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  1. I'm plying TP5. However I like to see just white on a putt. I'd love a ball with one small logo nothing else.
  2. Do you know what shafts are available with this driver.
  3. Talking, cart noise,or just about anything else doesn't bother me. There was a time when anything and everything bothered me. I made it a priority to learn to play this way. It's really made a difference. Although, I can't imagine what tour players go thru with spectators. Especially the drunk ones.
  4. One black dot under the logo. I like to see white only when putting.
  5. I love the clicgear attachment. I'm getting one. I've reversed my clubs for a long time. I once lost a wood shaft after an iron ticked it. So I made the change. Still I fight with grips sticking when replacing a club. I've tried tubes. They're hard on graphite shafts though. I was about to give up on ever finding a solution.
  6. Chip it, putt it. If you like how it performs there then buy it.
  7. Playing in a power is terrible. I always walk. Clicgear is a grest choice. I've had one for over 10 years. They rarely fail. Parts are cheap and easy to get. Also if pushing is too much or for those that have an injury or a disability that makes pushing difficult, Alphard makes a power assist add-on that'll motorized it.
  8. True but how does that relate to flex etc. Fitters use swing weight numbers to simply balance. Why not simplify shaft characteristics. For instance in Iso 5100 contains all the relavent numbers to characterize a particular shaft . Because it's a standard all companies using it measure things the same way.
  9. What I'm saying is that the ISO system quantifies more than one parameter. It profiles the shaft. Terms like regular, stiff, senior are meaningless. I'd like to see a number given to things like torque. Having said all this one has to understand that a system can only ballpark a shaft. But it's better than what's going on now.
  10. I have 2 fairway. shafts by Mayasaki. They use an ISO shaft rating standard numbering system. It's high time the industry as a whole adopted such a system. The number quantifies characteristics of the shaft. As I understand it adopting such a thing would force compliance and that would increase production cost. Just saying.
  11. For years I've been putting without looking at the ball. It started as a tip from a scratch player. I was complaining that my stroke was really herky jerky. He told me to go play a couple rounds just looking at the hole. It worked great. I went back to looking at the ball and the trouble returned. So I went back to looking at the hole. While doing that on shorter puts I realized I could see both ball and hole. I then experimented looking somewhere on my line ahead of the ball. On 22-15 footers it's about a foot to 18"ahead of the ball. As a result of this my speed improved and putting has bec
  12. The trouble with trying to diagnose swing faults is that you can't see yourself swing. What you need to do is see a pro. My experience has been that it's the best golf purchase I've ever made.
  13. It's the best way to play. I play a lot and the walking helps to keeps me fit. It gives me time to plot my shot as well.
  14. I almost bought a new washer. However, a coworker said "don't do it". Since then I've heard a lot of horror stories about the newer generation of machines. So I'm keeping my old top loader until I can't find parts
  15. Lydia's ball striking was so good on Saturday. She always seems to be so relaxed too. I think this is showing up to be the year of the comeback.
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