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  1. Well over the past two months I've had some PTO to use up before it expired so I've been able to play more often and instead of 1-2 times a week its been 2-3 times. Yesterday I got a late round in despite everyone in quarantine. Played what I would call my home course which I normally and have been trending nicely with my game as long as I could fix a couple mistakes on holes. Finally shot broke below 85 again after club changes, etc. My 2nd best score ever. 1st round using a new ball too. Bridgestone Tour B RX-S Total- 82 Out- 41 In- 41 6/14 FIR (42.9%) 8/18 GIR (44%) 4 Birdies (most ever in a round) 32 Putts (3 3-putts, 7 1-putts) 1 Sandy which ended up being a birdie
  2. Some screenshots from the TXG channel and their recent videos. Of course this is with Matt so it’s not showing a lot of off center hits which is where most of the clubs have improved I would think. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. This was one of TXGs recent Instagram posts. I’m excited for these videos. Can’t wait to see the M2 video. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. I just hate that Bridgestone didnt want them to post their averages because of the swing speed stuff.
  5. I’ve always loved the spider putters so just got this off the old eBay. We’ll see if it replaces the oworks #1 that I’ve been gaming. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. patrickleeleep

    Your ball?

    I have a few boxes of multiple brands/ versions. I still have a couple dozen K Sig 3 piece, and a couple boxes of the K Sig 4 piece. Once I run out of those, I'll play the TP5X that I have a few dozen of. Then once those are gone through, I have a dozen ProV1s. When I finally make it through all of those, Id like to play one single ball and I'm leaning towards the Bridgestone Tour B RXS. Lately I havent been losing a lot of balls though so even if I lose a ball each round I have enough to last me over a year, maybe two so by then who knows what I will want to play.
  7. I was thinking this or lessons, but I know if I pay for lessons, I wont put in the time to practice and really instill the lessons learned. So probably a fitting. Although, I played again this weekend and had another good round for me so I'd love to do a fitting/ gapping test.
  8. This thread makes me feel much better haha Current- JPX 900 Forged Previous In order from beginning- TM Rocketballz Cobra F7 One Length TM P790
  9. This looks pretty promising (depending on price). I would love to be able to go to the range and work on consistent distances, assuming, its decently accurate. Another thing would be what features it has. It looks like you can have the driving range display which is great and I dont expect you to be able to link it to one of the golf games like TGC. Will it have any of the features like Skytrak though? Bag Mapping, the handicap test thing where it gives you random distances, etc.
  10. Oh I’m talking about the 3 throw away games. Besides that, it’ll be much tougher except we did get upset by S Carolina not long ago. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Last year was about the same and next year is just as bad.
  12. I do. I dont see the problem with that. But 8 conference games where you play New Mexico State, Southern Miss, and Western Carolina, thats where I see the problem. I just wish it could be more universal for making things tougher. I dont see anything changing soon but at least we have scheduled home and homes with Texas, Wisconsin, FSU (hopefully they turn their program around), West Virginia, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma.
  13. I've never looked into season tickets as I live in Las Vegas so I dont know to that extent. I just mean their schedule in general. At least Bama has some good home and home setups coming soon so Im really excited for that.
  14. I cut my down and added a mid size grip which changed the swing weight even more. I changed the weight out in the g400 from the standard 7g weight to a 17.5g weight. Loving the feeling of it and its been pretty consistent.
  15. I'm an Alabama fan and as much as I love seeing them dominate other teams, it does nothing for the game, doesn't help either program, or the NCAA at all. I hate these scrub schedules then you get a tough game and cant execute start to finish. SEC needs to up their conference games as well and move from the current 8 games of conference to play to 9. There's too many years that can go by where conference teams dont even play each other. I'd love to see some kind of rules where it limits the scheduling of Division 1-AA games and makes you schedule more Power 5 conference games.
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