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    Any of you know where you can order turkey breast online? I smoked some turkey breast for Thanksgiving as a trial and.... my mother in law is no longer interested in cooking turkey next year. I bought butterball turkey breast because it was all i could find locally, but i was disappointed to find out that it isn't just a single, large turkey breast, it was a semi-large one with some filets to make up the weight to 4lbs. Looking for something like this: I tried to Google but I could only find pre-cooked birds that will ship to you. Looking for a Snake River Farms type of service, but one that offers turkey breast. Also, if anyone is interested, this is the video that I got the idea from/copied:
  2. Played today and it was nice that the tradewinds were down for the first 8 holes. Took the opportunity to play the 348 on the front and it does everything that I'd expect a ProV1x to do -- at least what I'm familiar with having played them for the last 2 years. Switched to the 388 on the back, and the winds picked up a little bit. Nothing really crazy, a 1-club wind at most. I really struggle to notice a huge difference between the two outside of: The feel. The 348 is firmer (no shock) on all shots and feels "lighter" like I've mentioned before. Again, I struggle to explain it since feel is subjective, but the 388 feels softer, and heavier at the same time. Launch and peak height windows with driver thru 5i are higher with the 348. Shot an 80 with a double on the front and a triple on the back where I hit 4 total bunker shots out of 3 different bunkers (LOL). So I got to go to the beach and play golf today, wee!
  3. Last 2 iterations of the X compared to the 348 -- I don't see much difference on full shots. I might have to go and get a dozen of the current V1 to test since I don't really play it that often, but on full swings the ball is noticeably flatter of a flight, especially with lower-lofted clubs.
  4. I know they say you should start from the green and work your way back when choosing a ball, but I honestly don't really notice a difference performance wise around the greens. The only difference between the two in the short game is the feel. I've been a V1x user for a few years as I mentioned previously, because I needed the height and spin. Admittedly, I never seriously tried the regular V1 because of the marketing saying it's the lower flying ball. After I found out that my previous irons weren't spinning enough for me, which resulted in the lack of height, I've found that I don't really need the extra spin after finally getting a proper fit. Played today in 20mph tradewinds with slightly stronger gusts, basically a two club wind for the most part. Since I know pretty much how the V1x/348 will perform, I chose to play the 388 since I have very little experience playing the "regular" V1. In short, I'm probably going to switch to regular V1 after this. Off the tee the V1x/348 is noticably higher and launching through a higher window. The V1/388 is flatter, but seems to move forward more, rather than arching like the 348 if that makes sense. They both go the same total distance, and I'm not gaining distance over last year's V1x. The V1 just gets there differently, and in a round like today where it was blustery, it was very welcome.
  5. Hurt my elbow . Probably going to have to take the weekend off, but I'll be back to testing next week
  6. Absolutely cursed round today. Couldn't for the life of me string good shots together. Either a poor tee shot and decent second, or absolutely smash one and yank my approach left. Also had a couple of drives that ended up way worse than they should've -- smoke one down the middle and end up with a downhill, ball below feet lie kind of day. Making excuses, as that's what happens sometimes, but today just felt extra rude. Like dunking one from 80y, only for it to rocket to the left into the greenside bunker. You can see where the ball entered the cup: On the bright side, I got to test the new ProVs, and I kinda prefer the regular V1 where I normally play the X. Excited to test them more.
  7. Played like absolute dog water on the front so since I wasn't going to make any semblance of a typical score, I put the 388/ProV1 in play on the back 9. I still played like doodoo, but there were some differences that I felt. Feel is so subjective, but: Ball seems to want to move forward more than the 348, and last generation V1x that I'm familiar with. Don't know if that's due to less spin and the ball not "floating" as much, but just an observation since I don't have LM data. Still went plenty high for me, so I liked that a lot. The 388 feels "heavy" compared to the 348. But off the face feels really soft. 348 not clicky by any means, but it feels hollow and less marshmallowy. I kinda prefer the 388 feel wise. Spin around the greens was a little hard to judge when I was practicing because it was wet and I was getting rained on while chipping. Then the sun came out and it was immediately a sauna. Couldn't really tell the difference other than feel in this instance, but I'll have a couple more sessions before I put out my actual review. Cover is kinda sus. I hit a rock once, so I was expecting one rash. Somehow the ball had two after 9 holes.
  8. Headed to the course so I can chip with both for an hour before the round. Going to play the V1X first since I've gamed that ball for years and have the most familiarity with it. If time permits I'll drop some V1s down from the same positions on the course to see if I can do some direct comparisons but I doubt it won't be crowded. Gonna walk on to the munis a few times to play them against each other where I know I can "practice" during the round without being a jerk and holding folks' rounds up. Btw, does anyone know if the 348/red number is in fact the V1X? And the 388/black is the regular V1? I'm assuming they didn't switch the number colors around, but they've done it in the past.
  9. I was bummed on Friday because I saw in my USPS app that I was getting a package from Yorktown on Monday. Much to my surprise, I got it today! Perfect timing because I'm playing tomorrow let's gooooooooo
  10. The only reason why the Z-star diamond is in my signature, was because they're cheaper than V1x when the promo is running. They've been decent, but for me the V1x ticks all of the boxes, except price. I think the Bridgestone Tour BX is better in the wind, but greenside spin with that ball is 404 - not found (for me). That's why I was excited to hear that the new V1/x are supposed to be better in the wind, and why I signed up. Money-no-object though, I would find it hard to believe everyone on the forums couldn't find a Titleist ball that fit their game, which is why they're the most played ball on tour.
