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  1. And now, the time has come. Dare I say, this challenge has been the best one yet. It's feedback from the competitors and fans like this that have really driven the challenge to another level. Thanks to our 5 test subjects and the hundreds of regular followers in the thread. This has been a great season and we thank you for coming along for the ride. Overall Stats: @B.Boston not only steered the ship into the harbor, he did a power slide into his space with style by wrapping up the overall category running away. This was truly a dominating performance by someone who took his game to the absolute next level. Who wouldn't want to cut their handicap in half? He didn't just improve one area of his game to bring down the HC either, this is across-the-board improvement. Very impressive! It's also very fun to look at the group's improvement as everyone experienced gains in multiple aspects of their games. You're each going to be formidable opponents in your next tournament. One of the keys to this challenge's success is total buy in and our guys really delivered with a staggering 95.5 rounds amongst them. There's no such thing as protecting the handicap in this group. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Which brings us to our final standings and podium prizes: We can #cuetheduckboats for @B.Boston and his fan base. For the grand prize, he'll be bringing home a custom Cobra License Plate Trophy PLUS 1 polo, 1 pair of pants or shorts, 1 hat, 1 pair of shoes. @daviddvm produced our best ONE length showing to date with a strong second place and even spent a little bit of time in the lead of our challenge. For his prize, he'll be sporting a PUMA Golf cap, polo and pair of shoes Although he had to withdraw from the competitive piece of the challenge early, @Headhammer managed to do enough throughout his competitive weeks to get himself onto the podium still. It's interesting to think about what would've happened had he not injured his elbow. He can impress his physical therapist with his new PUMA Golf cap and Polo I would be remiss if I didn't also acknowledge @GB13 and @edingc for their gallant efforts and detailed reviews throughout the process. I hope you guys enjoyed the challenge as much as the fans enjoyed heckling you! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - And our last prize of the day....the member of the thread. This one isn't always an easy choice but for CCC4, the decision was clear. We chose someone that participated day in day out, asked tons of questions, spammed the memes, and competed in each weekly challenge. You know him, you love him, (you may be slightly annoyed by him); this year's winner is: @xOldBenKenobiX Congrats! Shoot me a PM to claim your grand prize of a Cobra SPEEDZONE Driver and Arccos for the full set. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THE END. HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR.
  2. $100 budget for the whole season. You can get some money back (or give some away) via trades. It’s a big strategy.
  3. I’m in a similar boat. Need Conner and Diontae to combine for about 30. Should be a fun one tonight!
  4. Week 8 Recap @B.Boston closed off the season with another strong week shooting a CCNet 66.1, the lowest individual score of the season. What a time to go lowwwwww! Playing well on such a difficult course certainly helped him here. The overall category (x2) is still yet to be decided but he's certainly taken the challenge by the short ones. Great shooting! This whole season has been incredibly impressive for the duck boats as he's only finished outside the top two twice all year. Here's the current standings: For our members, the prop bets introduced a new wrinkle to the challenge. With 62 entries, 5 of you went a perfect 4 for 4: @cnosil @DevilDog29 @golfish! @Scott33 and @The 19th Hole. Here's how they shook out: Winner: B.Boston Disagreements with Caddie: Way under, 3 Total Net Strokes: Over, 285.7 Total Putts: Over, 132 The oddsmaker (cough cough) could've been better but the house would still be bringing home money so that's all that matters. To settle this out for our prize this week, here's the wheel spin: Congrats on your prize! Shoot me a PM to claim your kicks. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - And, it's with bittersweet finality that we draw the competitive aspect of this challenge to a close. Thanks to our competitors for bearing the cross this season and to every one of the members who made the #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4 the best yet! It's been a pleasure serving you. Over the next few days, our competitors will be submitting their overall standings and final thoughts for the challenge and Cobra lineup. If you've followed along (either casually or intensely) please share your favorite parts of the challenge and maybe highlight a few things you'd like to see for future challenges.
  5. I went through and submitted lineups for everyone that hasn’t done it yet (dozen or so teams) so we don’t accidentally end up with any zeroes this first week as folks learn how to use the system. Subsequent weeks copy automatically. Your players don’t lock until their respective games start so you’re free to make changes at will until then.
