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  1. I would think twice about this. I wonder about the quality of the other components.
  2. That made me laugh. I've played with the same guys. If you tried to explain it you'd end up with a headache
  3. The year before Dick's bought Topflite. I found the Gamer. It was then by far the best ball under forty bucks. Since the acquisition it's been a pain to get them in Canada. So I don't know if it's the same ball I used to buy.
  4. I've been following all the video assessments of this driver. There's no gain in distance or dispersion reported. I think it's cheaper to manufacture. If so, wouldn't one expect a price drop?
  5. Here's my 2 cents. What you'll find is that because the bag is at an angle the grips will get caught one on another. Some bags are divided to the bottom and are less troublesome but will still get stuck to some degree. However, Put graphite shafted clubs at the top. This will keep iron heads from swinging and hitting graphite shafts. You won't find out that the shaft is damaged until the downswing.
  6. I like the perfect lie theory. Also, are you hitting off a mat. Mats will let you get away with lots of bad stuff. The ball can jump up on the face with fat and steep swings amoung other things. I could use some help with this as well. I could always take my practice to the course, but not anymore.
  7. It's a black art for sure. But I think you're on the right line. Pun intended.
  8. Yoga with Adriene will do the trick. Golf specific isn't required. Yoga was made for golfers.
  9. I get what fitters are doing with head first, but they have to start somewhere. What I'm getting at is that the head selection is made with a shaft in the club. Given that how can one be sure that the first shaft isnt influencing characteristics that fitters are attributing as head specific. Remember the old ball flight rules?With that in mind I wonder if it's a chicken and egg thing.
  10. I go with this. If you're 0 or 1or2 degrees out to in it and set up slightly closed some shots with longer clubs may look like a push. Do you know generally what your path and face to path is?
  11. Ive used spray for iver 10 years now. I've never seen this. How much spray are you using. Maybe a bit too much?
  12. I like to see white only.
  13. I think you're spot on. If you compare the price increases in golf equipment with that of other products over the last few years, I suggest that the increase in prices are out of wacky with the increase of manufacturing cost. But then again there's lots of BS advertising to convince us that a new club can fix everything. All the while we know that in general handicaps have not decreased.
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