in Nova Scotia, might do that one first since it's much closer to me. Thanks for the thread, the inspiration and I am going to start planning my trip right now, in 10 years I MIGHT be as prepared as I would like to be! A question for anybody who flies, how hard is it to get back and forth from the airport? Flights are going to be expensive but is renting a car/suv at that point best or just getting a ride in from the airport? Also might experiment flying into different places to see if the rates change, I know it's a hike from Portland but it might save $$$$
  6. I was not intending to make it seem as I thought Snell had any influence over MGS, just that many will perceive it that way. Similar arguments have been made about Tour Edge, Tommy Armour and EvnRoll as MGS takes advertising dollars from them. Maxfli balls seem like a great option. They don't seem to be available in Canada though, so get as many on sale boxes as you can, but I'm not going to be able to take part. The treatment golfers in Canada get (despite having one of the highest golfers per capita in the WORLD) is criminal as we miss out on lots of companies selling up here and the prices are terrible.
  7. Just getting to catch up from where I left off before the weekend. What an awesome test and response from the MGS community. I love having all this data to read over and check out. I am disappointed the Chrome Soft X finished so low. I have had some success with it, and do enjoy the soft feel, but I may need to look at other options. The lack of distance and spin in most areas is a concern. I have always liked the Srixon's and I have a combination of them and some Bridgestone's right now that I will have to hit into the woods to see if I figure out a new ball to play. I definitely like the way the Bridgestone Bx performed as well. But I'm a guy who likes to save a bit of money. I buy last years golfballs on sale (or when there are sales) I don't like to pay full price for them, so maybe the oncore or snell are more up my alley. Even at their biggest discount numbers, they are still $40/dozen Canadian, while the Srixon is $50 and in stores, not a ton of savings there (and before any shipping costs). Haven't had a chance to view the comments yet but as I am staring at a Snell Golf ad banner, I wonder how many are going to accuse MGS of selling out?
  8. I don't necessarily think I will go out and buy the Most Wanted ball. We know from all the other tests that the winner isn't the best ball for all, just for most. MGS will always encourage you to test and get fit rather then follow their advice blindly. I'm really more interested in who does poorly then who does well (maybe it means I'm an *******). If I'm not playing the "best" ball but I like it, I'm good with that. If I'm playing a ball proven to be poor, well that would push me more.
  9. Congrats to the testers. You guys better kill it, there was tons of interest in this one so you've got a lot to live up to! Can't wait to read.
  10. I also imagine any ball going to tour players is not treated the same as ones headed for packaging. I would imagine they are testing them and only sending the best of the best to their pros. Unless they have really tight QC tolerances, but I can't imagine Phil Mickelson getting a lemon and me getting the best single chrome soft ball ever produced. Whether or not that's ethical or even whether we should be okay with that is another matter.
  11. Congrats on the new arrival. Hopefully you have an understanding wife, I know firsthand doing club reviews and having tiny humans at your house is not the easiest thing in the world. And good luck to everyone, can't wait to start reading more into this, very excited about Cobra's 2019 lineup.
  12. Obviously we lynch Harry if it's not up... so at least we get some fun on Thursday either way!
  13. Guys this is a great thread and I love the updates you are all putting out. Keep up the excellent work everyone, I'm now anxiously looking up when the next Ping fitting date is close to me!
  14. Kevin from Ontario, Canada Currently rolling with a Seemore Si 2, Centre shafted. Putting problem is extremely inconsistency. Good round is followed by two poor ones. Sometimes I have no idea if it's going or not, but I think I can do better. Hoping the stroke lab could help me with that.
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