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  1. This is basically a giveaway isn't it? Hell, I could test these balls and give you all the feedback you want. Oh well, maybe next decade.
  2. Try the BX, It's an awesome ball with, in my opinion, similar characteristics as the Titleist ProV. I love the ball but it's a tad expensive for this guy. Congrats and good luck.
  3. This would be an awesome beginning for my new golfing wife and I to test out these beauties. I'd like to thank both Honma and MGS for this wonderful opportunity to test some prime clubs and offer feedback.
  4. I'd love to try the OG #1 WS Stroke Lab as it seems to fit my stroke perfectly. If selected I'd like the putter to be 35", and right handed. Thank you Odyssey and MGS for the opportunity.
  5. So, I think we can all agree that MGS needs to invest in a CT Scan and an X-ray machine. Now, if we could only get the MRI in the study we can analyze the beJesus out of these balls. LOL Great work from a true golfaholic.
  6. Hello Guys, I already have a putting green and a chipping set-up in my backyard and I'm looking to get a golf net to hit full shots into. I've had one in the past and it was a nightmare to assemble. I was thinking about building my own out of PVC but this would certainly be a welcome addition to the area. Please consider me for the test. Thanks
  7. Thank you Titleist and MGS for a wonderful opportunity. The T100s looks like the club that would be a great fit for me to compare with my present clubs and I'd give them the workout they require. Thanks again.
  8. I'm assuming a contest being run on this site but can you please let me know what contests you're talking about? I don't want to give some absurd answer that doesn't apply to this question. I don't need a golf bag so that's out but if you're saying some Titleist balls or right handed clubs are part of this, I'd take either one.
  9. I would love the opportunity to try this out on my new putting green in my back yard. To evaluate this against my Ping Anser 2 1959 would be some stiff competition. Thank you guys for the chance.
  10. I'd love to compare these to the Srixon ball I'm playing. This would be very interesting. I'd be a tough judge as I not only love to play but I love to practice so they'll be fairly tested. Thanks for the opportunity.
  11. I picked my players but when I enter any contest unfortunately it's like the kiss of death for the players. God help my selections.
  12. Name: Gil Bloomer Location: Prescott Valley, AZ Current Putter: Ping Anser 2 Which Impact model you want to test: #1
  13. Gil/Prescott Valley, AZ Yes, I'm RH 3 wood, regular flex 18* Hybrid, regular flex 16 HC Play a Hybrid
  14. First Name: Gil City, State: Prescott Valley, AZ Current Driver in Play: Cleveland Turbo HB Handicap: 18 Swing Speed: 99 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  15. Gil B. Vail, AZ Original Anser 2 I'd love to try the new Anser 2 as this appears to frame the ball a little better than my original and it really suits my stroke pattern.
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