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  1. I would love to be able to fade the ball off the tee. My tee shots are a draw. If I try to hit a fade, I wind up blocking the ball straight out to the right and missing the fairway by a lot for some reason.
  2. I will be in for my round on Saturday. Great prizes.
  3. This is a 320 yard hole near me that provides three options. You can hit to the left fairway (which is lower than the right) and have a sight into the green. You can hit towards the bunker and lay up short. This will provide you with a blind shot at the green since the dark area just past the bunker is a hill that would block your view. The third option is to try to drive over the bunker and the hill (carry about 230). The ball will land on a downslope and carry toward the green. Most of the time I have play this hole it is into the wind.
  4. I walk when the option is available. There are a lot of courses near me that mandate riding stating it speeds up play so there is no option to walk.
  5. I prefer GPS. I like to have the yardage to the front, middle and back of the green. My clubs are not dialed in enough for exact yardage from a rangefinder.
  6. This sounds like a great contest and I will be joining.
  7. Currently I am playing a Cobra driver - the Cobra King. I am going to see if something else feels better and provides a more consistent pattern for me.
  8. This is interesting. I do not track how many times I use each club but thinking about it probably would be my driver, putter and wedges. I think the wedges get used so much since I tend not to hit a ton of greens in reg. That leads to all those short wedge shots around the green.
  9. I will be looking for a new driver; getting fitted when the time comes. I am not hating my driver, but will look to see if one provides more consistency. I just added a new 56 wedge so am all set there.
  10. This looks interesting. I think I would try it for a club to see if it is really easier than current changing of grips. If easy, I would consider changing all grips.
  11. I have the Bag Boy chiller bag. I choose it due to all the pockets and it has the individual slots for clubs; which I prefer. I mostly ride with it since most courses around me only allow carts. When we are allowed to walk, I have a push cart that it fits on and enjoy walking much more.
  12. For me, I go for the more accurate one. I noticed this year that when I can be in the fairway or close to it, my scores were lower. When I tried to hit for more distance, I was very erratic and half the time it was like taking a penalty shot (hitting back into the fairway) to get into a position to play for the green.
  13. I love these reviews. I tried a 5 piece ball once and was not really a fan. This information has me thinking I should try again since it has some characteristics I am looking for in a ball.
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