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  1. Last price drop until she goes back on the shelf for a rainy day reunion. $200 TYD
  2. Only thing that comes to my mind is the ball.....have you changed balls? Is the ball(s) new/used/recycled? I would experiment with different balls first and go from there. My comment is based on your comment that the swing and ball flight are the same.
  3. She and I had a good run......just wanted to try something different. If I were to critic this putter (IMO), the head feels a tad bit heavy to me. I had problems with the longer putts.
  4. Bump it up for price drop. Now $225
  5. I'll report back soon.......just took delivery of my new Blade2 with tour stability shaft. Did a fitting locally and rolled the heck out of it. I'll be playing my first round with it this weekend. Few more practice sessions and game on!
  6. Selling a gently used, Evnroll, ER5 putter. 35”, standard loft and lie. Near new gravity grip. Very good condition. SOLD
  7. I’ll be your huckleberry Dale Brassfield/Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 5.8 Srixon Z785 PTX Pro-Icon Combo
  8. I chose “Other” because Srixon was not on the list. Put the Z785’s with Modus 120 shafts in the bag late last year and they are incredible!!!!
  9. I'm playing the HZRDUS, Small Batch, PVD, 70g, stiff shaft. I love it!!! TM SIM Max 9* head, swing speed 110mph. I guess it all depends on your transition regarding the "feel" of this shaft. I've hit a lot of stiff, heavy shafts prior to this and I can say it doesn't feel like a board or pipe to me at all. Also, I can swing hard with it all day long and feel pretty comfortable it's not going left.
  10. COVID-19 is going to bankrupt me. Recently switched to a Hzrdus Smoke Green PVD shaft....so, selling my Smoke Green shaft 6.0, 70gram. Standard length, no tip, with new GP MCC+4 standard Grip. $100 TYD
  11. Hey fellas, Got a couple Jaws wedges I'm selling with Steelfiber, i95, stiff shafts. 54.10* S-grind and 58.08* W-grind. Standard loft & lie. Love these wedges.....selling because I've switched to same Nippon modus shafts that are in my irons. I paid $394 for these new. Both are in good condition with only 3-4 months of play. Both have nearly new, GP MCC+4 standard grips. SOLD
  12. I practice a lot, as I live a Driver and 8 iron from my clubs driving range. I used to show up and hit randomly with whatever clubs I grabbed out of the bag. Today, my practice looks much different and always has a purpose. Sometimes depends on what kind of swing issues I had during my last round. But, here's the typical routine: (provided I have time) Start with 54* wedge on the chipping green - hit approx 25 balls to various holes Start with same wedge or PW on driving range hitting 8-10 pitch shots to various targets in the 80-90 yard range (but ALWAYS at a target and specific distances) 5-10 full PW's at a desired distance target 8-10 full 8 irons at target 5-8 full 5 or 4 irons at target 5-8 Drivers or 3 Woods at target. I typically pick 2 trees in the distance and imagine there's a fairway between them that I want to hit 10-20 variety shots with one or multiple clubs above. I like to hit different types of shots in this portion of my practice session. EX-I'll hit stingers with 4-5 iron. I'll choke down a bit and hit 8 iron knock downs to shorter distances, really focusing on the type of shot I want to hit....typical baby fades into short flags 10-20 mins on putting green with 2-4 balls. On game days, I always and only putt with one ball to different holes. I do this to get a feel for green speeds for that day. I use aiming sticks a lot to work on target and aiming. Sometimes, I stick an aiming stick in the ground approx 5 yards in front of me, on my target line and hit shots starting the ball left and then right of the stick.
  13. I have both the SIM titanium 3w & 5w. I LOVE them. My 5w is my new deadly weapon and go to at my home course off the tee on most holes. It's fun to watch the look on my playing partners faces when they find out that I just flew my 5w past their drives from a tee box behind them! As someone else said earlier.....the sound and feel of these when you catch the ball on the screws is addicting!
  14. A private golf club in Jacksonville shut down today due to a member who’s been diagnosed w/Corona. I’m hearing rumors from some military folks that most cities will be going on full lock down very soon for several weeks. I’m not sure what to think. I’ll be 50 this year and this is by far the strangest times I’ve experienced.
  15. I’ve been a bit of a grip ***** over the last Couple years or so. Played a few different GP and Lamkin grips (I regrip all my stuff). Landed on the MCC +4 about 3 months ago and really liking them. Been wanting to support a grip made in the US, like Pure.....but, I’ve got a supply of GP MCC’s. Purchased my home from a PGA Tour Player. Golf Pride kept sending boxes of grips to my house. After the 4th time, he apologized and sent me a “box” of grips (about 24 or them). Can’t complain! Just wish FJ and Srixon would send some stuff over!!! I’d be compelled to play dumb and swear I’d seen nothing!!! LOL
  16. Purchased the Grooveit tool based on this thread. Had my fair share of worthless golf product purchases....but, this is not one of them!! This tool is awesome! Love it. Great job Grooveit!
  17. Absolutely. I’d say it was at least 50% less attendees than last year. Which is a shame....because the weather this week is absolutely brilliant!!!
  18. Glad I went out today, as they are shutting it off to spectators for the rest of the tournament. Friggin stupid! Anyway, walked the front nine with Web, Phil and DJ. Also followed Matsyama play nine and make the eagle putt to go 9 under for the day!
  19. Fortunately, don’t have to worry about parking. My club runs shuttle buses from 7am to 8pm each day. Short ride back and forth to house!
  20. I’ll be in attendance during Thursday and Saturday rounds! I live just 3 miles North of the course. Weather forecast is PERFECT!!
  21. I picked up a box of the Tour “seasonal” opener pack (3 dozen) at PGA Superstore couple weeks ago for $22 per dozen. Been playing them for a few weeks against the Titleist AVX and new Bridgestone Tour BX. I like this ball a LOT! It’s very long and has all the spin I need. It feels much softer than the Tour BX (feel is what I didn’t like in the White box testing). I like the ball so much, I’ve gone back to PGASS to pick up 2 more packs.
  22. I'll concur with Tsecor. I've been playing and really liking the Titleist AVX. I was also one of the Bridgestone Ball testers and tested the Tour B X (which I didn't like because it's so hard). Picked up a box of the Srixon Q Star Tour balls last week and played it against the AVX and the Tour BX. The Srixon feels great and just as long or longer (for me) than the Tour BX. I like it so much that I went back for 2 more boxes of Srixon's 2 for 1 deal.
  23. Any interest in this out there? Make me an offer.
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