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  1. Rick Reading, MA / Orlando, FL Titleist TS2 0.9 Index 100 mph TSi3 preferred
  2. I use a TS3 23 degree as a 3/4 iron replacement. I find that you can hit it out of pretty much anything; fairway, fairway bunker or rough. I also use it off a tee on shorter (345-360 yard) par 4s.
  3. The standard swingweight for your irons is D2. If they left Titleist with the grips you are using, they would have made weight adjustments to keep the D2 swingweight. I agree with actually measuring the swingweight not trying to calculate it. As others have noted, you may install lighter grips or add weight to the clubhead or even a combination of both. Unless you have access to as SW scale, you might want to leave this to a profession club maker. Alternatively, you could arrange to send them back to Titleist and they can make the adjustment for you. They will add weight at the shaft/clubhead
  4. Nothing but Jet Black for me. I hate looking down at a wedge in the bright sun and getting blinded by the reflection from the face of the club.
  5. I took out my 718 MBs last year and put a set of the CNCPT-02s in the bag. They look like the MB at address, you can work the ball like the MB but they are very forgiving if you mis-hit it. Love them!
  6. Rick, New England indoors, on an old piece of indoor/outdoor carpet I've never used a purpose made putting mat. Prefer to test the Medium speed as most of the greens I play fall into that speed range.
  7. Bob Vokey suggests going one flex softer in your wedges than the rest of your irons. In Bob I trust!
  8. We are closed, but that is not unusual for this time of year here. We were going to open, but the state has ordered all courses to stay closed.
  9. I think that is an absurd amount of money for a full bag of clubs! As a fitter, I am sure that there are any number of stock (or minimal upcharge) shafts that would work well for you. Have you thought about a fitting that is not tied to a retailer, like a Titleist Thursday? The fitting is free, they send you the specs and you can buy them anywhere you like.
  10. Your best bet is to find a good club fitter. Try everything that the fitter suggests. Look at the launch monitor numbers and see what you like the looks of. Pick the ones that you hit the best and look good to you at address.
  11. While an interesting idea, I prefer (as do most of the people that I have taught) the one on one interaction between the student and the Professional. The AI just can't have a real-time conversation with the student to determine actual needs and goals. Some swings have more than one flaw. Usually fixing the worst of them can fix some of the others. I'll stick to live instruction....sorry.
  12. I will say that until the last few seasons, most of the guys I know have used off the rack clubs. As they have decided to update the bag, I have managed to get them to spend the time to get properly fit. I can say the results are very positive. In general, the handicaps have come down a bit and the confidence that the clubs are correct for them has gone up.
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