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  2. There are demons that can live inside the shaft of a golf club. Those demons can have a profound negative effect on one's golf game. When they do, the only remedy is to let the demons out by opening the shaft. I've had to perform one demon letting this year. Didn't want to, but eventually it became compulsory.
  3. Fast Orange hand cleaner is cheap and it works great in cleaning grips.
  4. Just reporting back - ordered and used the coupon. Got 2 great deals (coupon was good sale cigars, too) and it worked out at half the price. Order was shipped the next day and arrived on-time and in good condition. In my mind they made things right by me, so I will shop again with confidence. Not trying to sway anyone's thinking here, its just that when I voice a complaint, I feel compelled to follow-up with the rest of the story (when there is one) so that the whole picture is out there.
  5. SkyTrak does not measure clubhead speed. It calculates it using ball speed as a main factor. For that reason I don't think that you have a hardware issue. I suspect that either your software or firmware may be corrupted (or you have gotten a glitchy update). So that's where I would focus my attention. I have noticed that on a spinny shot the calculated distance suffers and sidespin overdoes some of the lateral deviation but I have never seen a clubhead speed that didn't seem plausible. I have not used the unit this summer yet so I cannot speak to updates.
  6. It may not matter to you but the very last model of Hogan Apex that was sold have now non-conforming grooves. I have always been a Hogan fan and would normally recommend them, however, I am with those who say you should talk it over with a professional. You may not change your mind, but you will have a better idea of what the ramifications of your decision are.
  7. I used Thompson when I could not get anything out of CI. But I almost HAVE to use CI for my next order due to the coupon/bribe. When I do, I will report back. I can't blame you for giving up on them. There are too many choices out there to put up with a bad experience.
  8. Mike Z

    Hogan arises again

    Better yet, Someone brings a set with them to play at Royal Birkdale or Royal Lytham & St. Annes and just leaves them for you!! Of course you "won" them on the first round and "lost" $650ish in the second round.
  9. I just received a $50 coupon from Cigars International good for my next order of in-stock cigars ($50 min so, in other words $50 of free cigars) along with an email from the President. To me, this erases concerns about solvency. I'm going to give them another try - but not for a little while. I just stocked-up with some incredible buys from Thompson Cigar and I am out of humidor space. In grand MGS tradition I know I will get many offers to help with my overstock problem. So I make the offer: Any MGS member who wants to come to Metro Detroit has a free cigar waiting for them!!
  10. Starter set - who knows what it was? Spalding Jimmy Thompson Titleist Acushnet laminated Wilson Staff Laminated Ben Hogan Series 56 Persimmon Wanted but never got - MacGregor Eye-O-Matic Taylor Made Pittsburgh Persimmon Ben Hogan Apex Persimmon Titleist 975D Titleist 905S --All of the above are dearly departed Nike VRTour - Daily gamer for a long time, but technology passed it by (still comes out when newer models get banished) Tour Edge XCG7 Beta - serving (likely) permanent banishment - we just never seem to get along Ping Anser daily gamer that usually gets a week or two of banishment. --- Current options I don't know what the future holds but I hit a friend's Epic and - WOW. But,, I will be waiting for the prices to come down. Would love to go custom fit, but that's hard to do when you don't want to shell out for the current model and options become limited.
  11. I had an order take a month to get. I sent several email messages and never got an answer. I did get them on the line - and after 45 minutes of hold I got no really good answers. Cigars were backordered and they could not tell me when they were coming in. It was such a good deal that I decided to just wait it out. My first though was financial trouble. Though there were blaming a lot of the delays on a new system that was not working properly, but they also said they had it corrected. May be wise to steer clear for a while to see how things shake out. Kind of a shame, up until that order I had nothing but great experiences with CI.
  12. Best feeling: Well-struck pure iron. Absolutely nothing like that feeling with a classic forged blade. Most rewarding: Watching a birdie putt fall Favorite: The gimme - I've been conceded the hole
  13. Real golf > Sim golf > No golf As [ressure over the environmental impact of running golf courses and using water on them makes golf more expensive, we could find that sim grows in popularity if only due to cost. It may also attract younger golfers who are more flexible about what "golf" is to them.
  14. Its either Jack Nicklaus or Ben Hogan. I'll take the whole game of either of them if it includes the mental game and being able to think through a round like them,
  15. Prayers to you. Looking forward to hearing about the positive change this makes for you.
  16. i like to get something to wear - which is nice for a while, but for a lasting memory, I keep yardage books. Its great to look back at them and remember being there. I had one from Pebble in hand for part of last week's event.
  17. I ahve SkyTrak and have had it since it has been available. Their customer support is non-existent. That said, the issues I have had were app related (whether shots were saving/syncing) and not hardware related. And the app issues never kept me from being able to use the unit.. Last year, I used a demo version of E6 and this year I "rented" Perfect Golf. Full shots are pretty realistic and reliable. Putting is a little funky but at least usable with auto gimmies. Chipping is not as good as the rest. Part of it is not being able to "flop" off of a matt and part is just that you can't hit it soft enough to get a 20 foot chip close. The only real issue I have is that there is a fairly long delay between hitting the ball and seeing a result. Can be a little annoying but not a show stopper. All in all I'm happy I have it, I use the simulator at least weekly and I use the SkyTrak app as a driving range a couple times a week.
  18. I have had a SkyTrak for a couple of years. I can tell most of what I need to know about path and face by the horizontal launch angle and side spin. The total spin number gives me a great idea of how solid the contact was. The only thing I wish I had that I don't is angle of attack.
  19. For a driving range experience, you'd have to add horizontal launch angle and side spin rate or spin axis. The unit tells you how far you hit it, but not where it went.
  20. Guessing not yet. There isn't any directional information displayed. But someday it will. If you look at what they have done with the xi and xi+ models (which are the same piece of equipment) where one model shows more info that the other even though the device captures all of the information, I'd be pretty confident that the unit can capture all of the same information as the higher priced model but has it locked down. So, someday they may unlock that info to a SIM but not until the high-end market won't be affected.
  21. The initial filing is for a reorg - so no liquidation as of now. Could happen if they cannot get a plan approved but it looks like they are at least trying to keep the company operating. The quirky thing is going to be how the licensing deal works out. I hope they can pull it off. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
  22. Yay. I love BOA, but only have one pair with it. Its been hard to find without spending more than I care to for a pair of shoes. Hopefully as it becomes more popular it will be on shoes not at the very top end of the spectrum. As to durability, the pair I have (and have had them for 4 years) have held up great. I walk a lot and used them for a year and a half that way. After they decided to leak, I started using them as practice only shoes. They have a lot of steps and swings on them. They are about done now, but the BOA system is still perfectly operational. I think the strings are a vinyl wrapped cable.
  23. 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones.) Snell MTB. That's about it. I see more of it in the future becase as I read the reviews, it kind of puts information in my head that I will use in purchasing decisions. There's usually a couple year lag, though as I rarely buy equipment before its a couple years old and discounted with the exception of balls. I use too many to wait that long. 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? I'm more prone to trying things I would not have before. I almost always have purchased based on what fits my eye and is similar to what I have but a step forward. Now I will widen the field to things I have read about on here. 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) Very hard to quantify. My gut reaction is that being more informed has helped me to play better. How much better is anyone's guess. Knowing more about the equipment not only makes for better purchases, it also helps to save some money and be more confident. So, I'm not sure that quantifying it in strokes does the benefits justice. 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? Yes, see above. More knowledge = more fun. Less spend (Snell, I am looking at you) for equal or better performance = fun.
  24. I'll bet it comes with a free bowl of soup. (Edit: KennyB beat me to it)....
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