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  1. My former driver was a G30 so this one is like a dream for me. Both drivers are louder on mis-hits but I'm finding the center of the club face much more often with G410 than I ever did with the G30. Instead of the usual CLANG or PAONG, I'm getting a very satisfying KABLOW BOOOM PIKAEWEEE The rest might feel otherwise comparing it to various OEMs
  2. We fixed that problem on desktop/mobile browser using a tool that auto-condenses quotes. But nay, it's not an option for the app. Sorry
  3. Excellent scenario to test them. Thanks for trooping it out on our behalf. Soaked to the bone as in the gear didn't deliver? Or something else?
  4. Great setup. Let's see some pics!!
  5. @Middler this would make a great poll. Would be happy to feature it on the side bar if you edited it in. Today I think I played my quickest. 2:21. Didn't play speed golf by rushing shots but I did jog between all the long shots. Didn't run into anyone until my back 9, then was luckily let through by 4 groups. Good times and got home early enough to keep SWMBO happy.
  6. That Siri feature gets on my nerves. 1) because, just like Siri, it has a hard time doing what you ask. 2) it just doesn't do the stuff I need when lining up a shot. 3) you can't tell it to "never ask me again" so it's always popping up.
  7. Oooooo lookie. Didn't see this in the update notes but check out this here: That was one of my biggest gripes before that Arccos appeared to be penalizing your approach for punch outs. This was an automatic mark, I didn't have to add it. Now they just need to add a strokes gained pitching out sideways stat.
  8. Got my new freshies today The replacement took a little longer because they were trying to contact me while I was out of the country. Wanted to make sure I didn't wanna make a change in specs or to a different model. I thought hard about the iBlades but ultimately decided to stick with the i500s because I need more help than I'm readily willing to admit. Did make a spec change though, went with the Modus105 in X this time (instead of S) because I'm going after the ball much harder now on grass than I was during the fitting. I know it's the same basic set but there's still nothing like taking the wrappers off a brand new set of irons. This must be what it feels like to be @Golfspy_CG2
  9. So I suppose Digest is all set??? No trade talks coming from our side. @HardcoreLooper is Xander on the table? @GolfSpy Stroker what about Stallings? PS. I'm open too
  10. Really cool pictures guys! Great stuff. Are you all having decent luck lining rounds up with the rain? I'm sure it's a totally opposite way of thinking. Probably especially difficult getting friends to join you! Are you guys finding that certain headgear works better than others? Curious about drippage into the suit from the top. Also, is an umbrella even necessary anymore?
  11. Catching up on this one. Great start to the testers! Very nice comparison by @TR1PTIK because I was struggling to see the difference until he called out the blocky badge. These are still some very beautiful wedges so in thankful you three put together some quality photos for the write-ups. Wedges are tricky to test because there's just so many scenarios you have to use them. I'm most interested to see how they handle different grass textures around the green but also look forward to your assessments of ease with 50% 75% and full shots. Anybody dunk one yet? You know I'm a sucker for a good trick shot.
  12. This is going to be a fun group to follow. Great start guys. For those interested, all 4 are on Arccos so you can see them shot by shot. You don't need to own an Arccos set to download the app and follow players so it's worth a look. You KNOW I'm following them so I can spy on the test vs. test drive off. Are you all finding that your fitting choices were correct? Always interested to hear how fittings work out for guys that hadn't done it before.
  13. Great starts guys. Common theme definitely seems to be the adjustment period but I'm glad to see you all plan to roll hundreds or thousands of putts over this test period. If nothing else, looks like you'll be getting a ton of practice in. I think I'm the most interested in longer lag putts. Like many others, I gave the belly putters a try after the Keegan/Dufner shoot outs. The short-ish putts came with practice but I never could get the hang of speed control from distance. At this point, would any of you feel comfortable putting them in play for a league round right now?
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