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  1. Never been fitted, played to a 5 hdc with clubs off the rack.
  2. I have usually had my set down to the gap wedge and a sand wedge from another OEM company. This one I play now has a SW and it is great for me. If I buy another set I may just keep the SW in the bag.
  3. I have three holes in one, won the senior club championship twice and got down to a 5 hdc with all scores on the hdc card in the 70's. But probably it is winning multiple tournaments with my wife in couples competition. At least that is the biggest thing I have done in golf in my opinion.
  4. Gus Medford, Oregon 85 average Callaway Steelhead Xr
  5. What I did was to just envision playing the course you normally play. Think of your swing on each shot. In your mind go through the setup and then estimate your yardage pull the right club and hit the shot. Go through each hole and play in your mind every day. This may help you need to go out and hit balls. It also may help when it is time to get back to playing. I hope all goes well with you and your physical problems. If you practice putting try to practice chipping as well. This will help your scoring as well later.
  6. If you have a job that you love you will not work a day in your life. Life is too short to work at a job you are not happy doing. If you have the ability to work at a job that does not pay as much but brings you great enjoyment doing what you want to do I would do it in a NY minute. I spent 30 years working at jobs I was not happy with and as soon as I had enough money I retired and that was 30 years ago.
  7. I would not consider either. If I can't make it the same speed and undulation as on my courses greens it would be a waste of money for me. When I go to the course I don't hit balls at the driving range, but I do practice on the putting green to see the speed and how the breaks are affected. Putting for me is the key to scoring well. Why practice on a simulated green that is not the same as the greens you play at your course?
  8. Many years ago I played with the CEO of our company at his country club. Pretty nervous through the first nine holes and when we stopped for a drink before starting the second nine he told me I shot 39. Never played that course before and it was a course that the PGA played for some years. The bad news was I doubled the next hole and don't even know what I shot on the back nine. I was shocked that I shot that well on the front nine.
  9. As an addendum to my not hitting off mats. There is a course in our area that has mats, but the mats have a synthetic grass on them and it is similar to hitting off grass and much easier on your wrists and elbows as well. I would hit off them all the time.
  10. Dave PO43 I thought the same thing until I was 2 under coming into the 18th hole and after a great tee shot hit my second into the green side bunker and it plugged. Ended up shooting even par 72 and felt like I just swallowed a cotton ball. It took all the enjoyment out of the round. I still think about when I get the that 18th hole.
  11. Truth be told I have never parred 18 holes. I have never played not making at least one bogey. So all 18 pars for me. I have shot below par and broken 70, but always have had bogies and birdies and eagles in doing it.
  12. Don't care how they play as long as they play ready golf and don't slow down the group.
  13. When you get near 80 years old there is not a tee box you can move up to other than the Ladies and my wife plays there and in order to let us play fairly against each other I can not go to the Ladies tees.
  14. When I played well I would play from the men's tees usually around 6400, played with my BIL and he played from the back tees 6800 yards once. It was different and I played well shot 82, but I did not feel comfortable at that length course. These days if I go to a course I have not play before I look at the length of the par 4s and that usually gives me an idea of which tees to play. Usually around 6000 yards. I am and old fogey and have a hard time getting it out to 200 yards these days.
  15. 60* lob wedge (Snake Eyes) back when Tom Wishon was at Golfsmith.
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