  6. It’s set that once you submit your lineup once, it carries to future weeks. The first week is the one we need to watch for.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS 2020 MYGOLFSPY FANTASY GOLF CHAMPION APOLLOSHOWL We got everything we could've hoped for in this year's finals. In the end, one stands above the rest. It is with great honor that I pass the Fantasy Golf Champion badge to your profile. Wear it with pride for the next year. Thanks to everyone for making this a great season and working with the breaks as they were thrown our way. For those curious, here's your final standings:
  8. Week 7 Recap The Cobra seasons always feel so long at the outset then zip by before you can blink once they get going. Week 7 has drawn to a conclusion and we're really nearing the finish line with two of our competitors separating themselves but others still within striking distance if they get the right bounces. Scores came in on both ends of the spectrum this week as the teams of #cuetheduckboats #teamcobraone both went low low low low. @B.Boston and @Lacassem went the lowest and got this week's win. By virtue of being on the winning team, Lacassem wins his second prize of the summer so he's reached his max. Congrats! Heading into the final week of the season, @B.Boston finally overtook @daviddvm and we've got a real nail-biter going into the final week! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Week 8 - Caddie, Do You Know De Way? Competitors: This week, our competitors are charged with playing a new course (or seldom played) and using Arccos Caddie to navigate the course. They may disagree with Caddie for a 1/3 stroke penalty at any time but otherwise need to follow the recommendations. Standing on each tee, you get strategy choices...they'll pick one and follow the club recommendations from there. Lowest CCNet wins! Fans: Everyone loves a good prop bet. Attached to this thread, you'll find a poll with prop bets available for your betting consumption. These will cover many areas of this last week's challenge. We also need your help voting on your favorite follow throughout the challenge for the social aspect of the overall competition. Good luck! (If you don't see the poll, hold your horses and check back later)
  9. That’s cute. Why not try a classier drink?
  10. Paging @yungkory Kory has talked about doing this for his friends league. Maybe he can expand on how they make it work. Also, MFL offers this as an option but they only offer paid leagues. I think it’s like $50 for a more modest sized league. We talked about doing DFL for this league but opted for the traditional style.
  11. In case you missed it, I sent out an invite to everyone in the league to join a Slack workspace for the league. This could help speed up communication throughout the season for trades, smack talk, General troubleshooting, etc. I also think it could really come in handy on draft day to keep everyone on the same page. It’s 100% optional but could prove to be very useful if you join. Check your emails for an invite from me.
  12. That was actually our preferred choice too, but Fantrax didn't have that as an option. We went in planning for start 5, take the best 4, rosters of 10. But when we found out best ball assumed everyone was a starter, we dropped the team size down to the 8 we have now. I don't expect them to fix this one for next year so it's an element we'll have to live with unless we go back to traditional starters/bench.
  13. Bucky Draft: 9/8 @9PM EST Shooter Draft: 9/7 @8PM EST Berg Draft: 9/6 @ 8PM EST Stud Draft: 9/3 @ 7PM EST We used the draft availability poll entries to break up the leagues best we could. No one was scheduled to draft on a date they said they were unavailable (unless they didn't respond at all) but some people are being pushed to be flexible in the time of start. If you know me, you know there was a spreadsheet involved so we did our due diligence.
  14. OK EVERYONE Time to announce our Group Halloween Costume Winner.... This challenge was a fun one to get to know the full compliment of Cobra ambassadors. You guys definitely embraced the halloween aspect of this challenge....some of those pictures were downright scary. @Peaksy68's rendition of Lexi improving her lie may not be our winner, but, my God, was it memorable. Yeesh. First, let's do some honorable mentions: @Nunfa0 and his rendition of the whole crew was particularly fun and well-edited: @MaxEntropy got some bonus points from Cobra for actually having the man himself in the picture. Very nice dedication (even though it was from last year): @jddaigneault and his commitment to the entire outfit and a story to accompany. Can't wear that orange without someone on the course calling you out for looking like Rickie: But, the winner was actually unanimous. With big LOLs and an extremely accurate depiction, our winner of the Puma shoes this week is going to be........ @knightsofnii with his uber-accurate rendition of Duffnering: Congrats on your win this week. Send me a PM with your shoe size and shipping address to get them sent along!
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