  11. Posted my intro, be on the lookout for the other folks' intros! You can learn something about our newer members instead of reading the boring intro of a forum dinosaur (me)
  12. Let's gooooooooo! Thanks again for the opportunity mod squad. Definitely excited to see what these balls do in the wind, after reading that it was a point of emphasis in the article that Tony wrote for MGS. So if you're like me, and it's always at least blowing 20mph every round (and somehow always in your face regardless which way the hole is) stay tuned because I'll have plenty of windy golf to put these through.
  13. Intro Just want to shoutout the mods first to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to test a product that I've been heavily contemplating bagging recently! My name is Kory and I am blessed to call Hawaii my home. I've been playing this great (frustrating mostly) game for most of my life. Started at a young age, kinda fell out of love with golf in high school and college, but since 2017 have been absolutely obsessed. Prior to the birth of my son in 2021, I was playing 9 holes weekly, and 18-hole rounds about twice a month. I'm currently playing 1-2 times a month now, but I am going to have to play and practice more to do this test some justice for the other forum members and readers, sorry wife (not sorry)! While I was playing more frequently, I got down to a 7.7 HDCP. Now that I'm not playing or practicing as often, I don't submit scores, but typically shoot low 80s with the occasional high-70s round sprinkled in. You know how golf is, you'll go and shoot a solid round for your handicap and think "hey, I'm back I can do this!" and then get absolutely wrecked the next round. Golf be like that sometimes. My typical ball flight is mid-height and while it is good for keeping the ball out of the tradewinds, I hate it lol. I want to feel the drama of throwing the ball into the clouds and have it strike down on the green from the heavens above. That was overly dramatic but you get the point. Ball go high = more fun (for me) so that's what I look for in a ball. The V1x in the past has been the best ball for me to achieve that, since I'm not a very high speed player, and learned from a recent iron fitting that I'm relatively low spin as well, with my misses being more low spin. So, that's likely why I've gotten along with the V1x for so long since it is the "higher launching, higher spinning" option. Short-game spin is even more important to my game and a successful score, as I'm not really the 8i bump and run guy. I like to see what kind of spin I can get from my lie, and come up with a plan from there when I'm chipping, expecting a certain amount of "check" or "no check." The lack of short game skill is probably why I hover around an 8 When I read the tour seeding post that Toney wrote for the MGS blog, and it mentioned Sheffler talking about the ball being developed with the wind in mind, I immediately got excited. Hopefully not just some marketing stuff they put in his ears, but that's what I'm hoping to see in my testing: is this ball better than previous iterations in the wind? If they make the "best" ball (as in, most played ball at the highest levels of golf) better in the wind (something that I'm dealing with 9/10 rounds) then there's no chance one of these balls doesn't make it into my bag, right? Can't wait to test and see!
  14. I don't even know of a single shop that could rebuild a rotary back in "my days" of really being into cars. My friend had a turbo FC, was always wondering what would happen if the seals blew. My first car was an 89 240sx coupe. Ordered a JDM front clip and swapped the motor, fenders, headlights, front bumper. Car pretty much had full bolt-ons, full coilovers, boost controller, but basically stock outside of that. Was probably one of the first ~20 or so SR20-swapped on the island at the time. Pretty fun car, used to spin the tires all the way till 3rd gear, and really easy to get sideways. 2004 me wasn't playing golf because all of my money went into my POS car lol.
  15. Wouldn't you start most putts 1* offline? That's a miss every time at 10' or more I believe.
  16. If you're fit into a specific shaft that isn't part of the Mizuno matrix, they (Truespec) would have to build them for you. You're definitely able to order direct from OEM, and you might be able to tell them during your fit that you don't want non-oem offered shafts, but I'm not 100% on that. Truespec doesn't want to leave it up to OEM to build though, they pride themselves in their build quality and can't provide that same guarantee otherwise. There's definitely a markup for them to build it, they're a business after all. It's up to you to decide if it's worth the extra money. For me, it is -- I'm trying to give myself less excuses to buy new clubs.
  17. I got my irons in 3 weeks and they had to go to Truespec to be built out first. I think the supply chain/logistics issues have improved greatly. Good news for all us club hos!
  18. And you're my hero. 2 sets of JPX and 2 AFs?
  19. I think he means he wants them added to Mizuno's matrix
  20. Just like the golf industry, there are a lot of unaware consumers. Just have to try and communicate the things you've learned along your journey and hopefully people listen and pass the word along.
  21. From 20-80 it might take your car two hours to charge. From 80-100 it'll take another hour according to this study: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352484719310911 "Note that, the total time to charge the car from 20% to 100% of SoC was, on average, 3 h and 6 min, while for the area between 20%–80% of SoC it took almost 2 h and for the last 20% of SoC" So yeah, it's better for the battery lifecycle to do the 20-80 thing, but it's also better on your energy bill. So when your commute allows it, it's better to just charge to 80%. I've read online that people charge to 100% once a month for "conditioning" but I don't see any evidence to back it up. Supposedly to keep the battery in good health, but hard to believe everything you read on the internet. Even the article I linked might be a sham, but at least I'm able to measure that myself, and I've found it to be consistent. I've done L3 charging twice and both times the car flew to 80 quickly, then plateaued
  22. Time for the NFL to open an investigation on Miami and Tua's "back" injury in Week 3. Willing to bet he was concussed on Sunday, after what just went down on TNF. Sad to see, obviously had a soft spot for Tua since he's a local boy. Hope he recovers fully and reconsiders playing football.
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