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  1. The JPX921 look like a complete winner this year and the Wilson D7 Forged are heavily well reviewed everywhere I look. Seems like you can't go wrong with either! However I am a little bias as I have an order in for the JPX921 Tours
  2. As well the Speedzone series has just had prices rolled back a but
  3. John-James Blaine, WA Carpet putting in my basement, unless I get a good day where I can get on course I have tried a couple from Dick's but they tend to be in accurate on roll. As well they don't where well or look good As I play a semi-private club, Medium
  4. Congrats boys! As always give them a good test run and we look forward to following the reviews
  5. With a large amount of changes in my golf swing this year, and just now everything starting to feel right, I got on trackman yesterday to confirm distances. Happy to say thanks in part to those changes making better launch conditions I have increased yardage.
  6. John Blaine, WA Seemore Nashville ZB3, I have for the last few putters been a center shafted player where I try to maintain a straight back, straight through stroke. However, I have noticed I am more comfortable putting with a pronounced arc in my stroke. Would like to test both ideas with the properly fitted equipment.
  7. Received my SIM UDI before the weekend but I wasn't able to get out and test it. Heading on a boys trip tomorrow for a few rounds and it will be coming along. I really liked my Mizuno CLK but I found the Tensei Pro Blue launched a little too high and was hard to flight in the wind. Hoping the UDI with the Pro White will knock down some of that launch.
  8. I love the idea of a demo program! I have never tested the shafts but have only heard excellent things about all the shafts in the line
  9. Looks like they dropped the price another $16 bucks
  10. Which shaft? They added the Diamana S+ Plus... I thought it may have been the limited edition, but its like the 5 year old one that was in the 915 Titleists
  11. I think they should put out a trial pack for purchase, or like a testing sleeve to start to break into the market. I think I saw online that the ball that Schwartzel is playing is still a prototype at this time. As well they referenced that Justin Rose is testing it.
  12. Those Adams irons were sooooo good. I miss the Adams of old. CB2, MB2, 9064LS Driver, and F11 Ti 3 Wood
  13. Congrats boys! Awesome test to be a part of!
  14. I love how Cleveland for all these years still keep the general look of their irons the same. They always make wedges that flat out perform
  15. Congrats on 4 years of supporting to provide the best golf content on the internet! Seriously all the moderators do an amazing job on here to provide us with a forum that is insightful, informative, and respectful.
  16. In the rough on the 18th Par 5. Sidehill hook lie with pin tucked back right. Was able to hit a knuckle cut 3 wood that chased up to about 8 feet for eagle and drained it.
  17. Looks more blue to me in the pics... I think you are right this time
  18. So cool to see the manufacturer tracking this test and offering nearly real time adjustments Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. So it look like they have dropped the protos right down to 395 instead of 495... maybe too good of a deal to pass up Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Those look so good! Get those babies in the ground and let us know your first impressions.
  21. There were quite a few tour players testing either the driver or irons during the COVID break... May have some coming up that we don't know about I am with you 100%... What tour pros play don't help me decide what to buy but these reviews and forums do!
  22. I just received my TW-W4 wedges and got them out on course yesterday.... All I can say is wow they are spectacular. I think if Honma stays the course based on the reviews so far here, and what I am seeing online on other forums they will crack the NA market. I think 2020 just really threw a wrench in it
  23. John-James / Blaine, WA +0.3 Cobra King Forged MB/CB
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