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  1. Moli out, DJ in the bunker on 18.
  2. Highland Falls Golf Course in Summerlin, 20 mins from the Vegas Strip. This elevated par 3 has an incredible view. Not sure how a panoramic photo will be on here. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. I'm really curious to see these results as well. After some videos on the TXG youtube, different golf balls have really peaked my interest. Mostly in the spin category with them testing and sometimes seeing up to 1200rpm spin difference in a 6 or 7 iron.
  4. I played a set of one lengths but have now switched back to variable length set. I guess you might see more consistency. When you get into the "longer" irons 4, 5, and maybe 6 you dont see the same trajectory as you do in variable length irons. So unless you're a player with a pretty good swing and create an ideal ball flight, I wouldnt switch. First thing I noticed when switching to my variable length set is a higher peak height with my new 5 and 6 irons.
  5. Not sure I'll be able to join in and play as thats the Masters week so I'll be glued to my couch watching and the other days fall into my work week. Courses- Chimera Golf Club is in phenomenal shape (minus the range). They have rentals but no idea of pricing. (East side towards Lake Las Vegas) Las Vegas National is a great courses and is pretty popular for visitors. They have rentals as well. (central in terms of Vegas being minutes away from the strip) Another centrally located course which is Vegas's muni course is Las Vegas Golf Club. Cheaper and have rentals Rhodes Ranch, Siena, and Bears Best are all great courses and in the southwest (They have rentals as far as I'm aware) In Summerlin (West Las Vegas) there are a handful of good courses. I'm not sure of which have rentals but courses would be Arroyo Golf Club, Highland Falls, and Palm Valley.
  6. I think right now it's just comfort. I've just always gripped it that way so its whats most comfortable. With the shorter chip shots I'm not bringing the arms back and turning the shoulder like I would on a full length swing and thats where I feel the biggest difference.
  7. Around the green and anything under 40 yards feels very comfortable with a more neutral grip and helps generate more spin which helps. Its just trying to implement that same grip into full swings especially in the longer clubs.
  8. That makes sense for sure. My problem is a very strong grip with the right hand/ thumb basically on the right outer side or under the grip. This alone is making it harder for me to get a better shoulder turn because arms just dont work that way haha. I try to fix it at the range but I just feel out of whack trying to have a more neutral grip when making a full swing and after a few shots I slowly start fading into the old grip.
  9. The one issue I see with this is how you get your ball to that distance. Carry vs Total distance. My 7 iron is 80-85mph ss and carries 170ish and rolls out to 185 because of low spin and being a picker. So my 5 iron while it might go 200 yards, it doesnt carry near that. More like carrying high 180s and rolling out 200-205. So for me, playing a course at 7200, if there is any sort of long carry par 3s then I am screwed. Or if its soft/ wet conditions and my ball doesnt roll out like it normally does, I'm very short on everything.
  10. Spring is most definitely in the air. Even my apartments are getting in the spirit. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Mojave Resort Golf Club in Laughlin, NV. Almost like a hidden gem. Loved the layout but couldn’t get away from 25-30mph winds which made for a tough day. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. It was previosuly Tuscany then a number of years ago it was renamed to Chimera. Its out on the way to Lake Las Vegas. Legacy is still around. Recently closed and was going to be sold but some things in the original lease prevented that so it's open again. I like that course though.
  13. So I know I'm not the only that has a grip that probably limits their golf game. I bought a skilz grip aid to help me with some muscle memory and to properly swing with that grip but its not a full length club so I feel that hinders me in really seeing how it feels in the back swing and at impact. TEMPO AND GRIP TRAINER I have seen a couple full length grip training clubs on ebay that seem to be pretty old school. Those have peaked my interest but they look to be heavy and not something that is similar to anything I have in the bag. Would this still be good to use? Master-Grip-Groovie-by-Pat-Simmons-Mens-Swing-Trainer-Golf-Club My other thought was to find a used iron or two in the same setup that I have or something similar and put a grip trainer grip on there. Then I can take that to the range with me and really be able to practice the full motion of hitting balls with the proper grip. Has anyone used anything like mentioned above to help fix their grips?
  14. Thanks! I've only played one of the courses there and the par 3 night course. Need to play the other one though. Not really a home course but I live in Henderson and Id say I play Chimera golf club (Depending on when you lived here it might have been called Tuscany) a lot. Since its a 5 minute drive, has great resident rates, and normally in great condition.
  15. This was the one of the most entertaining things I watched on youtube ever.
  16. Thanks guys! Pretty happy with it so far. Just got the irons and have only played 1 round with them so far. Once I figure out some real world differences I'll figure out what I want to do with my wedges or longer clubs. Currently have an open spot and wedges go from 50* AW to my 58* then 64*.
  17. Well, this is my first ever time doing a WITB but here it is. Driver- Ping G400 10.5* Stiff Alta CB Shaft Wood- Ping G400 5W 17.5* Stiff Alta CB Shaft Hybrid- Cobra F8 One Length 22* Regular Shaft Irons- 5-AW Taylormade P790 UST Recoil 760 F3 w Smac Wrap Wedges- 58/12 RTX 2.0 64/6 RTX 4 (Might change as the year goes along) Putter- Odyssey O Works #1 34" And now for the pictures:
  18. I very much enjoyed it. I've always liked Bryson though and seeing him win in Vegas this years was pretty cool.
  19. Tried to get in 18 yesterday. Coming down the last few holes the dark was settling in. This was the view from 18 down the fairway. Hit one of my best 7 iron shots on the approach. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. These things showed up. Thank you tax return. P790s w recoil shafts. Now off to the range/ course to put some work in. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. I thought the same thing. I wasnt trying overly heavy shafts or anything either. Some 95, some 105. I do hear a lot about confidence when hitting different combinations. Watching TXG videos you hear it. Maybe that had something to do with it as well.
  22. Please take a lot of pictures and document it. Would love to hear about your experiences with it. A few friends and I have been looking around at golf trips and this one seems like a great one.
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