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  1. Tried to get in 18 yesterday. Coming down the last few holes the dark was settling in. This was the view from 18 down the fairway. Hit one of my best 7 iron shots on the approach. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. These things showed up. Thank you tax return. P790s w recoil shafts. Now off to the range/ course to put some work in. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. I thought the same thing. I wasnt trying overly heavy shafts or anything either. Some 95, some 105. I do hear a lot about confidence when hitting different combinations. Watching TXG videos you hear it. Maybe that had something to do with it as well.
  4. Please take a lot of pictures and document it. Would love to hear about your experiences with it. A few friends and I have been looking around at golf trips and this one seems like a great one.
  5. I recently did my iron fitting and be relatively new to golf and still working on my swing and flexibility, I cant produce a higher swing speed as easy. With my 7 iron I was getting 76-78 mph and decent distance on a few different steel shafts. I tried out some graphite shafts and was around 85-87mph and the dispersion was less as well. The flight was overall better, a little more spin and higher launch which helps me since I'm a bit of a picker that doesnt get it up in the air as well as I would like. So in my new irons I will be playing the Recoil 760 w/ smacwrap.
  6. This is mine as well. Exactly how it happens. Or you hit a good drive on a short par 4. So you have a 275 yard drive with a wedge in hand for another 60 yards. You skull that shot over the green and you get up to it to chip it on and hopefully 1 putt and escape with a par. Instead, you chunk the chip and stay in the rough. From there you hit a less than stellar chip and two putt from the frustration. I hate those holes.
  7. I currently play the f7 one lengths. So over my current clubs I def saw more improvement in distance. Then when we got the shaft dialed in I was a lot more consistent as well. I will add that my f7s were off the rack without a fitting so I was expecting to see improvements. I also had better spin, further distance and less dispersion with the p790 vs the others that I tested.
  8. Starting testing all 4. Removed the least consistent and worst performing which was the f9. So then it was the g410, Hot metal pro, and p790. After hitting a bunch of shots, the hot metal was dropped off. Then it was between the g410 and p790. The p790 ending up beating the g410 in both performance and consistency. Ordered 5-Aw p790.
  9. Well hit some irons today. G410, F9 one length, Hot metal pro, and the p790. Was really looking into the g410 and HMP but the p790 performed so well. Now I can’t stop thinking about them being in my bag. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Guessing you have to call for prices? I dont really see any clubs that have prices listed.
  11. I was thinking the same thing haha. 24 handicap with that speed, launch, spin, descent angle. I wish I had that.
  12. I love the look of these things. Now if only my local club champion would contact me back so I can get a proper fit that Golf Galaxy probably wont be able to do since when I first wanted to demo them I was switching out the shafts from the cart myself lol Would love to see what they do with a higher spinning ball.
  13. What hole configuration did you have and after having one would would you have changed it if you could?
  14. Love hearing this side of things because most people dont think about it. I want to work on putting and making a consistent stroke. Part of that being start line because without that putts will never go in. My apartment is also wood floors so I cant just putt on the floor like i used to be able to. Having a green would be beneficial to that point. I've owned the small strips that are 1'x10' with the guide lines. And as much as those can help, I feel like the lines hinder my ability because I step up and its all there for me. I just make an ok strike and its in. One of these like the birdie ball, etc will be more beneficial to to me as there are no guide lines so lining up the putt to start is the first challenge. Without the correct alignment at the start, my startline wont matter as much. So in short my goals would: Daily (or close to daily)practice on alignment first and then start line. Putt speed Mild breaks in putts since it is big enough to make some slight breaks in the green And also, entertainment. My golfing buddies come over from time to time for sports and all that. So during half time or in between games it would add some entertainment for us golfers.
  15. I think the BirdieBall is looking to be the best option. I wont be building any kind of stand as I live in an apartment so this will be in the living room in between the rug and tv stand. Theres a good amount of space which I think a 4x12 would be perfect. How did you guys do the hole configurations and how do you like them or would make changes now after having it for some time?
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