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  1. Wondering why my team is plummeting down the leaderboard. Then I see this:
  2. This was actually a factor when I bought my Apple Watch. I wanted to use Arccos without phone-in-pocket but didn't know if I could comfortably play with a watch on my wrist. So, I wore a cheapo watch for a few rounds to see if it affected play. Wouldn't you know it, I got along just fine. With some swings, it actually helped improve wrist position. Bought the Apple Watch and love it in daily wear. Haven't made it out for a good Arccos round just yet but their latest update has me excited. With ShotScope shrinking, I wouldn't be surprised we start seeing more and more people wearing wrist accessories during their rounds. Can't say I'll ever be the type to wear fancy schmancy watches though. Love the look but 1) I can't (read shouldn't) afford them and 2) don't trust myself not to ding them up. Even still, I'd never wear those on the course.
  3. Anyone else do this? Although I have 6 guys going this week, I still felt like I had to evaluate the FA list with extreme scrutiny just in case someone better was out there. Didn't end up making a move so Van Rooyen better go nuts this week! I'm the only one that has him so that'll be a big boost if he does. To give you an idea of how deep, I even used the "extra" stats categories Fantrax uses. You can really get lost comparing holes per birdie against boogies per round and beyond. Am I alone in the insanity here? Probably just me and @fixyurdivot on analytics island lol. @Quigleyd I'm majority app but have to get on desktop time to time for commissioner things. They're both fine but I need the portability since I don't get time to sit at my home computer much.
  4. Just saying, one of our league semi-finalists last year missed the draft and would've made the championship had he set a lineup. With the right pickups, you'll be fine. Heck, Nick Taylor was only owned by one of us last week and he was a Wednesday waiver add. Unlike other sports, the golf draft is not the end all be all.
  5. Agreed. I'm actually quite happy with the mechanics of the league right now. Despite the best ball format, there's still tough decisions to be made week-to-week and more teams have a chance to have a good team. I also think the leaderboard-based scoring is perfect for a league this size; keeping players from hiding behind the matchup schedule and rewarding those who ball out handsomely. Unfortunately the way information is displayed leaves much to be desired so I hope that gets fixed sooner rather than later.
  6. Looking at the specs, it must’ve been the band that made V2 look so big. Both of those are smaller than my Apple Watch but the design shape and sleek band makes it look much smaller. V3 is still a really good step in the right direction. Hope the battery life maintains with the smaller size.
  7. It’s 5 minutes before event start. For regular events in the US, Fantrax considers this 6am (5:55 lock).
  8. They’re supposed to be labeled differently in the players list (yellow + for waivers and green + for FA) but our multiple player situation is causing a glitch in the matrix. I reported that to Fantrax. As to the difference, FA can be added immediately and waivers have to give everyone a fair shot to add. @cnosil did a pretty good job explaining how they end up on each list. The easiest way to tell the difference now is to filter your results of the players list. Amongst other things, you can limit it to FA or waivers only.
  9. Sadly, those are a little bit outside my driving range but I still may join you if the one you choose coincidentally lines up with gaps in my work schedule....... If you're ok watching me shoot 90 In the DC area, I feel like it’s a good time to start taking pulses on a possible Top Golf outing. Would anyone be down for a Friday night in February at National Harbor? Maybe in 2 weeks on the 21st? Or does daytime work better for you guys that have to drive further?
  10. Pebble Beach's recent price increase has drawn some public scrutiny on Social Media. What price can you really put on a once-in-a-lifetime round of golf? Of course, playing Pebble doesn't come down to just a greens fee unless you live in the immediate vicinity. In addition to the cost of playing, you've got to stay at the lodge (if you want to book more than 24hrs in advance), travel would most likely include airfare and a car, plus all the food, beverages, and souvenirs that are part of the collateral experience. Then, who just plays one round on a buddies trip? Throw in a round and Spyglass while you're at it and the all-in trip is pushing right up against $3000. So that begs the question: If you've got $3k to spend on a once-in-a-lifetime golf experience, would you choose to play Pebble Beach or do something else? This thread is a poll so enter your results then talk about your reasoning below. The Options are: Play Pebble Beach Buy Full set of PXG with the fitting experience in AZ Attend a week-long Golf Academy Receive a multi-day lesson from a Celebrity Instructor like Hank Haney or other Outfit your house with a Launch Monitor hitting Studio Other (reply below)
  11. Yes. The finish bonuses stack on each other. Agreed, the way it's displayed doesn't work well for our league. Fantrax is working on a fix but I can't say for sure when it'll be implemented. It's in this thread. Easy way to find it is to check the "hot links" at the top of every page in the thread. There's one for how the scoring works.
  12. Continuing my MO for fantasy golf, I'm hanging around the middle of the pack every week. That was a quick slide down the leaderboard as Horschel ejected. @blackngold_blood I have Cantlay but he hasn't played yet so the emotional value is high. We may be able to work out a deal if you want.
  13. Hey @goaliewales14 Just curious if you're still taking advantage of the online training?? I'm sure it's tough to keep up with but I'm interested in how it's working for you in practice. Also, curious to hear if you kept up with any of the yoga routine. I've been getting into yoga on and off the past 6 months and came across the Tour Striker routine on YouTube. Found it interesting to read that most golf back pain is a result of tight hamstrings. Really liking the way it makes me feel so I'm diving into a 21-day yoga refresh.
  14. YOU GUYS ARE TOO CONSERVATIVE. This one's gonna be a shootout for the ages! Chiefs win 45-42 for a whopping total of 87!!!!
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