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  1. Will be pairing down some of the themes and discontinuing a few/updating the main blog theme. Some more features will still be added, but please don't be surprised if you see some go away for a period of time. The staple themes will still be available with those being Default MGS Theme Night Mode (traditional dark mode which has been around forever) MGS Blog (new default theme) And for those who really want extra theme access please let me know as none will actually be deleted, but instead removed from normal access (much like the Major Themes).
  2. Won't be long my friend! Won't be long!
  3. Another rain filled round and played awful. Just so bad, one of those days. Shake it off and on to the next one. Gorgeous course and quite tricky with a lot of side hill lies and the rough was essentially unplayable with it being as wet as it was.
  4. I have always been a big supporter of Arccos, but the last two rounds have me pretty bummed with so many missed shots and then not playing great having to go through and reload and recall and the crap shots I hit makes it even worse. So for the first time I am really and truly thinking about ditching the system entirely. I am going to reload and repair all the sensors and give it another go Tuesday. If that fails I do have a full set of unused sensors, but this may be my last season using Arccos. For reference I have never had a issue with them before. Their CS has always been great and I do like the system, but this has been a little much for me. I am going on year 4 or 5 with them and do hope things flip back to normal, but given the other options out there it may be time to branch out.
  5. This can sometimes just be with your browser cache. If it is cleared things work as they should. Can't say we did anything on the back end so it will remain a mystery.
  6. Really need to get the wall box installed at home. We have a charger there, but between adapters or the wall charge it's been weird. Never a issue because there is a charging station at work, but certainly would prefer something at home. The cat simply (not unsurprisingly) will not fully charge. Best is say 70%. Certainly been an adjustment but one i can live with. Only other knock I'll say is highway driving kills the battery and range. Thankfully I don't end up doing a lot of long distance driving, but I'm acutely aware of looking for charging stations now.
  7. In a surprise turn of events I get to play another round tomorrow. However it will be on a course I have never played so not expecting anything crazy. Looks awesome though! https://www.golfplatz.ch/golfplatz.html
  8. So this course is part of a company called Migro (they are a big company here) and have 7 or 8 courses across the country. the Swiss Golf Association must have done something with all of the courses because they all have the stroke saver booklet and in addition nearly all the courses I have played also the photo posted above as the hole preview on the course itself. The course I normally play at called Otelfingen is actually a golf park. They have a 18 hole championship course, 9 hole championship (haven't played that yet) and a 6 hole par 3 course. Then they have a 2 way driving range with trackman, top tracer and mats on one end (and chipping area) and grass on the other end. Plus some covered slots for those rainy days like the other day. Then they have 2 large putting greens, 3 chipping greens (one right by the first tee) and a artifical putting green for kids! It is really cool spot and at first was pretty intimidating, but now it is a small home away from home. Also should be noted that courses here in Switzerland require you to have an official handicap to play. If you do not, you cannot play. In order to get a handicap you need to take a course and lessons which then provide you with your handicap. The whole process takes about a month or so. In my eyes its both good and bad. The last thing with this booking site that is used by all the courses is when you book in the names are not shown of who you are playing with until you get to the course, but it will say if they are a member or a guest and their handicaps so if you are looking at different spots as a single you can align yourself with handicaps you may prefer to play with.
  9. Tim has made some great graphics for the banners! Super pumped to have these and I know once they are handed out and released to all the competition will get even more fierce!
  10. This is an older thread, but rather then creating a new one going to bump it. I would love to know who has started to use Top Tracer at their courses or ranges? I have used the one at my local course and fallen in love with it. Even if the yardages aren't perfect it gives me a good idea of what is going on and more importantly the different programs it has within aids in a more productive practice. Included in this is a nice app and leaderboard which also helps in practice session of session week over week. So in addition to this if you do use top tracer what are your favorite programs they have? What do you use the most and where are you on their leaderboard?
  11. Hey all thank you for participating so far! I think this is going to be a lot of fun moving forward and create some good competitive banter moving forward! Tuesday is my next round. I am only able to get one a week in right now so have to make it count!
  12. If you are good enough to swing a golf club then you are good enough to play them... scores may not be great, but won't stop you from smiling everytime you see them!
  13. The nice part about the raw is the way it changes and looks older. The strike marks are all the cover scuffs from range balls and after the clean are all gone. I think I mentioned it up top, but the last 4 or so sessions/round things have really turned a corner with the irons. Strikes are much much better and I feel as though I am actually playing good golf again. The birdie on 18 last round was a prime example of it. It is 145 (ish) forced carry. I'm just going to pull up the the strokesaver of the hole and post it. Keep in mind this is all in meters not yards. So this round I played from the Yellows and plan to continue to until I break 80 and then I will move back. I had my first round there from the Whites and it isn't too far, but certainly isn't either and the extra distance makes some holes a lot harder, while others maybe easier given my length and where the bunkers are/landing zones. http://www.strokesaver.ch/uebersicht-der-ausgaben/golfpark-otelfingen.html For those intersted this is the whole strokesaver book. All the courses here have them (they also all run the same tee time program so one account for all which is awesome). I definitely feel the back 9 is much harder then the front 9. The first 2 holes on the front are very getable with a good par 5 thats real danger is the OB all down the left hand side. A reasonable par 4 on 4 and another par 5 for 5. 6 and 7 run side by side are not walks in the park with some tricky greenside bunkers, but still not the hardest in the world. 8 is rated really hard as it is a dog leg left and you need the distance to open up a view to the green, with hazard all down the left so no cheating the corner. It is also a forced carry over to the green, however I have normaly done very well on this hole. 9 is hard par 3 guarded by hazard all down the left and massive bunker on the right. 10 is maybe my favorite hole, hard to explain why but so many options off the tee and big bunker staring at you cutting down the landing zone and making you decide to play short or take on that risk. We moving in another par 5 on 11, which is a very getable hole again. 12 is tough! Par 4 with big dog leg right and again so many options off the tee, but hazard all down the right off the tee, which switches to the left for the approach. Then we get into the portion of the course I can't really say I like. 13 is a long par 4 which doesn't have any great character to it in my opinion. 14 is a long downhill par 3 which is a good challenge and not a bad hole. 15 a par 5 that has hazard basically all down the right and OB left with a big bunker again staring at you for the tee shot. From the yellows I may be able to carry it, but going in it is a instant bogey or worse. 16 I am coming around on. Similar setup as most, big bunker there, but this one I know I can carry with as the challenge is in the approach shot. Bunkers left and right with a angled green left the right. 17 I really like. OB all left and some hazard on the right, but a fairly open view from the tee. A massive tower also helps with lining yourself up on the tee. The approach is again tough with bunkers around the green, but for whatever reason this one just suits my eye and then well 18 which is up top!
