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  1. I have a plastic item that I can put onto the ball. It has a opening where you can take a sharpie and draw a fairly long line that does not wobble as it would by doing it by hand. I am not sure it helps all that much yet on long putts I find it helpful as I only have to worry about speed then. The main thing with any putting help is you need to be able to read the line you need to putt on correctly. If the read it wrong you will miss the putt whether or not you use a line on the ball. I used to pick my line and then pick a spot in front of the ball to start it rolling. I feel using the line on the ball is just as easy and gets the same or better results for me. The plastic item is called line it up. Not sure who makes it.
  2. Looking at PING G 400 Max driver. Currently play the G25 and looking to upgrade a bit. Also the Callaway O series putters. Both clubs are the oldest in my bag and are due for replacement. My current putter is Callaway 2 Ball blade.
  3. My 5 wood is just a little longer than my 3 hybrid and I hit the hybrid more consistently so I go with the hybrid.
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