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  1. Well in truth no club is safe in my bag. If it does not obey my commands it goes into the penalty closet. But if I had to pick a club it would be either my 5 wood or my sand wedge.
  2. The last half dozen years it would be the 3 wood off the fairway. I took it out of the bag and only play a 5 wood which I hit beautifully. Still occasionally put the 3 wood back in and then after the round take it back out. I just don't have the SS to hit this club consistently anymore.
  3. That is why everyone has an opinion they get to agree or disagree. If you need exact yardage then you have the correct device. Have you ever thought about one of the hybrid range finders that have both GPS and RF?
  4. Range finders are fine on an open course, but if you have doglegs or are blocked by trees and the green is not available visually they don't work. The GPS units are not accurate to the yard on the green but I find them accurate enough for the average golfer. If it is a few yards off most golfers don't hit the exact yardage anyway. even when I was playing to a mid single digit handicap I could not hit the exact yardage I wanted most of the time. Even the pros when they have a yardage don't hit it stiff every time. That being said, if you want a RF or a GPS find out what all the pros and cons are before you buy either one. There are a lot of reviews out there about what the good and bad is about each type of equipment. I like the GPS because it gives me the general yardage I need immediately.
  5. Depending on the conditions I find that a good putt is better than a good chip and a bad putt is better than a mediocre chip. So I usually putt when near the green unless the sprinkler heads are in the way
  6. I bought 4 dz last winter and still have close to 3 1/2 left after playing three days a week since then. Our course is hard to lose a ball unless you miss the fairway and they are very wide. I usually have take them out of play because they are a little worn out. The only real problem would be in the rough since it is thick and about three inches high.
  7. I would suggest that you do a lot of exploring for you cart. The less expensive ones are going to cause your trouble most of the time. There is an adage "you get what you pay for" and in this case it is absolutely true. I have seen many players with the cheaper carts get so frustrated with them they just junk them.
  8. I have had three holes in one, so my vote is for the albatross. That would be some feat since I don't hit the ball any longer that 200 off the tee.
  9. Try to play 18 in a day and the most I can remember is 36. It may be more, but I have played for close to 60 years and it is hard to remember back that far. Heck, sometimes I can't remember my name much less something that occurred far in the past.
  10. I will take either one as long as I can play golf I wont be choosey.
  11. Since a lot of people are out of work right now I would expect not a lot of high sales when they open. That can lead to some special pricing if/when that happens.
  12. I love walking, but at 78 years young we play a very hilly course I find I need to take a cart. I play with my wife and while we ride we try to take turns walking on every other hole. I take the odd holes and she takes the even holes. This allows us to ride and also to get some walking exercise. Our course allows carts and if you live together you can ride in the same cart. Of course a lot of people must ride in separate carts. This is a good thing, but it also creates a problem. It is first come first served. Today we almost did not get a cart. I miss walking and carrying my bag. To me nothing beats walking down a beautiful fairway carrying you bag on a great sunny day at a course you love.
  13. Our course is still open as is the rest in our county. One person per cart except couples who live in the same household. Leave the pin in and if close to the pin pick up and count one stroke. The pro shop is open, but the restaurant is closed. If you are in the sand trap you can take it out and drop no closer to the hole. No rakes in the bunker. That being said my wife and I came out Monday and there was only 3 people on the driving range and no one on the first tee. No more than 3 groups on the course. Never seen that here before. People must be staying at home.
  14. It would not be 3K for me since I would take my wife it would be 6K. I don't think it is worth that amount of money.
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