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  1. I will say that until the last few seasons, most of the guys I know have used off the rack clubs. As they have decided to update the bag, I have managed to get them to spend the time to get properly fit. I can say the results are very positive. In general, the handicaps have come down a bit and the confidence that the clubs are correct for them has gone up.
  2. I'm a Titleist fitter and have never been sent a blend sheet. If you mix T100 and T200 you will end up with 2 of the iron that makes your changeover. Most common mixed sets change at the 6 iron, so this would give you a T100 6 iron and a T200 6 iron.
  3. Been playing Titleist MBs, every iteration over the last 20 years. It was time for a change. Was fitted for both the T100 and the CNCPT-02. Decided on the CNCPT-02, awaiting delivery.
  4. 19hole


  5. I was open to moving away from blades, but at my last fitting I got the best results from the MBs. While they were not the longest of the irons I tried, they were the most consistent and had the best launch and spin numbers.
  6. Rick / MA 1 I have never used a putting training device.
  7. I think that Titleist was, in the past, thought of as a "players only" brand. With the advent of Titleist Thursdays, they have shown more players that they do have products in the lineup for players of all skill levels. They might not be the longest clubs out there but they are very well made and offer a lot of consistency in the products. They have started to spend more effort on marketing things other than balls. We will see if that translates into better club sales numbers.
  8. In Sydney I think the "must plays" would be The Australian Club and New South Wales GC.
  9. Could you please add BROKE 70 and HOLE in 1 for me.... thanks!
  10. I have been using a MEVO for a bit over a year without putting the dots on and seem to get pretty good data. I have compared it to a TrackMan and while it is nowhere near as informative it gives pretty good basic results.
  11. Always DIY. I like fresh grips, so I change them every few weeks. If I paid to have them done I'd go broke!
  12. Rick - Massachusetts Tour Velvet Tour Velvet ALGN
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