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  1. I am definitely number 2 on that list. Yes, golf the game of imperfection is perfect for me.
  2. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Gamer for 5 years. Ping Sigma G B60..... won't be getting rid of anytime soon.
  3. OG and Wedgie, Best stage 1's I have read. Absolutely hilarious. 😂
  4. I always chip with my 52* unless I need a big flop then I hit my 58*. I don't carry a hybrid only a 3wood which doesn't have enough loft to hit out of the rough and out of the fairway I will either putt or hit the 52*.
  5. Take a know target say 100 yards. Hit five shots. Take the average lest say five yards short. So you hit that club 95 yards. Repeat with all wedges and for 1/4 1/2 3/4 and full. Then write it down and attached the card to you bag. I did this and for me it looks like; Club Full 3/4 1/2 1/4 PW 130 115 110 85 GW 120 105 90 75 SW 110 95 80 65 LW 80 65 50 40
  6. Maybe for someone who wants to make the game harder than is already is. You know the +7 handicap no pro can beat. If they have the super slicer and the chunky monkey they will also need the push putter. Maybe the pros can beat them then.
  7. Looking at them, Cup Defender is a perfect name for them.
  8. If the course isn't busy or go out right before dark and use a rangefinder and a flat hole on the course.
  9. Find a target that is a exact distance away from you let's say 100 yards. Then hit 5 full shots. Take the average distance from the 100 yard target. Let's say 5 yards long. Then you hit that club 105 on an average shot. Find a target close to what you think you hit each club and repeat with each club and with 3/4 1/2 and 1/4 swings.
  10. You didn't enter with your name, location, handicap, and please please please please. 😂
  11. I think you need to figure out distances for all clubs. It seems like a PW from 128 and a 7 iron from 145 is a small gap. I think the 7 iron was probably the right club but the PW was too little. You are also leaving at least 40% short so you might benifit from clubbing up on a lot of shots. You only hit 1 long. Mostly however work on consistent striking in the short game.
  12. Mine are: 1. Get chips and bunker shots closer to the hole 2. Hit more fairways 3. Putt with better speed. 4. HAVE FUN.
  13. Not an old guy rant at all. I am only 15(I describe myself as a 70 year old in a 15 year old's body) yet I completely agree with you. Video games, cell phone, and general inactivity are leading to an out of shape and lazy generation. Also is it just me or does food seem unhealthier with all the added sugar and chemicals now?
  14. Second shot on a par 5 Cut 3 wood around a tree to 20ft. Three putted for par but still a good shot.
  15. That is a pretty good deal for some nice clubs. Good luck and Hit em well.
  16. 44/41-85 Worst ball striking day of the year so far. Only 5 greens. 31 putts with one three putt(for par)😡 Oh and 5 yes count them 5 lost balls.
  17. Yep, when you get 30,000 people together the are bound to be idiots, complainers, obviously some people here for free stuff.
  18. I agree with you, but do you know how many people in the US would whine and complain. e.g There is no reason to discriminate against people living in the US.
  19. I tend to agree with you. If the coverage wants to show a couple of good shots that Tiger hit fine with me. If anyone has a hole in one I would want to see that too. But come on ask 100 people that watched the tourmament who won 90 of them would say Tiger. You would almost forget about Molinari who had an incredible weekend while Tiger just blew up on the back 9 each time. Who wants to watch a putt for Triple Bogey?
  20. I have a consistent pre shot routine of two practice swings next to the ball, step behind the ball a pick a target, then setup get comfortable and then start the swing as soon as I am comfortable. I find the longer I stand over it thinking about a trigger the more I overthink the shot and when I overthink bad bad things happen.
  21. I play my set PW 45* GW 50* a Ping Glide 52* and 58*. The PW and GW are full swing only and hit once or twice a round. The 52* is every shot 115 and in and hit 15 or more times a round. The 58* is only for bunkers or big flops and hit maybe twice a round. Therefore I will have to replace the 52* way sooner than any of the other wedges.
  22. This thread is hilarious.(and maybe a little sad that it is necessary). People are such whiners.
  23. I hit my best shots when I hold off releasing the club. I just can't always convince that it makes the ball fly better. It always feels to me when I hold off the club that it would be a giant push but it always flys well. P.S. I am glad you are getting a good swing back.
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