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  1. I took a lot away from the first episode and can't wait for the next. The Wes Anderson influence is obvious and likely something DJ is doing intentionally. I found myself pricing flights to Stockholm. I was screaming "Antonio Alfonseca" at the TV much to my wifes amusement. Olle Widegren must have experienced some kind of culture shock going from Stockholm to Conway, SC!!!
  2. The NLU boys are getting ridiculously good at this. Absolutely top notch. Lots of Wes Anderson vibes this season apparently.
  3. My wife and daughters gave me the Precision Pro NX7 Pro Slope for my birthday in September. I've used it now for approximately 20 rounds and couldn't be happier. For $200, you'll not find anything better. It doesn't have a magnet to hang on the cart, which wasn't important to me. It may be to some so they have other models with magnets. I walk and it hangs on the side of my Clicgear 3.5. https://www.precisionprogolf.com/product/nx7-pro-slope/
  4. Multiple reputable sources reporting the OWGR will deny World Ranking points for MENA events, thus allowing LIV to file a lawsuit against OWGR. Which seems to be the point of using MENA as a proxy to fight a war against OWGR.
  5. My daughters are both in high school. One senior, one freshman. My oldest is a Governor's School student. It's a regional Magnet School for kids that have surpassed what their local high school can provide. Virginia has 12 such schools scattered across the state. She is hoping to attend Brown University next fall, if she gets in. She is shy, reserved and buries herself in books as often as possible. My youngest is way more outgoing. Her happy place is on stage. She is involved in a regional theater program and attends theater camps across the Mid-Atlantic region several times every year. They grow up very quickly. Enjoy it now because you will wake up tomorrow, and they will be driving a car. You often hear of the "terrible two's" but I would trade watching my daughter pull out of the driveway in her car for changing diapers and temper tantrums all day, everyday! It seems as if we woke up a few days after bringing them home from the hospital and they were strong, intelligent, independent young women. That strength, intelligence, and independence elicits equal parts pride and terror in me as a father.
  6. The president of my company basically told me the same thing. He felt like I was the only one that wouldn't wrap a 9-iron around the guys throat and chock him to death. The idiot wasn't going to own up to putting a golf ball through a kitchen window either. Which I still can't believe happened. I don't understand how he got the ball that far left without hitting himself with the ball. I drove the president of the company over to the house and we are paying for the damages.
  7. Gonna resurrect an old thread. Didn't feel the need to start a new one. My company hosts a "client appreciation golf day" every September. It was this past Friday. Beautiful day and a very nice exclusive, private country club I would otherwise never get to play. So, why was I ready to quit the game forever after a half an hour? That would be because my cart partner had to be the most obnoxious human being on the planet. Before we teed off, he bragged about playing every afternoon with the University of Tennessee golf team. Apparently, they constantly ask him if he has any college eligibility left so he can come play with them full time. I knew then, it would be a long day! On #15 (our 1st hole of the day) he hit his tee shot 80 yards left of the cart path, which was positioned 40 yards left of the fairway, deep, deep into the fescue. He then proclaims to have found his ball on the left side of the fairway saying "it must have gotten a good kick." He magically found his golf ball all day long in the most ideal, pristine, perfect locations after hitting the worst shots imaginable. On #18, which plays parallel to #17 in the opposite direction, he picked up the group playing #17's ball while it was still rolling and put it in his pocket (not even joking). I told them where they could find their golf ball. Then he wanted to play his tee shot, which was on a severe upslope below the 1st tee box, where your feet would be 2 feet above the golf ball. The shot played over a massive bunker surrounding the left side of the 18th green, with a very narrow green sloping pretty hard away. My tee ball was on the right side of the fairway, 94 yards from the pin, looking right up to the green between the two bunkers. The green is very deep but very narrow so, my shot was ideal. He insisted we play his. Three balls in the bunker, mine landed pin high and rolled 25 feet off the edge of the green into a drainage swale. We made bogey!!! On #2, a 145 yard par 3, his tee shot went 100 yards left of the green and into the kitchen of a house!!! Again, not even joking! I walked and carried my bag the rest of the day to get out of the cart with him. I couldn't get out of there fast enough!!! Didn't even wait around to eat a free meal.
  8. My favorite golf course I've ever played is Palmetto Club in Aikin, SC. Simple yet elegant. The clubhouse is a relic of a bygone era but it's phenomenal exactly the way it is. With that said, I have played some highly ranked golf courses over the past 36 years and never once considered the clubhouse as a reason for liking or disliking a particular club. Fluff and filler are not my thing. Give me golf. You can keep the rest of it! My favorite courses tend to be those that don't feel forced onto the surrounding landscape. They fit naturally with what nature already provides. My irrational dislike is a lengthy distance from green to tee. It's often the result of lazy design and unimaginative layout skills.
  9. Not all big name players are willing to leave. Phil is at the end of his career anyway and really hasn't been missed if we're being honest. DJ and Cam Smith are by far and away the biggest loss for the PGA Tour. I would be far more inclined to follow Will Zalatoris, Collin Morikawa, Scottie Scheffler, Justin Thomas or Matt Fitzpatrick than anyone currently playing LIV with the noted exception of Cam Smith. LIV fields still aren't overly loaded. They are better than they were in June but still pail in comparison to what we saw from the Playoffs. That Zalatoris win a few weeks ago was as exciting as anything golf has seen in years. Those guys are the future. Build around that and the Tour will be just fine.
