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  1. Very pleased with my 7 wood. Have a 3 hygrid that I swap in/out depending on the course I am playing.
  2. 4.5 hours is slower than necessary. Switch to a different color ball and ask your playing partners to watch where it goes.
  3. Traditionally- since 1938- you have been allowed to carry 14 clubs. Since that time it has been up to the golfer to decide how to organize their bag. Manufacturers offer more choices than ever to reach that 14 number, but that hardly seems like a bad thing. If 5 wedges suit your game do it.
  4. Russ 73 years old and love to walk when playing, but age is catching up. This could keep me walking for many years. Live in Naples, Maine and play 100 rounds per year- walking when it's allowed. Local courses just opening up and playing my first round of 2021 next week. Currently using Clicgear 3.5 with all the accessories including a seat. Nice cart, but willing to sell it if I get one of these.
  5. 8 Handicap, Portland Maine Callaway Steehead Pro 8 iron 150 Have visited the Sub 70 web site.
  6. Russ- Maine Have owned Skycaddie SGX and currently use Garmin G6 or S20 in conjunction with a Bushnell range finder depending on how familiar I am with the course.
  7. Best club is driver. Worst is anything I try to chip with.
  8. Hybrid. Don't have the swing speed to keep a 2 iron in the air. Also true with 3 and 4 irons.
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