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    Driver Ping Anser 8.5 deg Diamana 'ahina X
    3 Wood - TM Stealth KBS TD 70 cat 4 shaft
    Irons (4-5) Ben Hogan FW HI KBS Tour V S
    Irons (6-PW)Ben Hogan FW 15 KBS Tour V S -or- TM TP KBS Tour S
    Taylor Made R Series
    Odyssey Versa 7 Tank
    Launch Monitor: SkyTrak

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    91-100 mph
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    Weekend Golfer
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  1. First owned: This is a picture of one that is in a lot better shape than what mine was in. Lots of fun in that car.
  2. Bourbon and Irish Whiskies for me. Been going through locals for a little while now. Valentine Mayor Pingree is pretty tasty and working through a case of Copper Craft Single Barrel now. As a once in a while treat, I go to a local restaurant that has Poli Arzente grappa. This stuff is delicious - and expensive. The bartender at this place said if I like Arzente then I need to try Papas Pilar rum. So I did. Very easy on the wallet and enjoyable to sip - similar tasting notes to Arzente but not a replacement. I'm sure its nowhere near as good as the rums listed in the few preceding posts, but I think its a legit start on the road to rum that is worthwhile drinking without coke now and a headache later.
  3. Just pulled the trigger on a new 3 wood. Normally don't do the "latest/greatest" thing so this is a little new to me, but I had some pro shop credit to burn and I didn't really need much of anything else. TaylorMade Stealth with KBS TD 70 Cat 4 shaft. Sadly I won't be able to use it on turf until spring, but will be hitting the simulator as soon as it comes in. Not sure what will be next, but SOMETHING will be next!
  4. As a fan talking about it, I have to say the Masters. Its always been my favorite. It marks the beginning pf spring and the golf season for me. Just all the ceremony and tradition. And it can be argued that the best of the best compete there. With a fan's mindset that's where I would want to hoist the trophy. That said if I were a pro who had worked my entire life to reach the apex of golf, then it would be the US Open I think. Its my nation's championship. It can be argued that its golf's most strict test - no disrespect to the The Open Championship.
  5. Have run into a similar situation. I had success letting the customer (returned his old item he was replacing instead of the item he purchased)know that I was going to make a police report and a report with the postal inspector general if the situation was not cleared up within 24 hours. I got a phone call with payment soon thereafter. In this case it was outright fraud with intent. In your case there isn't any proof of intent. That said, you should stand behind what you sell. If you have a counterfeit product and don't know and sell it, its not right to make that your buyer's problem. Its yours and you can deal with the person/company you got it from.
  6. Then in that case, good morning @Bang60. Hope you had a restful night and have a tee time today. I didn't play a lot of golf for a couple of years. Pandemic, purchased a business.... and once I was able to start playing a decent amount again I started coming back to this site more to feel more in touch with the game. Guess that's my "spy" story.
  7. Amen. And nothing to be sorry about. Had that same feeling when Callaway first did that. To this day I have never owned a Callaway club. I have only ever even played their golf balls when they were free.
  8. Thanks! I am from Livonia. Thanks to both for the comments on the board. I hope my comments didn't come across the wrong way, I was just very surprised to see it in one of the first few threads I opened. I guess all I can say is "carry on, don't mind me", LOL
  9. Not sure I really care about the betting side of it. Kind of sick of betting running the show in a lot of sport. (end rant) If you're betting then you're an adult and you should be aware of exactly what you are betting on. And in the case of golf, that means that situations like this can and will happen. Aside from some possible bad PR I don't see the way this played out as an issue. As for the Cam situation, its his and his caddie's job to know the rules and apply them correctly - whether or not they are always sensible or fair. If I still have to play out of a divot in the middle of the fairway, then taking complete relief doesn't seem like a big issue to me. Side note: have not been on here a lot for a few years. Life/work changes took up a lot of my online and golf time. But from what I remember there wasnt the kind of flaming going on then as there seems to be in this thread. One of the things that made MGS unique. Kind of disappointing to see it now.
  10. Grafalloy Blue Titleist 905S. Loved that setup. Could take anything that i could give it. Diamana Ahina in a Ping Anser is pretty solid as well. Tried the "new" Blue a few years ago and it didnt go well.
  11. There are demons that can live inside the shaft of a golf club. Those demons can have a profound negative effect on one's golf game. When they do, the only remedy is to let the demons out by opening the shaft. I've had to perform one demon letting this year. Didn't want to, but eventually it became compulsory.
  12. Fast Orange hand cleaner is cheap and it works great in cleaning grips.
  13. Just reporting back - ordered and used the coupon. Got 2 great deals (coupon was good sale cigars, too) and it worked out at half the price. Order was shipped the next day and arrived on-time and in good condition. In my mind they made things right by me, so I will shop again with confidence. Not trying to sway anyone's thinking here, its just that when I voice a complaint, I feel compelled to follow-up with the rest of the story (when there is one) so that the whole picture is out there.
  14. SkyTrak does not measure clubhead speed. It calculates it using ball speed as a main factor. For that reason I don't think that you have a hardware issue. I suspect that either your software or firmware may be corrupted (or you have gotten a glitchy update). So that's where I would focus my attention. I have noticed that on a spinny shot the calculated distance suffers and sidespin overdoes some of the lateral deviation but I have never seen a clubhead speed that didn't seem plausible. I have not used the unit this summer yet so I cannot speak to updates.
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