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  1. Thank you, will absolutely work on this. My guy I was getting lessons from from has me going incredibly high. Defiantly could be an issue. Slightly forward in relation to the armpit.
  2. I'm fighting out of a dark spot, the driver yips. At one point my driving distance was 250-265 with an outlier in the 280's. I took some lessons to get better and it all unraveled. I've stopped lessons for the time being, but have access to a launch monitor and have found that I have a positive AoA, but I'm also hitting striking the ball low on the clubface. Without a video at the moment, what in the world am I doing wrong?
  3. Havent been on the boards for a while since cornea surgery, so a little late responding. Facebook Marketplace. Lots of dudes get out over their skis with clubs they have no business playing. Buy them because they see them on the internet or on TV, get them and immediately bail as it's not the magic pill that will make them better. Finding these deals and flipping clubs I was able to turn $200 from a putter I sold into a new set of custom irons. Deals are there to be had.
  4. Picked up an unhit speedzone 3 wood demo from PGATSS for 150, then a Taylor Made SIM DHY that maybe had been hit for a single session by a guy that didn't know what he was doing. $100 for basically new. I can't pass up deals.
  5. I love the look of those Ben Hogan irons. If I were a stronger iron player, those would be in my wheel house.
  6. The pod is great, but it just hits different when Adam is on. In the podcast world it's the equivalent to the first four Sabbath albums.
  7. Is this foreboding with PXG dropping prices after establishing a new market/price point a few years back?
  8. Is Adam done with the podcast all together? Will he be on special episodes?
  9. I hear these horror stories and I'm curious how the conversation played out. It may be because I've been in the wine and spirits sales industry since for nearly 20 years, but I feel like saying the right things at the right time gets a different result. How was two months with proper use deemed out of warranty?
  10. So the clubs were good for a few years before one cracked? I know in researching and asking around, US kids has improved the product quality over the recent years.
  11. I went this route with great results as well. If you buy directly through the site every sixth club you buy is free. Tough to beat.
  12. I'm not consistent enough to add variables into my swing
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