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  1. I’m fortunate that golf in Australia is relatively affordable, especially in the area I live. There are clubs that range in price USD255-USD1800 annual fees within 30 minutes from my home. We can play all year round so even better value compared to those with limited seasons. Perhaps the best value golf anywhere is at Barnbougle in Tasmania. World rated golf for USD160 or 95 for locals.
  2. Somehow managed to sneak a win in interclub pennant. Scratch matchplay, struggled off the tee all day but short ame was working well. All square going up the last, opponent in very good position 30 yards short of the green, me in the trees 60 yards out. Had a tough shot, with very little margin for error, hit it to about 18 feet. Opponent thinned it a bit, to about 20 feet past the pin. He rolled his putt 3 feet past, I hit an awful putt about 6 feet short. Rolled mine in dead centre, he rushed his and hit his worst putt of the day. Really nice kid(16 yo) with a very solid swing. Don’t like my chances if I come up against him in the next few years
  3. No idea, I just used the one from the original thread started a few years ago and added a new sheet for this year. I’ll ave a look when I’m on the PC next (can’t access it on the iPad)
  4. Did a bit of everything. Full swing irons, a few drivers, some putting and a bit of short game work. Tried something different with my irons. Didn’t aim at all, just swung the club. Lined up with the divot line I was making and swung. Ball flight was very solid, and consistency was great. Putting worked mainly on distance control doing ladder drill. Short game hit random pitches from 20-40 yards. Kept it short and sweet as things were working well
  5. I normally walk, but recent health issues meant I need to manage it a bit. I feel like I have better rhythm walking than in a cart
  6. Really happy with my round today. Golf was solid, 7 over playing off 7. Disappointing finish, four over for the last 3. Best part was I walked the entire 18. Was thinking I’d probably cart the back 9 but was feeling good so decided to keep walking. Throttled back the pace a little compared to normal but still kept up. Drove it solid, irons ok and putting mostly good. So happy I was able to walk the course comfortably
  7. I think I might have used all my luck by being in the right place at the right time, as my GP told me, “ You’re a winner”
  8. Now I need to look at the Vokey wedge selector, because I’m definitely winning this
  9. First Tie Breaker 2 over Second Tie Breaker Christo Lamprecht
  10. Got to the practice fairway for some full swings and rolled a few putts on the practice green. Putting was solid, full swing less so but it was great to just be out there
  11. I’ve been thinking about moving into the “players distance” iron space for a while. After my recent health scare I might get permission. My youngest has even started lobbying the finance manager on my behalfHer line was “if he died we’d have less money than having him alive and buying golf clubs” Subtle as a truck that one. I’ve had a hit of my mates TM790s, easily a club further with a good descent angle, so they’ll be on the list. Will probably look at all the options in the space and hopefully end up with something that works for me
  12. Looks awful but a great result after fighting with a chainsaw. Not often that you get that much damage without a lot more. Chainsaw amputated fingers also don’t go back on very well so you’ve done well not to lose any. Make sure you follow your rehab if needed
  13. All is going well (apart from the food) Had 2 more stents put in another vessel. It was reasonably tricky but went very well. Unfortunately I’m a statistical outlier, as I have virtually no risk factors. Hoping that bodes well for the future Get to go home tomorrow morning, just in time to farewell my youngest who begins a minimum 8 month trip to Europe/UK on Wednesday. Hopefully only a couple of weeks off golf, but I will be doing everything by the book and won’t be rushing into anything
  14. Thanks mate, appreciate it. The food situation is made even worse by the fact I was supposed to be going to a seriously good restaurant tomorrow for anniversary dinner
  15. Heart attack didn’t kill me but hospital food might
  16. Turned up at work this morning a few minutes before my scheduled start time of 9.30, only my third shift working here. Straight forward start, supervised a student doing a chest Xray. That’s when things went a bit off script. Felt some discomfort in my chest, not too bad but definitely not great. After a couple of minutes I called out to the student for some help. By this stage the pain in my chest was crushing and I had gone sweaty and clammy. He called an ambulance and the nurse and radiologist I was working with started obs and gave me some GTN spray. Paramedic arrived, bluetoothed ECG to Cardiologist at the local hospital (where I worked for 19 years until last January) Heard the following discussion “S-T elevation “ and knew I was off to the Cardiac Catheter Lab. 1/2 an hour later I was on the table in the lab. Another 1/2 hour and I had a stent in my previously occluded right coronary artery. 2 more stenoses were picked up that need stents, but they are waiting for my heart to have rest before going back in on Monday or Tuesday. Echo cardiogram showed all is looking good. 24 hours of total bed rest now So thankful for all the staff (at both places and paramedics) and the technology that is available Also thankful that the health care system in Australia means I don’t have to worry about any expenses. Hoping to get back on the course in the next couple of weeks
  17. Is there any capacity to adjust handicaps? I’m staggered that people can have multiple scores of 6 or more better than handicap and their handicap barely change. Perhaps I’m used to the system in Australia where only official scores count and need to be verified. Also an extra adjustment for scores of 7 or more better than handicap here
  18. 10 over playing off 7. Reasonably happy with my round. First time touching the clubs in a couple of weeks after breaking a little toe. Also managed to cut my thumb on a cocktail shaker yesterday. Not sure if it was toe or grip related, but all of my misses with driver were left, which isn’t my usual miss. Greens were very slow to protect them during a minor heatwave. Left at least 6 putts less than a foot short. Didn’t adjust despite doing it repeatedly.
  19. Welcome to the forum, great to see another Aussie join in.
  20. Went out for 9 holes with my wife this afternoon. She’s just starting to play. She hadn’t played or even hit balls for quite a while and went out with very low expectations. She managed to strike the ball better than ever. Only a couple of shockers and lots of really solid strikes. She even managed to putt reasonably. I had a couple of bad holes while I wasn’t concentrating, but managed to play the last 6 in 2 under
  21. Very unexciting round. 6 over playing off 7. Drove it okay, didn’t hit a lot of fairways but only one bad miss. Didn’t hit a lot of greens in regulation but only one in 2 worse than regulation. Chipped okay, nothing really close but nothing bad. Putted solidly but didn’t make anything over 5 feet until the 16th, holed a 20 foot putt for my only birdie of the round. Pleased with my score despite not doing anything particularly well. There might be a lesson in that for me
  22. Solid round of 7 over playing off 8 at Black Bull Golf Club. Only the second time I’ve played it, really fun layout, greens were soft but rolling well. Very happy with my final score as it included two water balls. On a trip with a mate and 8 stableford points in front after 1st day of 3
  23. Pretty solid round. 8 over playing off 7. No birdies, but more importantly, no doubles or worse. Wind was a bit tricky, 180 degree change in direction a few holes in made things a difficult. Hit a few very poor drives but they didn’t hurt me. After a big day in the hospitality tent at the Victorian Open yesterday I was pretty pleased with my efforts
  24. Much improved on Tuesday,11 over with 2 triples and a double. The bad holes really killed me, but so much better than my round on Saturday where I was 15 worse than handicap
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