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  1. I get what fitters are doing with head first, but they have to start somewhere. What I'm getting at is that the head selection is made with a shaft in the club. Given that how can one be sure that the first shaft isnt influencing characteristics that fitters are attributing as head specific. Remember the old ball flight rules?With that in mind I wonder if it's a chicken and egg thing.
  2. I go with this. If you're 0 or 1or2 degrees out to in it and set up slightly closed some shots with longer clubs may look like a push. Do you know generally what your path and face to path is?
  3. Ive used spray for iver 10 years now. I've never seen this. How much spray are you using. Maybe a bit too much?
  4. When you speak about torque is that about twisting about the longitudinal axis of the club.
  5. I like to see white only.
  6. I think you're spot on. If you compare the price increases in golf equipment with that of other products over the last few years, I suggest that the increase in prices are out of wacky with the increase of manufacturing cost. But then again there's lots of BS advertising to convince us that a new club can fix everything. All the while we know that in general handicaps have not decreased.
  7. I own an ogio with that pocket. That pocket does get loose. I couldn't remember why I quit using it. So, I took it out of storage. After spreading balls over a parking lot, it went back in the closet.
  8. With a high instep and a 5E width, it would be interesting to see if they'd fit. Nothing else seems to.
  9. I'm plying TP5. However I like to see just white on a putt. I'd love a ball with one small logo nothing else.
  10. Do you know what shafts are available with this driver.
  11. Talking, cart noise,or just about anything else doesn't bother me. There was a time when anything and everything bothered me. I made it a priority to learn to play this way. It's really made a difference. Although, I can't imagine what tour players go thru with spectators. Especially the drunk ones.
  12. One black dot under the logo. I like to see white only when putting.
  13. I love the clicgear attachment. I'm getting one. I've reversed my clubs for a long time. I once lost a wood shaft after an iron ticked it. So I made the change. Still I fight with grips sticking when replacing a club. I've tried tubes. They're hard on graphite shafts though. I was about to give up on ever finding a solution.
  14. Chip it, putt it. If you like how it performs there then buy it.
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