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  1. I love the look of those Ben Hogan irons. If I were a stronger iron player, those would be in my wheel house.
  2. The pod is great, but it just hits different when Adam is on. In the podcast world it's the equivalent to the first four Sabbath albums.
  3. Is this foreboding with PXG dropping prices after establishing a new market/price point a few years back?
  4. Is Adam done with the podcast all together? Will he be on special episodes?
  5. I hear these horror stories and I'm curious how the conversation played out. It may be because I've been in the wine and spirits sales industry since for nearly 20 years, but I feel like saying the right things at the right time gets a different result. How was two months with proper use deemed out of warranty?
  6. So the clubs were good for a few years before one cracked? I know in researching and asking around, US kids has improved the product quality over the recent years.
  7. I went this route with great results as well. If you buy directly through the site every sixth club you buy is free. Tough to beat.
  8. I'm not consistent enough to add variables into my swing
  9. $180 shipped, Ventus Velocore Blue Driver shaft in regular flex. Cobra connect Lamkin Pars and Stripes limited edition grip Cobra Speedzone tip. My wife bought me a Pars and Stripes Driver for my birthday that came with the Velocore shaft. I've replaced the shaft with the proper shaft for my game. Hoping someone out there is looking for this shaft in this flex. Open to all offers. If you have any additional questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer promptly.
  10. The single most impactful addition to my game was putting this on my driver. I'm longer and straighter. It's a lot easier playing from the fairway or just off of vs hitting out of the trees/muck/dropping a ball due to water.
  11. Nope. Nothing like that. Never had an issue before. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I'm not willing to invest time into something that isn't mine and that I didn't want. Not really a fan of the commish telling me that I'm having a bad attitude. Good luck and have fun. Me leaving shouldn't be an issue, as another team is auto-drafting as well.
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