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  1. GolfSpy STUDque

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    I'm trying really hard to see a path to victory this week but I just....don't. I've got no faith in my RBs and garbage at flex. Fingers crossed for good luck! [emoji1696][emoji1696][emoji1696][emoji1696][emoji1696][emoji1696][emoji1696]
  2. GolfSpy STUDque

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Hate to call it early but it doesn't look like Minnesota or Seattle are interested in scoring points tonight. Here's the expected matchups for the conference championships: Final Four in a 24-team league is pretty solid. Good luck everyone.
  3. GolfSpy STUDque

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Looks like the rest of our teams picked up the slack. I took the girls out to play in the snow and came back to a reasonable score. Barring something crazy, it looks like we've got a 1-2 date next week. I have a lot of your players in another league; not sure I can win both games but I'm sure gonna try. As a fan of fantasy football, MRW watching this matchup unfold:
  4. GolfSpy STUDque

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    Don't disagree with the points you guys are making at all. These are the driving factors to reorganizing. I found navigation to be difficult for a while as well. It needs to be... 1) Easy to find what you're seeking 2) Easy to discover new/interesting content The hope is that both of these will be accomplished once we're done. A fresh eyes, Johnny-off-the-street should be able to navigate your site unassisted if done correctly. Regarding the Google searches.... I'm not saying this is always the case, but you're generally more likely to show up in results if you invest the money to get promoted. Google's algorithms are very good at finding the answer, but they're not totally impartial. Of course we'll always do what we can to be people's source for information but I believe that vision flows more through brand recognition and proven results than being the highest bidder.
  5. GolfSpy STUDque

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Sheesh. I don't have 2 running backs to rub together to make a third. To think I actually lamented over the decision of who to start then all 4 put up complete duds. Gonna have to get lucky to advance.
  6. GolfSpy STUDque

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    Like I said before, the restructure is going to be a slow roll. We've got ideas we're kicking around for "The Equipment" that will go live when they're ready. Conceptually, the equipment section is used for general chatter on/about the clubs whereas the unofficial reviews section will be for personal opinions once they've been taken out onto the course. It's a very fine line but I do believe there's a place for both. It's basically the difference between subjective and concrete opinions at the core. Regarding official threads on each club release, I'm hesitant to make that many official MGS threads. Official threads take a little bit of the fun away from members trying to discover and share the hot scoops. It's like how journalists fight for "you heard it here first." I'm hoping the new structure will cut down on duplicate threads but it'll certainly never be perfect. Merging is only partially working right now so that'll help out as well once we get that magic wand back. The difficult thing about putting all reviews and discussion into just one thread for each club is it's now easy to lose track of the discussion (like keeping up with 'random thread'). An outside person looking for reviews on the "X Driver" should be able to pop straight to the reviews section rather than sift through hundreds of posts looking for the one guy that bought, played with, and reviewed on post #256 then another that did it at #512. I'm all for consolidating reviews but not necessarily all discussion.
  7. GolfSpy STUDque

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    OK this change is finally live. The subforum for product reviews are hereby split into: Official Forum Member Reviews Unofficial Forum Member Product Reviews Testing Applications I also went ahead and moved official forum tests dating back to 2016 over to the official sub-forum which really opened up the unofficial space. There's some good stuff in there so you should check out some of the volunteer work the great forum members have done. Basic ROE will be that the official tests of THIS calendar year will be stickied and the rest will float around. Once the 2019 season gets going, I'll unstick all the 2018 posts. There have been some requests to split these forums down by year and even by club type. Going to keep it simple for now and see how it goes. Don't want to create too much navigation for members looking for material. An easy way YOU can help with the organization is by using the tag feature when creating an unofficial post. One of the main functions of tags is to help to sort material. This idea will stay on the list but just wanted to let you all know that it wasn't ignored. I know it's not Thursday, but it's definitely worth going back and looking at past official forum tests. Now that they're all in once place, it's a great opportunity to browse some of the quality work our members have turned in over the recent years.
  8. This is a great tutorial. I'm a big fan of finding cheaper ways to reap the same benefits. Now show us a video of that swing!
  9. GolfSpy STUDque

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Must be a nice luxury. 2 of my top 3 receivers' seasons ended this week [emoji22] .... And they both did it during practice [emoji31][emoji780][emoji2962][emoji35][emoji36][emoji25]
  10. GolfSpy STUDque

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Getting this out while I wallow in the Reskins' poor fortune. In the end, it was a chalky round 1. Here's the updated bracket for Round 2: Good luck to everyone in Round 2 (except @JudgeSmails )
  11. GolfSpy STUDque

    I'm not dead...... I'm back!

    Thanks for checking in Clint. That sounds like quite a lot to deal with so I'm sure no one here faults you for taking a break. Good luck with the move and we'll see you around!
  12. GolfSpy STUDque

    Email verification

    Can you do me a favor and send screenshot in a PM of the error you're receiving? Let's work this out privately to keep your personal info protected.
  13. GolfSpy STUDque

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Oh goodness me. I think my team got the memo that we were on bye this week because that was abysmal. Of course Cook is the only one that shows up. Thank God for that #2 seed, otherwise I'd be out. Makes me nervous for next week. Just like my Redskins, @jaxbeachpackerfanand @bardle are counting on big games from McCoy and Doctson tonight to keep the season alive. Should be an interesting finish! Congrats to @blackngold_blood and @GolfSpy Dave for advancing to the 2nd round. PS. The coolest thing about The @bergtaur Bye Bomb is the fact that he left points on the bench.
  14. Wanted to send a special thanks to @bergtaur for helping us handjam the entries. Color me surprised at the amount of entries received for this but I suppose that's what I get for underestimating this awesome membership. Here's some fun facts: 70% of the entries won "money" Collectively, the MGS community would've won $112,873 or $446 each if we split it up in an even pool The top 8 were the only members to double their money. At a $2100 bet, I'm not sure that juice is worth the squeeze Had either Tiger or Phil popped a Hole-In-One, there was potential for big winnings. Once The Match went to the special 20th hole, I really thought it was going to happen. All 14 of you must've been quaking in your boots For the fan favorite, IRRELEVANT AWARD, Congratulations to @BIG STU @gusmaue @MadisonGolfbum @peterhvon @Dragon3 You 5 managed to enter the anti-winner bets. If you had chosen opposite in every single bet, you would've won the pool. Take that for what it's worth and put it to good use next time. Can't wait to see one of you in the winners circle!
  15. GolfSpy STUDque

    HELP WANTED: One (1) MyGolfSpy Forum Moderator

    Thank to all that have applied, this opening is now closed. All applicants will be contacted regardless of result once we've made the decision to move forward. This will be a very difficult task to narrow it down. I wish we could pick all of you, but unfortunately, there can only be one. For those that didn't apply, we've received a lot of QUALITY applications so I can assure you, you'll be in good hands.