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  1. Logged in on the site, changed my team name. Good to go. When are we drafting?
  2. If you're only looking for off the tee box, check out the Taylormade original one. It comes in 11.5 and 13.5 with the ability to move up or down a few degrees.
  3. I went in today and sorted it out. The guy initially wrote it for playing length at 44 and to cut it to 43. I corrected him and said I want the shaft+adapter to be 44 inches. He said he understood and that he wrote 43 shaft and that with the tip it would get to 44. My fault, I should have made him write that out more in depth. The guy that did the shaft cutting looked at the work up, saw 43 and cut it to 43. I guess that's part of the problem with going to a big box store. They ended up putting an inch extension and getting it to the correct length. If it isn't going to impact my the play of the shaft I'm not going to make a big scene about it, but I'll absolutely remember it the next time I need work done.
  4. I finally took the dive and found and after market shaft that I had been looking for at a decent price. I bought it and took it to a PGA Superstore to get it cut from 46 to 44 inches. Today I picked it up on my way home from work and when I got home I noticed something wasn't right. Whoever they had do the work cut this thing down to 43 inches, including the tip. I'm going to the store first thing in the morning to discuss this, but I'm not even sure what my options are. Is this shaft ruined? Can it be extended to the correct length without adverse things happening with the shaft?
  5. Original one mini driver goes in and out of the bag depending on my anger with my driver.
  6. Driver-M6 3W- M6 Rocket Hybrid Gapr 3 tuned down 1.5 Hybrid 4- M3 Irons 5-P TM M5 52/56/60 TM MG2 Bettinardi studio stock Armlock 40"
  7. Woah... I thought the handicap underneath our names improved as we posted more. A sure sign that I'm getting older is that I can't internet as well as I used to.
  8. When was the last time you used Arccos? They had a pretty significant upgrade a few months back... It's cool that you like Shotscope more than Arccos, but you're not being honest about Arccos and what they've been doing the past 6 or so months.
  9. Gen 1 and 2 users are grandfathered in and do not pay the yearly subscription. Still, I don't have an issue with 100 a year as long as they continue to innovate and improve.
  10. To non golfers, we're all dorky. It's basically if you care what other people at the clubhouse, pro shop and in your group think. I already wear a big goofy Dahman style hat, so I clearly couldn't care less what others think.
  11. I've got the iphone/Wallet combo. I went with a smaller phone but it's still bulky.
  12. Why would I have to subscribe to Arccos forever? I have the subscription for free now, but if I have to replace my sensors I'm ok with spending 100 a year. I play an average of 50 rounds a year, that's two bucks a round. To expect to have the service forever after paying for the hardware is a bit misguided in my opinion. A few months back they went through a pretty big overhaul and added a lot of new features, I shouldn't expect for that to come without a price next to it. Out of curiousity, how much money do you spend a year on golf rounds, balls, grips etc... That $100 isn't that big of a hurdle to me.
  13. I'm an armlock guy so my options aren't extensive. That being said, I absolutely love my Betti Studio Stock.
  14. Gentleman, I appreciate both of you. Usually I can internet a bit better than I did with this.
  15. I had to move on from my Ogio Silencer bag once I put midsize Jumbo max grips on my clubs. I ended up with a 5 way C-130 cart bag and I absolutely love it. I'm far happier with this than the Ogio, which I didn't think was possible.
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