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  1. I'm a higher marker than you, so I wouldn't presume to give you advice, except to say that when I have tried to fix a problem myself, and failed, I book a lesson or two with a reliable teaching pro. Good luck!
  2. I had a teammate in Junior Rep golf who used an old bullseye putter so that he could putt left- or right-handed with it. He reckoned that it was easier to hole putts that broke towards his feet rather than putts sliding away, particularly short-range putts. So on putts breaking to the left, he putted right-handed - on putts breaking right, he putted left-handed. He did well enough to turn pro, had some minor tour success and now is head pro at a leading Australian golf course!
  3. I have two regular gaming sets, plus multiple other iron sets plus persimmon woods and all sorts of wedges. "A mad golf club collector" as my wife puts it! For both of my gamer sets, I know the lofts, lengths, swing weights and distances of each club. As one poster said, this helps me move between sets, and also with hired sets when travelling, so I know roughly how far club each is going to go - because that's the single most important thing.... How far will I hit this club?
  4. I'm hearing you! My longest iron is 5-iron nowadays.
  5. I have played "player's irons" since I was a Junior [48 years!], and play off a handicap now of 5-7 [mostly]. I really like the feel and look of bladed clubs, and enjoy the challenge of controlling ball flight & spin. I've tried the bigger cavities, but they usually have a lot of offset, do not suit my eye and feel clunky - I like that feeling of a quality blade hit from the sweet spot! My handicap has been no different either way, so I play the type of clubs I like to play - blades. A few golfing friends tried playing blades - some liked them, some didn't, but one hit 3 shanks out of 4 and walked away muttering unrepeatables! Basically, I think the vast majority of golfers should play what gives them most enjoyment on the golf course. For you that may be the PXG 0211s, for me it's a quality blade!
  6. PXG 0211 ST $1,700 on a discount retailer website here in Australia, while the PXG GEN4 0311 P Irons are $3,600. [All in Aussie Dollars]. Yep - cheap as chips! Hogan Icons = $1,224 I'll take the Icons anyday!
  7. I would hate to see a situation where PXG [super expensive clubs] thrives, while a maker of highest quality, but cheaper clubs goes bust - such as the Ben Hogan clubs.
  8. I always carry at least one high lofted wedge, currently two - a 64* and a 58*, which I turn to fairly often during a round when that shot & club make sense. The 58* is good for full shots from 80yds, the 64* from 65yds. With greenside shots, I always try the most straightforward option. So I'll putt or play a 7-iron runner from the fringe, but when you're down a steep bank or in a deep pot, that 64* can work minor miracles!
  9. I am definitely thinking of upgrading my old reliable Mizuno MP-68s for a set of new Mizuno Pro 221s. The simply look fantastic, and I reckon they will feel & play fantastic as well! P.S. I wonder if I need a new set of Mizuno MP-22 wedges as well???
  10. I am often facing greenside shots from deep bunkers, or from thick, sticky rough coming up an embankment to a short-sided pin - so it's very useful there - plus it suits me for manufacturing shots in that 30-40-50 yard range. And I can get excellent stop +/- backspin on the ball at its full range of about 65 yards. My floppy is a quality Mizuno MP-R12 64* wedge with 5* bounce, with a really nice balance and weight to it. I think getting a high quality mega-floppy wedge is important if you're going to put one in your competition bag. I know its not for everyone, and a mishit can put a smile on your ball's face, but I really like it, and practice with it a fair bit - so for me, its a very useful "emergency!" specialty club.
  11. Why exempt putters? They should really be limited to just 36"!
  12. Lofts??? You guys need to try a 64* Mega-Lobby Wedge! Simply amazing what you can do with that much loft!!!!
  13. Three for me - Mizuno, PING and Callaway: Callaway Epic Flash Driver 12* Callaway 1.5 Mini-driver 14* (set to 16*) Mizuno MP Titanium 5-Wood 18* Mizuno MP-18 Fli-Hi 22* Mizuno MP-68 blades 5-PW Mizuno T7 ion-blue wedges selected from [loft/bounce] 52/9, 54/12, 56/14, 58/8 & 60/6 Mizuno MP R12 64*/5* PING Darby-i putter 34"
  14. I am currently playing 4 wedges in my bag. Starting with my Mizuno MP-68 set Pitching wedge 47*, plus Mizuno T7 52* loft/9* bounce, T7 58*/8* and MP R-12 64*/5* wedges. On a shorter course, sometimes I will swap out a fairway wood, or long iron, plus the T7 58*, for my Mizuno T7 56*/14* and T7 60*/6* wedges so there are less yardage gaps, but generally I am happy with the 6* gaps which give me about 15-16 yard gaps on a full swing. I've learnt to play 'in-betweener' wedge shots with firm 3/4 swings while gripping down the shaft about 1", so the gaps are manageable. Having four wedges with such varied lofts & bounces gives me plenty of options and versatility around the greens - the 64* lob lets me go at some crazy shots, and that's a lot of fun! P.S. A 43* wedge, Berg Ryman? That's my 9-iron!
  15. I thought he had a 64* wedge in his bag???
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