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Sign up Closed: TaylorMade TP5 and TP5X Golf Balls

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5,588 signups
Equipment Type: Golf Balls
Vendor: TaylorMade

Testers Wanted!


It seems to be the year of new golf balls! We are certainly not complaining, though. With a few other major brands already putting up their new golf balls for member testing, we now have the opportunity to get the new TaylorMade TP5 and TP5X in the hands of our testers to see how they really perform.

What’s changed?

TaylorMade has completely revamped both their TP5  and TP5X models with a significant investment to the tune of $100 million for golf ball-related business. This investment went into several key areas, which included buying the Nassau ball plant in South Korea and huge investments in their golf ball R&D. Over the last three years, TaylorMade has built a new state-of-the-art indoor test range and completely remade its outdoor test area with Trackman units to capture performance data for every stage of ball flight.

As for the golf balls themselves, the TP5  and TP5X now have what TaylorMade calls “Speed-Wrap.” This is a new technology that TaylorMade claims produces “significantly faster with a better feel and a softer feel.” This is done by allowing the material to control the sound without affecting speed. As sound often directly relates to feel, the new TP5 and TP5X can be firmer golf balls without feeling or sounding firm.

Finally, the initial three layers are now progressively firmer, allowing them to “truly perform like completely different products.”

The bottom line is TaylorMade feels they have really upped their standards with their new golf ball lineup and want to make significant gains in the ever-competitive golf ball market. Being a distant third in market share to Callaway and the far-and-away leader Titleist, TaylorMade hopes the new TP5 and TPX will be their launchpad to further success.


Want To Be A Tester?

We need six testers to test, review, and keep the new TP5 or TP5X golf ball. Each selected tester will receive two dozen golf balls for their review.


*This test is open to all golfers worldwide.

*Registration closes March. 1

*Testers will be announced on the Forum March. 5

*Must be a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member to be selected!



Good luck to all of you. And especially good luck to the final 6. This should be interesting  to read about. Again, great job MGS for your hard work in coordinating these tests.

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Another great opportunity for the membership here thanks to TaylorMade and the MGS staff.

Best to all those who apply, I have followed some of the information presented about these in the Callaway ball testing, and it will be interesting to see the other comments and reviews.

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I have played the TP5’s in the past and really liked them. I have just started playing the Maxfli tour and really like this ball. There are so many golf balls to test this would be the perfect opportunity to try a comparison. 

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A member on another forum had these and out them in a test against the new bridgestone and the callaway ball he plays. He got an extra 7 yards with the new TP5 over the other 2 balls. I've never tried TM balls but am certainly curious about testing and using them if they can give me an extra 7 yards on my drives.

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I'd love the opportunity to test the TP5X against both the Vice Pro Plus and the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS that I've been alternating between recently. I'd also love to know if the TP5X would be a viable contender to go in the bag in the future.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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Would love to see if these are genuinely “half a club farther”. I’ve been gaming Left Dash for almost 3 years now but have always been intrigued by the pix (I hand draw stripes on mine) but the old TP5X just couldn’t perform as well as my gamers. Would be awesome to put them head to head on the Rapsodo and course.

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After a colleague noticed a 7 yard gain with these new TP5 balls, it has certainly peaked my curiosity.  I have never used TM balls but could be worth a try. hopefully I can test them out.

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3 hours ago, Jesper2712 said:

Im very curious to upgrade my ball from Taylormade Tour Response to the TP5

I also play the Tour Responsr from time to time. Doesn’t spin very much but feels great around the greens. Looking forward to trying the new TP5 ball to see if it truly is softer. 

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Playing daily in my golfzon simulator makes it very easy to collect data and I have been testing multiple different balls this Winter to prepare for the upcoming outdoor season which will hopefully start soon with the wamrer weather showing up!

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I got a sample box of TP5x balls, opened them up and saw that there were large pin marks and PIX markings were all over the place. I'd use those on the putting green but no way am I using those during a round. Hopefully, I can get the balls for testing from MSG. Do better TM. 

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I am very interest in the new Tp5s and if they are really better the older version that I tried with a ball that I had found to compare to the Callaway chrome soft that I use now.

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I just bought a dozen TP5X and the only issue I’ve had so far are the cover gets scuffed too easily. Had a brand new ball that was scuffed after a good drive that stayed in the fw the other day. 

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5 minutes ago, Chriso said:

I just bought a dozen TP5X and the only issue I’ve had so far are the cover gets scuffed too easily. Had a brand new ball that was scuffed after a good drive that stayed in the fw the other day. 

The TPS5 that I have used didn't have any problems with the cover getting scuffed except when I hit a tree or golf path with them.

Driver TaylorMade Stealth 2 12^ Fujikura Air speeder 50 shaft

5Wood TaylorMade Stealth 2 Fujikura Air Speeder NX senior shaft

7Wood TaylorMade Stealth 2 Fujikura Air Speeder NX 50 shaft

Hybrid 5 TaylorMade Stealth Fujikura Air Speeder 50 Shaft

Utility wood Callaway 4 degree

6-AW irons TaylorMade Stealth Fujikura Air Speeder senior shafts

56- 60 Wedges TaylorMade Custom Milled Grind 4 Black Wedge Fujikura air speeder 50 shafts

Putter TaylorMade Spider EX Navy Single Bend

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At the moment , I’m playing the Bridgestone BXS the weather permitting. I do play the Chrome Soft or Bridgestone BRX during the colder weather months . Looking forward to seeing how the newer TP5/TP5X compares to the older model and hoping for some improvements that I wanted similar to the Bridgestone BXS. The ProV1 is the closest that I have found and the previous generation TP5 felt a little firmer than the ProV1. Now that our MGA at my golf course has started up as of today , I will be playing my preferred ball. Hopefully, the TP 5 will become that ball!

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Good luck to everyone. I usually play the Maxfli Tour S but have tried TaylorMade balls in the past. I would love to see the difference in feel or distance that these balls would have. 

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I signed up for the Maxfli golf ball test. but didn't have a forum account.  I got inundated with emails from my golf spy about joining the forum to improve my chances.  I'm unsure how many of you get to test products here.  I just went and bought the balls to try. It seems like a better way to try out balls.  

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