  14. Can't say you're doing it for a friend? Or trying to single handily change the golf world for the betterment of all golfers? I'll stop now, but this whole thread has certainly made me curious about all of this and made me debate on a few different options.
  15. All the more reason to do it to keep all of us in winter entertained with you trials of different shafts and more! Love what you have done in the thread and it is definitely one to follow.
  16. We are getting into the off season... what else do you have planned to do?
  17. Some strike patterns for all of you on the 8, 9 and wedge. The 7 and 6 are basically the same but they didn't show up on camera very well so I didn't post and the 5 strikes were a touch on the low side.
  18. What a weird round. Was due to tee off at 8, but was raining and forecast/radar showed that it would clear up by 9:45 so I asked to be pushed back to 9. Get out ahead of some other groups and could still finish the round before having to go back into work. Well it rained the entire round, never super hard, but also never stopped. Ended up going through a pair of rain gloves and 3 other gloves when the round was all said and done. Struggled off the tee the first 7 holes and started to find a groove after that. It isn't a very easy course overall. A lot of the holes have tight landing areas or massive bunkers right where you want to land or try to make a big carry over it. The par 3's are decent as well. First one is 170, second 160, third 200 and last is 145. Which is a semi island and the 18th hole so it can be a real deal breaker on the round. However this round I hit the shot of the day!
  19. Round 1 - Week 1 Course: Otelfingen Championship 18 Tees: Yellow Course Rating: 71.3 Par: 72 Slope: 134 Course Handicap: 12 Handicap: 11 Score: 81 (9 over) Net Score: 69 Net Birdies: 6 Longest Drive: 277
  20. I think the CB as a whole are closer to the i210 in blade length and overall shape. However the top line on the i210 definitely seemed thinner. Not a knock on the TC, but definitely on the thicker side then what I would have expected. I would love to do some comparison, however the i210 set is in the hands of another friend, as they were a tested club I wanted to pass them along. He is going to give them a try till the end of the season so I don't have them in hand to take those photos. I do have a forged tec 2016 4 iron and fly z pro irons that I can do comparisons, but the fly z are essentially blades.
  21. I'll have another update later on today, but in practice I have really been finding a groove with these recently and with that truly falling more in love them more on and more. I also appreciate all those who have reached out to me privately to ask questions as this is exactly why I am doing this review. To get a good review out there from start to finish and see how they not only perform, but also how they wear and change over time. A few things I should add Sub70 was smart in this 659 series and came out with MB (muscle back) TC (Tour Cavity which is what I got) and CB (Cavity Back) These were meant to be able to be blended and suite a great variety of handicaps. I am at at 9, however with a big ole * as I went through 2 years of playing very little here in Switzerland. This year I certainly made a extra effort to play more and as expected rounds and holes have fluctuated a lot. Had a couple great rounds in low 80s and a few in the 90s. I am working my way back and with a membership next season I hope to get back to my normal which is consistently low 80s and breaking into the 70s on a fairly regular basis. With that I think the CB is a iron that will certainly fit a lot. It has a similar looks and characteristics to the TC, but a longer blade length. Hindsight, maybe these are what I should have gone with? However I wanted to point out these and maybe they will be the next Monday Gratuitous Photo Thread? Because they really are a stellar looking club. I learned a while back the MB are not for me, kinda plain and simple. Even in my wedges I use the Ping Glide which are a cavity backish wedge. I think Sub70 did a great job with these irons and although maybe a thinner top line would suit my eye a little more I can't say it is something that I really am going to be too picky about (the 9 does look thicker then the others). Either way I think this is a combo set that can fit a great range of golfers and with many great options for shafts, finishes and more I definitely encourage anyone in the market for new irons to check these out.
  22. Happy to say our new Staff Directory is complete with our new mods. I am really pleased with this team as was as all of those who participate as part of the focus group in making the community what it is. We have an incredible knowledgeable community who thrives off talking all things golf and so many other topics. I hope that we can see this community grow build off all the great things that we have currently with this platform while bringing new features and content to the forum to keep us all coming back and wanting more! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/staff/
  23. In most sport cases it is the networks shovelling out hundreds and millions to get the rights to broadcast the sport product. It is very abnormal for a league of this apparent prestige to pay for network time. It goes to show that the guys who did left may not have the marketing rights as they may have thought. Also may show that other networks are overpaying for golfing rights maybe? On the other end for this thread. I am going to maintain it as is. As this is still a hot topic and one that stirs many emotions any new thread those feelings will inevitably just follow. As someone who has to read and moderate the topic it is much preferable to have it all in one location vs many. That being said I will change the title to hopefully steer conversation more towards the events and news and less the backend stuff that gets people fired up.
  24. What about all our trade discussions? They don't make your highlights?
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