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  1. Great looking setup. Just put the Z785's in my bag as well. Great irons!!
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    Your ball?

    Like most of you....I've tried about every ball out there...either because I bought some or found them on my course (lots of old rich guys playing premium balls). Put the Snell Black in play about a year ago and really enjoyed it....great ball for the money.....AND....I hate paying $50 for a box of balls!!! However, I prefer buying products made in the good ole USofA when I can.........so, back in October of 2019 purchased a box of the Titleist AVX balls (close to Snell price point). Absolutely love it and it's really helped my game. I'm a high ball, high spin player, so this ball re
  3. Put the AVX (first gen) into play a few months ago.......absolutely love it. I haven't had any issues getting it to stop on greens with any iron. Also enjoy the lower, penetrating ball flight over the Pro V1 and other premium balls. Can't wait to try the new one out. Longer and softer is always a good thing!
  4. I like the way the left the club face stainless and rest of club is black. I’ve always loved the black look....but, they look like crap after a few rounds. This might be their answer to that problem!! Good looking club.
  5. Sold these locally.
  6. Bridgestone Tour BX Prototype First Impressions Sorry fellas - I did this a bit backasswards....but, here's Stage 1 - First Impressions Hello everyone and thank you Bridgestone and MyGolfSpy for selecting me to test the new Tour BX golf balls. Really loved the look and feel of this ball right out of the box. It's hard to explain, but it just looks and feels good and expensive! I was born and raised in Tulsa, OK and moved to NE Florida in August of 2017. I live and play golf in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, just a short drive from TPC Sawgrass. I turn 50 years old this July and wi
  7. Good morning fellas, If you're reading this....you know this "test" got off to a late start. Had a chance to get out for a bit last weekend to perform some of my own "non-scientific" test comparisons. First, my prototype ball was stated by Bridgestones VFIT technology (see link below). FYI - had a couple buddies submit videos and their results, like mine, were pretty spot on and impressive. regardless outcome of the prototype ball. So......what do you guys want to know about this ball? What type of shots do you want to see? Is there a certain ball you'd like to see this compared to?
  8. Hello Fellas, Purchased this driver a few months ago during a demo day at my club. Always loved Ping drivers and this one was flying exceptionally well for me that day! Anyway, I’ve gone back to my “fitted” M6 driver for better dispersion. Been thinking about sticking a Ventus shaft in this and keeping it...but, reality is I’m smashing my M6 right now....so, seeing if anyone else wants this. If anyone has a blue Ventus 6 or 7s with Ping adaptor for sell....let me know. I could easily be convinced to keep this. 9 degree head with Alta CB stiff shaft. Shaft is 1/2” shorter than st
  9. dalejbrass


    Selling a pair of Scratch Wedges, 56 & 60. Both have Project X 5.5 Shafts. Lots of spin left in these incredible wedges. Both have my nickname “Choppy” stamped and 1 has my initials. Take $100 for both shipped to your door.
  10. I can speak to this Driver. Been gaming a M6 for little over a year with Tensei shaft. Was at my fitter last week for a wedge fitting. He had the Sim Max on his desk. Long story short....It's been in my bag mated to a "real" Ventus Blue Shaft (not the stock shaft) and I've hit it quite a bit. First, don't care what the bottom looks like....because I can't see it at address. Second, the new color scheme is sick and I really like it. Can't say it's a LOT better than the M6 or that it'll make anyone longer off the tee....what I can say is that it has a different feel and sound when hit and I'm ge
  11. My home track is not a “long” course, but is very tight with lots of water and waste areas.....I have a TM M6 3W that I love. It’s arguably my favorite club in the bag. Hit it off the tee about 75% of the time. I’m usually a tee or two back from my playing partners and I out drive my group 95% of the time.
  12. Pug - just now seeing this. Sorry to hear your surgery didn't go well man. Post or Anterior? My "big miss" was that I didn't do enough research prior to the surgery and picking a surgeon who does "Anterior". Lots of trauma on the muscles Post. Anyway, hope you get better soon. Do you have a stretching program? Stretching helped me tremendously. I did a session with Golfstretch in Scottsdale while visiting family.......they have several great stretch/strengthening programs specifically designed for hip replacement folks.
  13. I’m excited to be part of my first MGS test! I’ll do my best!
  14. Bridgestone Tour BX – Official MGS Forum Review by dalejbrass Hello everyone and thank you Bridgestone and MyGolfSpy for selecting me to test the new Tour BX golf balls. I was born and raised in Tulsa, OK and moved to NE Florida in August of 2017. I live and play golf in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, just a short drive from TPC Sawgrass. I turn 50 years old this July and will finally be eligible for the Champions Tour (just kidding…but, can qualify for some of the old man tourneys at my local club). Picked up my first golf clubs (garage sale Ping knockoffs) at 19 years old and inst
  15. LOL. Thank you sir. Yeah....sounds like a lot. Truth is....I’m just now getting back to where I once was at a 6 handicap. I had hip replacement surgery 8/16....so, didn’t play much golf for about a 3 year period. Fast forward several years and I now live on the 18th green of a country club and have my own cart.....which equates to lots of practice time. The weight loss and the strength gain has equated to better move through the ball and my ball striking is pretty crisp right now.
  16. I'm gonna try to keep this short. First....I've never been grossly over weight or obese. I'll be turning 50 in July 2020. On Thanksgiving morning of 2018, I hauled my ass to the gym and have done it 4-5 times per week all year. In just over a week from now, will be 1 year since "I" decided to change. This is the key point....I didn't decide to go on a diet....I didn't decide to try a new wonder pill.....I drug my butt out of bed and went to the gym. It was hard at first......but, started seeing results just inside of 60 days. Started at 212 lbs. Today, I weighed in at 192.4 lbs and down 2" in
  17. Played in a Wednesday night scramble all summer (points system) and made the top 10 play off. Highest score is eliminated until 1 man left standing....much more pressure than I anticipated!! Hole: 1 - Short Par 4 - Iron off the Tee, GIR, 2 putt par - on to the next tee 2 - Shortish Par 4 - Driving iron off the tee and pull hook it left OB (my big miss, but haven't hit it in MONTHS).. Re-tee with same club hitting 3, stripe it down the middle, green from there, 1 putt for bodey - on to the next tee 3 - Par 3 (176ish) - stripe a 7 iron right at pin, lip out birdie putt, take
  18. I've played the Snell Black for a little over a year now.....LOVE IT. For the money....it's probably the best ball I've hit. To answer your question....I tried the X and didn't like it. Felt a little hard and "clicky" to me and definitely wasn't any longer for me over the black. Usually will play a ball I find on the course next against the snell (lots of ProV's and V1's, Bridgestone and Taylormades). Never had one out perform it.
  19. I need to find somewhere in NE FL to try those Ventus shafts!!
  20. I put one on a Scotty and love it. I have since put an Evnroll ER5 in the bag, which has a different grip on it. Highly considering putting the gravity grip on it because I liked it that much.
  21. Dale Brassfield Florida Evnroll ER5 Black Elevado Slant Neck 35”
  22. Ping 410 is the real deal. My club had a demo day Friday evening. Went over with ZERO intentions of buying, as I went through my entire bag earlier this year at the Performance Center at TPC Sawgrass. Just wanted to check things out and hit a few clubs (primarily wedges). Visited each tent for a few minutes and chatted with the rep's. Ping guys talked me into hitting the Ping 410 LST (I've gamed several different LST Ping drivers over the years). Gave them the specs of my gamer - TM M6 Tensing Orange Stiff. Proceeded to tee a few up. Liked the way the head looked and felt, but first shaft
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