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  1. My doctor uses one of those to test my knee reflexes.
  2. Looks like the Fila Latitude (#10) reduced issues with toe strikes...
  3. First: I'm not a big fan of Callaway gear, in fact I've got a sort of brand antipathy when it comes to their stuff. I don't generally dig the aesthetics (what the hell is all over that driver face, a mid 90s 'tribal' tattoo?), their marketing spiels induce unconstrained eye rolling, and the Mavrik felt like a broken piece of plastic when I tried it last year. Second: I've tested this line, and the Epic Speed with an MMT shaft was a fantastic club for me. I'm going back to my fitter for a little more shaft testing and build tuning later this week. I guess I'll just have to get over my
  4. @McGolf One of my favorite channels! Thanks for the great tutorials!
  5. Cool trick, I'll definitely keep it in mind. I've only used a fine bit to drill into the weight and pull it out. That's a bit of a finesse operation, tho.
  6. Huh. Not sure this thread was an invitation for a right-wing, anti-media screed. Or did miss something?
  7. My friend was telling me about some GolfTec analysis and lesson packages the other day. So something like that....but in a nice warm(er) climate.
  8. @tchat07 so yeah, I sometimes wear the mittens over my gloves. Usually only the first couple of holes as I walk mostly, and tend to warm up after 15-20 minutes. There is a little more friction on the leather palms of the StaSof gloves as compared to my own palms [...insert joke here...], but it's not too much of a struggle.
  9. I second @Dr Strangelove. I got a pair of FJ StaSof (where are the final consonants?) gloves a couple of weeks ago. They work at least down to about 35* if I'm walking. Grip-wise, they're far superior to the all fleece winter glove FJ has had in previous seasons. And if it gets really cold, there's always these babies in between shots:
  10. @Kenny B and @Shankster , why not make them both proud with this number?
  11. Thus far it's been a toss up between the FJ DryJoy Tour and Adidas 360 Tour Boost. I walk mostly, and the Adidas are the most comfortable shoes underfoot, but kinda ugly too, at least to my eye. The DJTs are not as cushy, but the stability and aesthetics are better. I had a pair of FJ Icon MyJoys for a little while this fall (see below). They were pretty comfortable underfoot, but the shoe proved too wide in the end, and I returned them. However--and I realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder--they looked boss indeed:
  12. From what I've heard via FJ marketing emails and a chat with customer services, looks like the Premiere series will be launching soon. Billy Horschel has been wearing the one with the white vamp and blue cap toe recently. Those look soooooper sweet to me, especially if/when the MyJoys option rolls out. The Tour X is a different kettle of fish, looks like a great shoe, just not to my tastes aesthetically.
  13. In my view, even so-called "meaningless" events matter to someone. Playing for quarters with friends matters, otherwise there'd be no quarter on the line. Playing a weekly no-account men's league in the middle of Nowheresville matters to everyone making an honest effort. Fudging your handicap index matters, because like all the other examples (the Masters or the Open included, just like my men's league) they are objective structures of social relations, and as social beings, connections with others matter to us. Cheaters spoil that social relation, no matter the stage or premium for performanc
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