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Sign up Closed: Bag Boy Cart-Bag and Travel Bag

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Equipment Type: Bags and Carts
Vendor: Bag Boy

Testers Wanted!

The MyGolfSpy Forum staff continually work to bring new and different testing opportunities to our Forum members. This Bag Boy test is an evolution of a prior test—with a twist. 

About The Testing Opportunity 

Bag Boy offers products that are marketed to work together for a more seamless experience. This includes their cart and bags that have integrated Top-Lok technology. This technology is meant to hold and secure the bag in place to avoid that annoying shifting and sliding which some bags have a tendency to do during a round. 

For two fortunate testers, they will receive their choice of a golf bag and Nitron Auto-Open push cart. While the Nitron push cart was reviewed last year and received favorable grades, the combination of the two will make for a compelling test to see how the Bag Boy technology functions across their products. 


Travel bags 

The second part of this member testing opportunity is for those who have travel plans on their upcoming calendars. We are searching for two golfers who have a golf trip planned within the next six weeks and are willing to put a new travel bag to the test. We want testers to put these travel bags through the rigors of packing, transporting and, of course, the inevitable airport mayhem. 

All of this will culminate in a review that will answer how much room these bags have, how they held up, how your golf clubs fit and were protected during travel, as well as their size, weight and feel. 

Sound like a member test you are interested in taking part in? 

As with all member testing opportunities, members who are selected get to test, review and keep the products they are reviewing. 

*This testing opportunity is open to all golfers in North America. 
*Registration ends May 22. 
*Testers will be announced on the Forum May 28


I really like the idea behind this test! I've yet to travel with my clubs. I'm going to Italy at the end of June but will not likely be golfing. Though as a push carter, this test is very intriguing! Good luck to those who put in and great work to the MGS team for putting this one together!

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I recently found out that my cart has ripped the sides of my Titleist stand bag so I am in the market for a new push cart that won't rip up my bags. I am headed on a couples golf trip the end of June and this would be a great opportunity to try one of these items out. Again please consider me and thanks for all you do!!

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We typically travel and golf 4+ times a year and a new travel bag was on my radar for all of our clubs. (3 golfers in the family)

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I’m excited for the Cart Bag. I prefer walking instead of golf cart, unfortunately rentals are not stable so I have been mulling over which to purchase. Also, I caddie for my daughter for junior golf, and this would do wonders for me.

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3 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Excited to have Bag Boy back for another member testing opportunity this year. 

Two great ... well technically three great products available to test, review and keep for four fortunate members of our awesome community. 

Want to learn more about how to improve your chances at being selected? Go here!


And remember, members can only do one test at a time and for most only get the chance to participate in one testing opportunity per season! (hint hint to all those on tests currently... don't sign up... it looks greedy 😉 )

Excited about this one!  As a semi-regular walker (as the foot allows) using a “gifted to me by the local Habitat Restore” BagBoy Express LS cart, I’m excited to see these cart/bag combos tested.  Thinking how much easier loading/unloading, on course stability (bag not moving around), ease of use would be with as combo designed to work as one.  

Good luck to those chosen to test - as a previous tester, it is work but also fun.  This season has seen some testing taken to new levels (go check out the builds the guys are doing on the Toura clubs just to name one test in process)….good luck to all who enter.  


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I am interested in both really. I have about 4 trips planned this year and am want to golf on all of them. Also, my current stand bag is too heavy. When I walk 18 I feel it the whole time. Would love to see if this would be lighter.

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This is exciting! I walk over 200 rounds a year (actually run most of them). Having a cart/bag combo sounds nice. I’ve been considering buying a hybrid bag so it sits better on my push cart, but I’d be curious to see if this combo is exactly what I’m looking for. 

ps. I ran the wheels off my previous cart lol

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Would be grateful of the chance for the Travel bag, expat living and working in Riyadh. Not many courses so flirt between Dubai, Doha. I tend to go every few weeks, my current bag is pretty new to be honest. My bag spends more time in Airports than my ball on fairways.

No matter what Airport, what airline you have the dreadful feeling awaiting your bag coming out baggage control, always scuffed. and in some cases torn, and the circle of looking for a new bag starts all over again. Back to UK, Scotland in June and this would be a few connecting flights.

Can Bag boy stand up to non golfers who just have no respect for our sticks, lets see!!!!

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Traveling to pebble in June, it would be hard to beat by club glove travel bag. I also have a bag boy xl push cart but interested if the nitro could beat it enough to warrant an upgrade. Push a bag boy chiller bag, but would travel with my sun mountain 3.0 walking bag. Good opportunity for all. 

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Traveling to LasVegas/Henderson NV and then on to SanDeigo.  Don’t have a travel bag currently.  Retired a few months ago. Going to see my daughter and son-in-law, grandson.  What fun it’ll be!


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This is so timely!  I just joined a private club where walking is the norm so I put into service an old Parfect-brand pull cart. No storage room, no bottle holder, etc. I have a birthday coming up and was going to treat myself to a new push cart and was tossed between this cart and the Clicgear 4.0. I did carry my clubs the 1st few rounds but discovered after ruining 2 shirts that the black padded hip pad was transferring black dye onto my shirts. Thanks Sun Mountain for ruining 2 of my favorite polo shirts....  So I guess I'm in the market for a new bag too.

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