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  1. Field is up to 144; ever growing. Deadline to enter is Friday then we'll get our pairings, tee times, flights, and special rules on Sunday. Getting closer to crunch time!! I used Top Golf as my dinner spot the last 2 evenings to work on my fatigued game and to continue working the wipey fade out of my swing. Both objectives complete. I felt a little stiff at first tonight but started swinging on all cylinders pretty shortly into it. Even posted the top score of the night: I'll have to retrain myself to hit off grass next time out but this was a productive 2 days. Starting to feel really good about my swing heading into the final week before showtime.
  2. On this week's episode of No Putts Given, the guys tackle topics like Wilson's return to prominence, first impressions on the new Titleist irons, and music on the course. Full Podcast: CLICK HERE So what do you think? Voice your opinion in the polls provided (not available in app).
  3. US Open Winners Announcement Guess what??? Our Wilson Boy, and hometown here, Gary Woodland was your key to victory in the 2019 US Open #SpyStaffSlam. Count this one for the home team! Out of 806 entries, only 31 picked Gary woodland to win and they make up the top 31 on our standings. I see an "Anonymous Lemur" logged into my tracking sheet so at least one person gets the scoop on the rest of you. This major brought about much higher $$ totals than normal since the leader board was so diverse at the top and Brooks took 2nd alone. A perfect lineup would've been Koepka, Woodland, Oostheizen, BH An, and Reavie totalling $4,721,714 which is CRAZY since $3M is usually enough to win. ALSOOOO. We're getting better at following directions. 81% of the entries filled out a Tier 5 player. Go MGS! Speaking of the sheet, here's the link for your full, final standings: CLICK HERE Without further ado, our top 10: 10) @LankyGolf $3,121,612 Tiger, Woodland, Lowry, Furyk, Reavie 9) @Fjd $3,144,552 Xander, Woodland, Fitzpatrick, Furyk, None 8 @dvdmrtndl $3,630,000 Koepka, Woodland, List, Grace, Noren 7) @Zstaff36 $3,659,534 Koepka, Woodland, C Smith, CH3, Harding 6) @Banana Slice $3,661,500 Koepka, Woodland, Sabbatini, Glover, Blair 5) @tzan $3,667,853 Koepka, Woodland, Kisner, Dufner, HV3 4) @morningteesheet $3,706,071 Koepka, Woodland, List, Furyk, Noren Onward to the Prizes! THIRD PLACE AND WINNER OF A DOZEN WILSON BALLS: By virtue of the tiebreaker, with a guess of -15, @Joelhig $3,706,071 Koepka, Woodland, List, Furyk, Noren SECOND PLACE AND WINNER OF A WILSON D7 DRIVER: @Chriscolon $3,868,526 Koepka, Woodland, McDowell, Furyk, Vegas FIRST PLACE AND WINNER OF A CUSTOM WILSON IRONS SET: @AntA585 $3,977,387 Koepka, Woodland, Oostheizen, SW Kim, HV3 Congrats to our winners! Look out for a PM from me with further instruction. If you didn't win, there's still 1 more chance at The Open Championship. See you all next month!
  4. End of Week 1. Here we go with the recap and announcement for Week 2. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Week 1 Recap... Competitors: Seeing a bit of a shuffle here as @Bucky CC campaigned hard to earn votes for his intro, won the week, and jumps to 1st place in the standings. With 99 total votes, this poll had a very nice turnout. Forum Members: Thanks to all that submitted votes and participated in week 1. Here goes the spin for our lucky winner of a Puma cap and Polo: CONGRATS! Keep an eye out for a PM from me. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Week 2 Challenges... Many of the challenges this year are similar to last year but we've got some new wrinkles to introduce for some unique flavor. Various weekly prizes will be available to forum members based on challenges set forth. Competitors: Enough of the popularity contests, let's see what these guys have got!! Tried and true, we're getting off the tee in fashion to hit some fairways. Our competitors will be graded on their FIR % for the week plus a bonus based on baseline driving handicap. The competitors will also be sharing a 100-word review this week of the driver now that they're putting it to a trial by fire Forum Members: Trivia Time. Keep an eye out on the thread this Saturday. Sometime during the day, I'll post a trivia question based on the testers intros. First person to answer correctly gets the prize. Forum Member Prize: The lucky winner this week will receive a pair of Puma NXT Solelace Golf Shoes. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  5. :Sigh: Another 0-5 week. I guess I can take solace in the fact that no lineup would've gotten me some wins since even my bench wouldn't have gotten it done. #SpyStaffSlam lineup is looking ok though if Xander can get hot
  6. That's an excellent analogy. I hadn't thought of it that way but you're absolutely right. The cycle was much shorter than this but I definitely see parallel. In my baseball days, I definitely poured a lot of energy into research and the mental side. I'd gather as much info as I could on the town, campus, field, fences, weather, other team, tendencies, you name it. In addition to the research, I had an internal routine too ranging from baseball-specific prep all the way down to the length of my fingernails. To some extent, I do this for all rounds on a new/rarely played course. Unfortunately, time isn't on my side to play/practice as much as I'd hope so I'm trying to pour extra effort into the mental side to control what I can.
  7. The first post in the thread will always tell you where we stand.
  8. Yes yes, I know. I'm overthinking it now so I don't have to overthink when then tourney starts. The crowd noise in my head will settle when the proverbial curtain rises.
  9. Man these US Open greens are teeeeeeeny. Came here to see if you made a comparison for Pebble Beach and am pleasantly surprised you did. Saying 3000sqft and seeing 3000sqft are two different things in my head. These players look like giants on the greens
  10. Player field is up to 98 now. Interested to see how fast it jumps as we get closer. Continued practice.... Been struggling with a wipey fade lately so I took some time on the range yesterday. You know, one of those good sessions where you take a bit of time between each shot to work on form and alignment. I got it headed straighter than before but still a bit more fade than I'd prefer. When I got to my in laws, I still had the itch to work on it so I made some adjustments to my woods by dialing the driver down to 9* (from 10.5*) and putting the FW/hybrid into same loft but draw setting. Took those clubs and fired about a dozen shag balls into the woods across a cornfield. THAT was what I'm looking for. Stinging and explosive shots that hit my target. Hope that keeps. On travel next week so I probably won't get to play but there's a Top Golf close-ish that I may post up as my dinner spot for a night or two. I miss getting to practice there for good shooting-at-green practice that you don't really get at the range.
  11. Getting a little faster at this each time. Here's your link for the #SpyStaffSlam picks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RRiDBlLOeOQpB9jIKbyNsXvDbfW6qzXq-5l7Q-9izhw Good luck everyone!
  12. Could be a few things. Try adding it now.
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