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  1. Gil B

    Bucket Hats

    I bought a couple of "bucket" hats and, unless they're vented, I find them much too hot. I found a "boonie/bucket" hat and it's well ventilated and very comfortable. If anyone out there knows of a good quality vented bucket hat please let me know where you got it/them.
  2. I bought, and play an older model Cleveland Launcher 7 wood and it's one of the best things I ever did. Long, and I can draw or fade this club on demand. I highly recommend you give a 7 wood a try.
  3. Hey, if a guy or a gal plays with knockoffs, that's on them, however, if I'm in a competition of some sort, you bet I'd have a lot to say about it. Recreational players with knockoffs don't offend me if that's what they can only afford to play this great game. The only downside to these players is that they're supporting the knockoff sellers.
  4. I had a Cleveland Comp driver, 10.5* that I reshafted myself with an older stiff Cleveland shaft, Fujikura manufacture, 44 1/2" and I could make that sucker do anything I wanted. Straight, draw, fade, it didn't matter as I had full control over where it was going to go. I got caught up in the "new and improved" crap of today's drivers and bought a new driver. I'm so pissed at myself for believing the hype. I'll regret that decision til the day I die.
  5. 13 years ago I bought a Titleist bag at a golf shop tent sale. It was priced right and maybe it was a year old model and it didn't sell. I snatched it up because it was a great deal as it was pretty inexpensive for a top of the line golf bag, it had great pockets with plenty of room, and it had 5 openings for all the clubs you need. Sadly, the top fabric finally wore out and I had to replace it. Today's bags are made with space-age materials that are light in weight but most have the dedicated club openings on top which I don't like and the storage pockets just aren't placed in the right manner as my old Titleist bag. My new bag is exactly that, new, but I'd take my old Titleist bag back in a heartbeat if it could be repaired. In the grand scheme of things I'm just thankful to be playing such a great sport.
  6. Best ball I ever played under $40 is, and I continue to play is the OnCore Elixr. Wonderful distance, adequate spin, satisfactory trajectory, feel, and an overall great ball.
  7. I was using a wonderfully constructed and thought out bag by Titleist for about 10 years. It had 4 individual dividers and a putter slot on the right side. There are plenty of pockets as well. The dividers allowed for plenty of room for the 1)woods, 2) long irons, 3) short irons, and 4) wedges. It offered plenty of room and I love that bag but it started to wear out around the upper edges and it looked rather nasty. I went to another well known bag manufacturer that had a putter well, 14 individual dividers and it's been nothing but a pain in the ass. Clubs get stuck as I take them out and would never buy another like it. Give me a bag like the Titleist bag I described and all will be well.
  8. I've been a Cleveland Golf loyalist for over 20 years. The driver, irons, and wedges will get changed out every few years but the fairway woods, the old Launcher metalwoods with the small heads(circa 2005) are still in my bag as I can't find anything better in terms of feel and confidence. The putter on the other hand is the older Ping Anser 2 and that stays as well.
  9. This is basically a giveaway isn't it? Hell, I could test these balls and give you all the feedback you want. Oh well, maybe next decade.
  10. Try the BX, It's an awesome ball with, in my opinion, similar characteristics as the Titleist ProV. I love the ball but it's a tad expensive for this guy. Congrats and good luck.
  11. So, I think we can all agree that MGS needs to invest in a CT Scan and an X-ray machine. Now, if we could only get the MRI in the study we can analyze the beJesus out of these balls. LOL Great work from a true golfaholic.
  12. I'm assuming a contest being run on this site but can you please let me know what contests you're talking about? I don't want to give some absurd answer that doesn't apply to this question. I don't need a golf bag so that's out but if you're saying some Titleist balls or right handed clubs are part of this, I'd take either one.
  13. I picked my players but when I enter any contest unfortunately it's like the kiss of death for the players. God help my selections.
  14. Name: Gil Bloomer Location: Prescott Valley, AZ Current Putter: Ping Anser 2 Which Impact model you want to test: #1
  15. Gil/Prescott Valley, AZ Yes, I'm RH 3 wood, regular flex 18* Hybrid, regular flex 16 HC Play a Hybrid
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