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  1. Cool. Then in that case you can torch it to daaaaaaaark blue almost black (see newport TeI3 head I posted a few weeks ago) then just quench it, while still hot right after torching, in motor oil or 2-cycle oil or even liquid wrench oil to seal it. You just have to be able to entirely submerge the head in the quench. It will also darken during the quench - if you blast it prior to torching, it will be a matte finish. If you polish it will be glossy.



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  2. I might avoid that head due to the pitting on the face... having seen some torched/oil sealed C62s that are really well done, it'd be tempting... but I've also done one that was in about the same condition, mine may have been a little better, and due to the pitting, it made even pretty good work look just "meh". Find a good stainless head for project 1, no sealant worries that way, and can get a feel for the stainless heat coloring process.



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  3. Xstiff, what I have read up on is to poke a hole in he tape through the hole in the end of the grip. Then squirt some solvent inside, then use short bursts of air, and twist the grip to work the solvent until the grip is loose from the tape then it should come off. I just did a YouTube look up up for changing a grip using air. You should be able to find a video that shows it pretty well.

    Thx Kor


    Don't get me wrong, there are grips that can't be blown off, and I've popped more than my share but with the pvc sheath and 75 psi it's pretty mindless to blow putter grips worth saving off. Once enough air is in the Grip it just fires back against you and if you let it, it'll slide right off the shaft



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  4. I use the small tire pumping compressor and it works just fine. No trouble getting them on or off and the only one that I have blown out was when trying to remove one that had been put on with double sided tape ( note: it doesn't come off easily at all but if I was going to try again I would use the pvc pipe trick.)


    If your're doing a lot of them maybe invest it better equipment - but for doing a few sets a couple of times a year - it is not necessary. Spend it on more clubs?

    Yeah I guess I'm referencing blowing grips with the normal grip tape underneath. I was wondering what I'm doing wrong that I can't get any sign of movement at less than 65/70 psi



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  5. Something rather exciting happened to me on Thursday. I got the chance to meet with Dave Billings (founder and maker of Machine Putter/Dogleg Right) and it looks like I'm going to get the chance to do some finishing work for him over the next few months. I left on Thursday with 3 heads. 2 raw carbon M1As and a raw stainless "upside down putter" I don't remember the official model name for it. So I've been working on those for the last couple days. There are a few projects I finished this week that I haven't gotten around to posting, but I'll get some pics up soon.


    I'm def interested to see how Mr KorADoor's ping turned out. Looking forward to photos of the finished product!


    Side note: I played for the first time in forever this week and used my kickass new ball marker from "ExtraterrestrialsDinedOnMyLivestock". I also marked the ball of a notoriously slow player in our group with it more than once... (it says "LETS GO, THIS AINT AUGUSTA" on it)



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  6. I went ahead and re-did that Sonoma. I liked it at first, but the more I looked at it the less I liked it -- I've found that it's usually worth re-doing when that happens... so I went for a darker final color. I also blasted before torching, and threw some new Circle T weights in there. Really like this one. In fact, it's one of my favorites so far.















    Also finished a studio select Fastback 1.5










    Am now working on an older nike and odyssey. I'm really pumped about getting an exotic insert from spryevo.




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