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  1. I am loving mi line so far.  Only played 2 rounds with it but at least 10 different practice sessions with it.  I was almost scared to take it with me during a round at first but that is fine now and will be my gamer for the year.   The confidence on short putts is crazy good right now.  When I first got it it was my biggest gripe as I pulled so many 4 and 5 footers, but once I dialed in the ball position in my stance, it’s now so confidence inspiring from short range.  Even 10 footers feel like I “should” make them and leave me feeling disappointed I didn’t, instead of “just get it close for the next one” kind of feeling.  

    loving it so far.   Still early and in full honeymoon phase for sure.  I struggled with where to place my thumbs for a bit bc the “thumbs off” idea didn’t work for me.  But feel like I have a grip I can use now.  

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  2. This season I have played the Snell MTB-X, pro v1 and Maxfli Tour yellow and Tour X in white.  

    these are my 3 (really 4 I guess) balls.  I have to say the Maxfli is the only ball I feel like I’m not giving up something somewhere.  The MTB-X for  some reason was long off the tee for me but thought it was shorter with irons than normal.  

    anyway, the Maxfli blows me away with how good it is.  The deals are just icing.    This ball is long, spins and feels good.  It has to be a placebo as I don’t believe in it, (I don’t think) but I feel like when I line the CG line off the tee down the line I hit some of my best drives.  

    I do agree the yellow paint can scuff easier than others.  That’s the only knock I can think of.  

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  3. I’m a steelfiber guy in my current set of 0311 Gen 1. I have loved them.  They have really helped my tendinitis.  I just ordered some 921F with recoils.  They beat out my Steelfibers in the fitting.  Looking forward to them.  

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  4. Why wouldn’t you? We have been saying that in these forums for over 10 years. Now that a company says it, they are wrong. The only part of the study where the Chrome soft didn’t fare as well as others is driver distance. You have to try different balls to determine what works best for you. We’ve been saying that around here for a long time. This ball test can point you into a direction for a type of ball, but you still have to try them out. I don’t care what any marketing department says or doesn’t say in regards to this test, it will not sway me in determining my choice of golf ball. I am going to find the best one for me, based on my own metrics, and distance off the tee is not the top priority, otherwise I would use a rock flight. 

    My point is the way they said it. They put out a release that obviously disagrees with the results. They certainly like that MGS loves their driver the most, no? Don’t come off like sour grapes and then say we have our own testing (which we won’t show you) and go buy some and you’ll see. I would either not release anything and let customers decide for themselves because they value feel or whatever. Or i provide my own research to combat the results or what backs their info.
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  5. If i was Callaway, I certainly wouldn’t tell everyone to “see for yourself and pick up a dozen”


    Kind of an odd way to combat a study done on poor(er) performance.


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  6. My daughter (a 10hcp) was looking for a new putter and we went to the PGA superstore earlier this summer and probably tried 50 different ones. The Cure was the only one she really liked and it had a lot to do with the ability to minimize the weight. She likes a lighter putter and doesn't mind a larger head. She also likes a center shaft so I ordered the RX4 a couple weeks ago and surprised her with it and she promptly drained 12 out of 13 ten footers. She hasn't played a lot of rounds with it yet but she feels like it has saved her at least 2-3 strokes per and she is very confident with it. It's a very different putter, but for those more focused on performance than traditional aesthetics it is a very worthy option.

    I'm interested in these. Looks kinda funky as big as they are but the X3 and hybrid x1 Don't look too bad

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