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  1. Very good price for those balls. Wish I found the Tour B X for $25
  2. I believe the original poster was talking about the new Big Tour 3 wood from Cobra. And from my experience it is amazing and the first thing to perform better than my old CBX.
  3. I have been mostly a x100 player for the majority of my adult life. My last two sets of irons I have been fit into the Modus 120X. Feel was night and day between the two and the main reason for the switch. Launch came up so slightly with the Modus, while cutting down spin by about 300-500 rpm depending on the iron, this lead to about 3-5 yards longer through the irons.
  4. I am with you on this. I think if they priced them at $199.99 they still would be looked at as premium but enough of a price differentiation for people to sway towards them
  5. This is always one of my favorite tests to see. Shafts do play a large role in the performance of a driver, but more so how the shaft meshes with the head.
  6. With the Matte Green on for 17.98 yesterday I thought about giving 3 dozen a try... But with just buying a bunch of last year's Bridgestone Tour BX I couldn't justify it
  7. Wet and rainy in the Northwest... Need spring to come a little faster
  8. Max Homa is my idol when it comes to his twitter! And Riviera is one of my wish list courses for a reason. So traditional and such history
  9. I agree with this 100%. My ss is right with the original poster and your miss is my exact, low heel. The Sub Zero is what offered me the best on my most common miss and best strikes. I dont tend to hit high toe so low spin was not a concern.
  10. I wish I could but I have committed to a team tournament in Victoria BC that weekend
  11. You won't post the price? That makes me want to know so much more! I am also very interested to see how the Gen 1 does against your 917
  12. I wear a lot of Linksoul and I have to say they are nothing but quality products
  13. I would love to spend a day with a few caddies, just to know what their players like to have in order to be prepared for a tournament.
  14. John-James / WA Honma Vizard TW747 60X 112 mph Less spin and slightly better dispersion I do have regular access to a launch monitor
  15. Sold! Thank you @mr.hicksta enjoy the beast!
  16. Brand New Taylormade M6 Driver, Head is brand new, shaft was used for testing in my old M6 Head 9 Degree Tensei Pro Orange TX 60g ($200ish up charge) Standard Length Golfpride Tour Velvet +2 Wraps Amazing driver where the shaft is nearly worth the price asked Asking $330 plus $10 for shipping via USPS
  17. When I took it out of the box the looks absolutely hit me in the feels. Very classic looking and from reading on their website, ton of technology. I haven't been able to get it on range just yet and it is killing me inside. I saw the TXG review of it and although slightly upright speed wise it was right beside the Ping 410 with a Ventus shaft.
  18. I just was gifted a brand new Honma TW747 460 Driver with the 60X Vizard Shaft... Want to test it against my M6 with the Tensei PO 60TX And sadly I have a Cobra Speedzone Black/White with Aldila Silver 60X on route as well. Confused with what I may end up with
  19. jayjay0808

    Your ball?

    For the last couple years I played Srixon and Oncore. A few years ago I played some of my best golf with the Wilson FG Tour. During the holiday season budgetgolf had the newer FG Tour on for $15.96 a dozen so I bought 5 dozen. So far I am really enjoying having these back in my arsenal. But we shall see in warmer weather.
  20. Such a sweet bag... Love the Seemore in there!
  21. I hit both the Standard and Sub Zero this weekend at my course. The Standard was very easy to hit but seemed to be a bit spinny. Liked the Sub Zero on good swing but on bad swings it seemed to dive out of the air. Rumors are there will be a Triple Diamond version around April that will be between the two... May be a better option, but hate that they release 3 heads and then halfway through the season another (if the rumor is true)
  22. Really nice looking driver for the price... The 445 looks much like a new Super Deep
  23. Very interesting... I believe he was mostly a Pro V1 guy his career. So by far the most interesting signing this year.
  24. I have and Banff and Jasper are two unbelievable courses. I would also say look at the BC Invermere/Panorama area. Grey Wolf, Eagle Ranch and Copper Point are outstanding
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