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  1. I guess you could say it is a hole in one because it went in the hole in one shot. However since that hole does not exist on any scorecard it is not truly a hole in one at that par three course.
  2. About ten years ago I was playing the men's tees (6400+) We had two guys join us and they hit the ball pretty much like we do. About a month later I moved to the senior tees (5900) and a few more rounds and we joined up with the same two guys who were still playing the men's tees. We got to talking about why I moved to the senior tees. Long story short we started to play together and they moved down the senior tees with us. They also found it was more fun being able to reach most of the par 4s and 5s in regulation.
  3. Somewhere on this site, but not sure since it was some time ago. They test 85 and over not under. I guess they then tested or found that 80 and under does make a difference. I know I am in that group and firmer balls or higher compression balls do not go as far as low compression balls. My swing speed is somewhere around my age 78.
  4. I thought that MGS later indicated that slower swing speeds (80 mph of slower) can in fact get more distance out of lower compression/softer balls.
  5. I played ZStar and ZStar sl a few years back. I have been playing Callaway Super Soft since then. But I think I would like to try this new ball and perhaps get a sleeve from me and a sleeve from my wife to see how they play. I really like the Srixon balls I used to play. It seems they are one of the players in the golf ball market now.
  6. If you hit your ball in the water it is fine to pick it out and use it again. From what I have seen on some golf sites balls retrieved from the water are fine unless they have been in there for months. I think most of the used ball companies go to courses and retrieve balls from ponds and lakes. I have used them from time to time and have had no problems with the ball being affected by the time in the water. That is my experience, but don't take my word for it. Search the internet I am sure there is more info on this. I found a site, golf ball divers. They tested balls that they put in a
  7. Thank you so much for this nice review. It has helped me to understand a little about this driver. I think I am right in my wanting this one. I have had two PING drivers and they have been the most forgiving drivers I have ever played.
  8. I have been looking at this driver since it came out. While I hit the ball fairly straight I would like to be able to hit a drive down the right side and bring it back to the middle. I have the PING Gsft in my bag now, but it only goes straight with no or very bit of draw. Has anyone here played this driver since it came out and if so could you give me info on it. I am not a big hitter and am 78 years old so I am hoping that the draw may also give me a little more distance. Thanks for any advice. In order to get fitted I would have to drive three hours and with the way things are right now tha
  9. After 4-5 years or taking lessons and you are still at 25sh, I would opt for a few lessons with a new pro. Clubs would not seem to be the answer right now.
  10. Not familiar with the irons, but the Rifle shafts are a nice shaft. I played the 5.5s back when they were in production. I don't think they are a problem except I don't believe they make them anymore. If one breaks it might be hard to find a replacement 4.5. For $100 it is worth it. What do you have to lose? Someone here may be familiar with the heads.
  11. Never been fitted, played to a 5 hdc with clubs off the rack.
  12. I have usually had my set down to the gap wedge and a sand wedge from another OEM company. This one I play now has a SW and it is great for me. If I buy another set I may just keep the SW in the bag.
  13. I have three holes in one, won the senior club championship twice and got down to a 5 hdc with all scores on the hdc card in the 70's. But probably it is winning multiple tournaments with my wife in couples competition. At least that is the biggest thing I have done in golf in my opinion.
  14. Gus Medford, Oregon 85 average Callaway Steelhead Xr
  15. What I did was to just envision playing the course you normally play. Think of your swing on each shot. In your mind go through the setup and then estimate your yardage pull the right club and hit the shot. Go through each hole and play in your mind every day. This may help you need to go out and hit balls. It also may help when it is time to get back to playing. I hope all goes well with you and your physical problems. If you practice putting try to practice chipping as well. This will help your scoring as well later.
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