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  1. For sure. Incredible value. I would expect every manufacturer to take a price increase in the next 6-8 months if they haven't already. I work in supply chain within the beverage industry and have seen it pretty much across the board. The suppliers and distributors aren't taking the hit, it always falls to the consumer.
  2. Surprised it hasn't happened sooner. The cost of materials and transportation has gone up a ton. DSG wasn't going to eat that cost forever.
  3. Rick Shiels just did a video on these recently, and while they weren't great, he said they were great for the price and the demo graph it's targeted at.
  4. Driver- Ventus Red TR 3 Wood- Tensei Orange 2 Hybrid- KBS PGI Irons/Wedges- Fuji Vista Pro 2.0 Putter-The OG Stability shaft
  5. I've got a Red TR, 5 rounds in along with two range sessions. I'll let you know if anything happens to mine. Hoping it won't though. Not a pleasant swing thought...
  6. A friend had a meltdown and sold his TM Spider with a stability shaft to me for a song yesterday. I had been looking for this shaft to throw on my PXG blackjack. I've never dealt with removing putter shafts from existing builds and putting them on another putter. Are there any issues with doing this? Both have .370 tips, so no issues on that front. I'll pay someone who does club work in the area, my question is more about the integrity of the shaft after having it removed from the Spider. Thank you in advance for helping this simpleton.
  7. I was also unimpressed with the sleeve I put in play last week. The conditions weren't great, but my issues were with wedges. The cover didn't hold up on wedge shots and the cover had a crease in it after a single shot.
  8. I'm going back to Cobra with my driver today. Fitted last year but couldn't sell the idea to the warden on another golf club spend at the time. Putting my Sim Max in the corner and I have the RadSpeed XB with the peacoat blue finish being delivered today. Freaking stoked about it.
  9. What on earth does your line about seeing what I want to see have to do with the social media blitz for TM?
  10. The warden at home doesn't care what I shot. Me buying a round for strangers because I did something well on the course would not go over well and I'm more afraid of Latina Rage than I am of people not liking me for not buying them a drink. In reality, I play with a core group of guys that don't go higher than Jack or Crown and will drink whatever beer is cold so it's not an issue. It's also not a concern because I've accepted that I will never hit the shot we're discussing. But I couldn't care less about a tradition that says I should buy a round for anyone not in my group.
  11. 5, but those five brands could change depending on what driver has made me the most angry or how handsy I've been with the putter. Driver-Taylormade Sim or PXG Proto+ Titleist U505 Callaway Super Hybrid Cobra RadSpeed one lengths 4-LW Scotty Fastback or StokeLab Double Wide
  12. MGS has been a full on Taylormade lovefest since the stealth came out. It's as if MGS social has become the media arm of TM. I say this as a fan of MGS.
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