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  1. Not really addressing the particular video and hip speed conversation, BUT I have often believed that most Ams should look at LPGA for simply one reason, that it shows that technique is what matters. If a 5 ft 1 inch female can hit is 275 on the regular, and shoot 68, it is not always about the muscle. Most guys (myself included) get caught up in "muscling up, banging it out there, letting the shaft loose, letting the big dog eat, etc". How many times have you heard "I got fast from the top, I am overswinging, that was all arms"? Or "I tried to take something off and it just took off!" All
  2. Agreed. Good decision to use sun sleeves. They are cooler. I am in South Texas and the sun can be brutal. I just bought the $12 Amazon ones and they are fine, provided you get the correct size. First ones were too small and I gave them to my teenager. Next set are great. I have the Nike warm sleeves for when it is just cool enough on the first few holes and then pull them off as it warms. Since i just had skin cancer taken off my head, I am much more serious about the protection now.
  3. I do like the personalization with my name on it to ensure no one hits my ball and I don't hit theirs. Most balls have it available for a price, but if you look for it on special it might be included. I used to use 7 small purple dots all over my ball, cause no one marks it like that and you can see it no matter how the ball is sitting. The number of ProV1s with a black dot near the logo that I come across is crazy! I play Vice pro soft and ProV1 that both offer personalization. With regards to alignment lines, I do think it is a great idea in theory. Line up your line, match up yo
  4. Most people already do it when the irons and woods, or irons and wedges that don't match and there is no issues there. An important thing to me, are the distances gapped properly? I just want clubs that have the right space between distances. I don't need a 6 iron that goes 175 yards and a 7 iron that goes 170. That is not helpful. Also, you could have two unmatched 5 irons that have a 15 yard distance gap because of loft, swing weight, head type etc. So at the end of the day do you have 12 clubs that have the distance gap you want? (left off putter and driver, putter for obvious reaso
  5. What is funny is I never met a player who said “I just hit the ball too straight”. I have had the same experience as above. Bought muscle backs when I was a 5. Added 5 strokes to the hcp. Went back to Ap1s with a good cavity back. I want the ball to go about the same distance with a slight mishit not lose 20 yards. pros have to work the ball much more than the standard amateur because of course set up An interesting idea is finding a single “blade” iron to practice with and work on hitting the center of the club face. take the ego out of it. Let the results speak. I would pl
  6. Always start with the effect or deficiency you are trying to get to. More length off the tee? More spin on iron shots into the green? too much? more spin with the pitches/chips/half wedge shots? Even at a 10 HCP you probably aren't hitting it so flush every time that the differential in balls (in the same price category) is probably not a massive upgrade. A mis-hit on the driver face center by 1/4 inch could cost you 10 yards. Changing balls won't probably get you 10 yards off the driver (again assuming you are already playing a premium ball). But depending on your issues, 4000 rpm
  7. Then I would say lessons, if just pure ball striking is the problem. Driving and approach game is tee to "green" = ball striking. (not counting pitching and chipping). Some people think they have putting problems but they can't hit irons to a reasonable distance and leave themselves in 3 putt territory all the time or they can't chip it to 10-12 feet to give a reasonable chance for up and down. A great training aid for ball striking is a phone holder to video yourself on the range $20. Real vs Feel is shocking some times. Going along with that is a good mirror in the garage to work o
  8. You need to look at your game and see where you are deficient. You want to work on areas that you are dropping strokes. Are you three putting alot? Are you missing a lot of 3-4 foot putts? Then address the specific issue with a specific training aid not get a training aid and try and shape that to your game. Launch monitors can tell you lots of stuff, but do you know what to do with that data? I recommend after each round you play for the next three or four rounds, seeing where you are throwing away most of your strokes. 3 putts? Duffs? penalties (from driver or irons)? chipping not
  9. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Rafael Cabrera Bello Tier 4: Danny Willett Tier 5: Cameron Smith Winning Score: -7
  10. Thomas "Tigger" Korsmo Commander US Navy Lakeland Tennessee (play year round) Currently using Bushnell V3 Slope edition, last year. Used Bushnell 1500 slope for several years before that.
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