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  1. Sir Nick Faldo??? -3 through 9. Didn't know he still had the game.
  2. This is interesting. My 4 iron is my go to club. I can hit it high, low, draw, fade. Heck, I might hit it better than my 9 iron. I can't hit hybrids at all. I carry no hybrids. I go 3W 2 iron and then 4 iron. Hybrids are hook machines for me. I have always heard great things about the Cobras with the Baffler rails.
  3. I think that star pairings normally don't play well. The added pressure to beat the person next to them is to much. They don't play their game. They try to play their opponents game and it gets in their way. The crowds for 4 straight days might tire them out too. I don't know how Tiger holds up with the crowds being all over him.
  4. #72 looks really cool. I have an affinity for mountain courses. I like elevation and pines. Lots of nice courses though. I'll take Fleetwood. He is due for a win.
  5. I think you need spin and launch. With only club and ball speed the data is kinda useless. I mean you already know how far the ball goes. Spin and launch will tell where you might be losing distance. I think spin and launch are basic characteristics of ball flight that you need for the data to be useful.
  6. Then why sponsor players? Brands like TM have plenty of brand awareness. Everyone who plays golf knows TM. What is their motivation for having a tour staff?
  7. I think the best way to handle it is to not care one bit about it. I know that I wouldn't care at all. I hope she gets through too.
  8. Wow, I had no idea they made that much from sponsorships. That is some serious dough. I need to practice more.... Do they really get an positive ROI? I know I don't care if Rory plays Taylormade or Nitro Blaster.
  9. GB13

    Vintage Irons

    Yes, I know the yardage more than the number. I'll hit my 155 club not an 8 iron. I don't say why was that short it was my 7 iron, I say why was it short it was my 165 club. Anyway it doesn't matter the number. All I care about is how far I hit it and how to swing it to hit that shot. I couldn't care less if my 120 club has a 4 or a 9 or a 86 on the bottom. I simply don't care.
  10. Yeah, I am that way too. I wouldn't care about attention or admiration. I just wouldn't want that. I would want to show up and play golf. I agree I share his mindset. Play well and not care what anyone thinks. All of this does hurt his marketability though. I would take the Marshawn Lynch approach to interviews; "I'm just here so I wound get fined". I have other thoughts about media and news but here isn't the place to share them.
  11. Hmm, if I don't lock both of my arms at address I shank it every time because both of my arms are locked at impact. If my arms don't start out locked the head moves farther away from me leading to a heel shank when I lock them for impact. This may not be textbook but that is what I found for my swing.
  12. I think you can just tap the thought bubble next to the thread title that turns blue when there is unread content and it marks them all as read. I just use the mobile website, not the app so I don't know if it is the same.
  13. I am not a pro and will never claim to be. My only comment is that at the top of your backswing; you have a little redirect to the outside. I would try to not redirect the club so much. Your redirect could lead to some pull hooks. That being said if it works, don't change it. You clearly have natural ability. Just put in practice and you will be very good.
  14. I doubt he'll get it. While he may be a better player, he certainly doesn't have the flash of appeal that Rickie does. We already have a DJ type guy and that is more where BK fits in. He may be a better player in terms of wins but in terms of popularity he is lacking the popularity of Rickie. Rickie will sell more products than BK; therefore Rickie gets paid more. Simple as that.
  15. I always hit my 58* out of a green side bunker no matter what. Bunker play is probably the best part of my game. For me it is mostly feel and instinct. But I think I always open up the face and swing the same amount. I then hit a little bit closer to the ball for it to go farther and a little farther back from the ball for it to go shorter.
  16. Yes, they do clutter it up a bit and when people post 100 welcomes in a row; it's a little annoying.
  17. Yeah, he came off as a decent guy and helped his reputation.
  18. We all know Jumbo is the best😉 Interesting results though. Are they repeatable? I think it is personal preference too. I play Midsize. The "feel" the best to me and are the most comfortable. I have large hands and can't stand standard. I haven't tried jumbo but might soon. Go with what works for you.
  19. Yes, but if the PGA of America agrees. It wouldn't make a difference. The PGA already dictates where the tournament is held.
  20. GB13


    Just as long as you don't expect a miracle club a hybrid will do well for you. It will help you launch higher and straighter. I would recommend a hybrid for your swing speed.
  21. That Galaxy C5A story is really cool. Thank you for you service.
  22. Yes and No. It is the PGA of America but it isn't the US Open. I don't see why even though it is the PGA of America they can't contest the tournament somewhere else. It is still a PGA of America contest. Either way there are still plenty of great DIFFERENT style courses in the US. I can't think of the name right now but there was that linksy style course in Texas. Get some really hilly mountain courses. Just do something.
  23. Or when you don't have enough info and are dangerous to yourself.... I know this from a friend😬😁🤔
  24. I'll take a traveling major. As Shankster said we already have our parkland major and no other parkland major will top it. Move it around, maybe go to the sand belt in Australia one year and some mountain course in Europe the next. I don't know. Just do something to make unique.
  25. In a word, (insert four letter word of choice) Worst round in a while. I sprayed the ball everywhere. If you said the hole where you hit it over the road. I would need to ask you to be more specific. Putted okay. I just hit pull hook after pull hook. 43-47-90 34 putts 4/14 fairways 10/18 greens I hit 4 brave urethane covered friends OB today for an addition of a whopping 8 penalty strokes. Proximity was awful too.
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