  10. Nobody outside of diehard golf lunatics (like me) knew who Scottie Scheffler was three years ago. Now, he's the #1 ranked player in the world. I'm old enough to remember when you could replace Scheffler with Rory McIlroy in that analogy. The big names weren't always big names. The Tour hasn't done a good enough job promoting the feeder tours like KFT. Just my opinion but they could get rid of the Senior Tour and put KFT on TV more often. Especially now that the PGA Tour will have an actual offseason.
  11. Another key point I don't see mentioned enough (in my opinion) that came out during the hearing earlier this month, the revelation by the LIV attorney's that up-front monies paid out to the players through these contracts are recouped by the Saudi's by taking player winnings after tournaments. So the players aren't actually winning prize money for these events. The prize money is considered an "advance" through the contracts. LIV has since denied this suggesting the attorney "misspoke" at trial but I tend to believe what was said under oath more than what Greg Norman says during an interview.
  12. Thanks. It's been a grind to say the least but I appear to be on the other side of things.
  13. It's difficult to keep following everything Eamon Lynch puts out because of the negativity (something I am trying to keep out of my life as much as possible post cancer) but in a recent piece by him, he points out that the court proceedings from earlier this month that LIV lost, GSE is mentioned dozens of times in the court documents.
  14. Personally, I believe a key piece of this whole fiasco is being grossly underreported and nobody seems to be paying attention to it or asking questions associated with it. GSE Worldwide manages/represents nearly all of the players that have defected to LIV. That cannot be a coincidence!!!
  15. I have Glide 3.0 wedges in 50*, 54* and 58* lofts. The 50* and 54* have my fitted iron shaft, PX 6.0. The 58* has the stock Nippon ZZ 115. It performs pretty well chipping around the green and out of the sand. It doesn’t perform well for me on full shots, not that I have many full shots with a 58* wedge. I tend to be a bit aggressive so the ball ends up short and significantly left. I prefer to open my stance, open the face and hit the 54*. It’s far more consistent for me. I’ll replace the 58* with a new on with PX 6.0 soon. I think the Nippon is slightly to soft for me.
  16. My first set of irons were Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scotts my mom bought for $35 at Goodwill when I was 11. That was followed by years of Ping irons. 1990 - Eye2 Dot 1996 - ISI 2000 - i3 OSize 2005 - i5 2009 - TM R9 TP 2010 - S58 2013 - S55 2021 - i210 Those ISI dam near hit themselves. As good an iron as I have ever played. I liked the TM R9 TP's for a short period of time. It took moving away from Ping to realize, Ping irons were what golf looked and felt like for me. It's doubtful I will ever move away from Ping irons again. I just saw Tyrrell Hatton playing new i230's this week. The i210's have been brilliant thus far. Excited to hit the i230's when the shop gets some demo's in.
  17. I literally grew up in the Jefferson National Forest (Google Maps search "Iron Mountain Horse Camp Virginia"). We had a bit of everything considering the remote nature of things and the fact that it was about 80% undisturbed wilderness. We were seeing mountain lions, black bear, cottonmouth, and a whole host of things the state of Virginia still classifies as not being found in Virginia all these years later. I haven't lived there since 1992!!!
  18. I live just across the Virginia state line from Mount Airy. Maybe 20 minutes from downtown. Grew up here, left at 17, married a local girl and moved back at 34. I'd live in Mount Airy if I had a choice in the matter. My wife is currently 9 years shy of Virginia State Retirement Plan kicking in so, it's not quite an option just yet. But will be in a few years. Some top quality golf in this area as well. My home club has reciprocal privileges with Pilot Knob Country Club in Pilot Mountain. Play there quite often during the winter months. It's always 15 degrees warmer down the mountain than it is up here. Mount Airy is only 20 minutes away but it's down nearly 3,000 feet in elevation, which is why commuting is out of the question. Fancy Gap Mountain is no joke!!!
  19. One more for the archives. This was taken in the parking lot of Cross Creek Country Club in Mount Airy, North Carolina in 2018.
  20. They weigh between 150 and 200 pounds fully grown. Can we all agree to keep this a secret? Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources still claim the Eastern Cougar (Mountain Lion) has been extinct since the 1920's. North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Kentucky all disagree. So do the farmers in southwest Virginia that have game-camera footage. These two relaxing in the trees were less than 50 miles south of the Virginia state line. Hard to imagine them being so prevalent that close to Virginia, within the same mountain range, and not be in Virginia. Virginia Tech has even proven the existence (with photos) of Mountain Lions as far north as Gravel Springs Gap 50 miles west of Washington DC. Again, same mountain range. My state can be completely ridiculous sometimes.
  21. This picture was taken in late fall 2019 in a place called Sugar Mountain about 15 minutes northwest of Linville Golf Club. Yes, those are mountain lions!!!
  22. Rex Hoggard reporting developments from the player/commissioner meeting this morning. 3-event team series in Fall (Europe, Asia, Middle East), with top 50 from FedEx led by captains chosen from PIP. Other players from Playoffs go into Fall Series for card. No more reach-around...sorry, wraparound schedule beginning in 2023.
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