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  1. Sean/ Baltimore, MD iPhone 11 Primarily Indoors until spring When inside
  2. Yes technically it is still in Beta and (i've tried) they aren't keen on providing an estimate when the apple watch might have similar reliability as the LINK or just the phone.
  3. Sean Baltimore, MD Cobra F7 14 106-110 TSi3
  4. I don't think there is actually any real incentive to drastically improve pace of play at the pro level. I think they try to do enough to keep from too many pros and fans from complaining, but there's isn't an actual reason for them to pick up the pace of play. Shortening the tournament by faster pace only means less commercials and people aren't turning the TV off if there is something compelling happening at the finish of a tournament. The USGA might want to improve pace of play overall for the game, but I just don't buy there is any urgency for them to shorten the couple events they each
  5. I understand the uproar of the how Bryson is changing with his length and its definitely a game changer, but you're also talking about an insanely talented guy in the first place. It's not like some PGA journeyman or young struggling Korn Ferry player underwent this transformation and unlocked a key to success. I know the TV plays up certain story lines because #content and his length and a lot of short irons helped him lead in SG Approach, but they definitely didn't give enough credit to Bryson's scrambling around the green (#3 SG for US Open) and putting (#18 for the US Open). One t
  6. This was a great video and you can tell the amount of hard work that went into it. I like how foreplay has slightly bumped up the sophistication of some of their golf content, while also staying true to their more relaxed feel which differentiates them from No Laying Up which has more analysis/takes. I like that each of those podcasts provides different type of content and it doesn't feel redundant to listen to both or watch the content each produces.
  7. Player B needs to relax if it's just for fun, once the put is given in a casual setting nothing after matters. If it was reversed and Player A counted a 7 after the group saying it was a gimme, he'd be a sandbagger. So I think its actually pretty respectable of him that he doesn't want that missed putt to be included in his handicap (assuming he's allowed to take a 7). If you were in match play it could be a different story, after a putt is given in match play I believe any stroke by that player after the fact is a loss of hole penalty. The main situation here would be if Player A an
  8. I play a mixed bag which reflects a combination of what I liked the best when testing clubs and getting fit (Mizuno Irons, Vokey Wedges, Scotty Putter) and what I was able to get good value on (bought Cobra Driver and 3W during a Buy a Driver, Get a Wood Promo, my scotty was 60% off, and the Cobra hybrid was also a clearance rack special). As to the OPs original question, I think there are different types of people in each category: - There are definitely people who play 1 brand of clubs because they are fan boys, or its what a certain player uses, and you can't convince them anothe
  9. I think he'd be easier to root for and people would appreciate his different approach if he just did his own thing and explained it when asked, but instead he explains his approach then tells us/boasts about how genius it is and how we should appreciate what he's dong for the game of golf. I think that's what drives most people crazy, he might even gain more fans if he just leaned into his cockiness, but he's stuck in between this sensitive guy who wants to be liked by everyone and someone who has cockiness/confidence/arrogance that his approach is going to make him the best golfer in the worl
  10. Agree with get fit if you can, they will determine what is best route to go. A couple things I'd keep in mind as someone who plays a split set: 1. You need to pay attention to lofts because most manufactures have jacked up lofts on the game improvement/super game improvement irons, so its not necessarily a smooth progression. It also might not be as simple of bending lofts, because if you bend it too much it will change other characteristics like the bounce. 2. From my fitting experience and things I've read/seen, fitters generally recommend 6 iron as the club to split at. You can e
  11. Buzza Golf on youtube actually just posted a video about this a month ago, talking about how to hit hybrid stingers and the differences versus a traditional driving iron. Video is called how to hit your hybrid low. As others mention the flight might not look exactly like a tiger stinger, but its all relative to what the normal flight of the club is.
  12. I think Martin Chuck did a video somewhere that shows most tour golfers get lead wrist flexion (bow) somewhere in the downswing, and the bowed wrist at the top does mean less club face movement throughout the swing. I think the one thing about having a bowed wrist at the top is you have to rotate hard, especially if you want to fade the ball at all, so it not necessarily as simple as bowing your wrist at the top of your swing. Obviously its best to work with a swing coach unless you're incredibly knowledge about the golf swing and how to make changes successfully.
  13. NO-AD sport works great for me. I find it modestly less greasy than some other brands, they almost make sunscreen sticks (looks like deodorant) if you don't want to get your hands greasy mid-round, although its not as easy to apply and you go through it faster.
  14. If your intention is to play in state sanctioned tournaments (both state championships or just "competitive/fun" tournaments), most of the time you have to be a member of your states golf association anyways, and the fee includes a official USGA handicap. Something to keep in mind next time your Grint Pro comes up for renewal. Most states charge $30-40 to join the "eClub" or you can also join through your local course (publics typically just don't advertise handicap/state golf association memberships).
  15. Thanks, I completely missed the part. Makes sense given the uncertainty about when tournaments will have spectators again.
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