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Sign up Closed: Precision Pro Titan

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Equipment Type: Range Finder
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Precision Pro claims their new Titan Elite rangefinder is “the new gold standard in golf rangefinders.” A bold claim for a product competing in a category with premium devices that are proven and function exceptionally well. However, Precision Pro has a few tricks up its sleeve with the Titan Elite that they feel set it apart from the rest.

About The Precision Pro Titan Elite Rangefinder

The Titan Elite features an aluminum shell to enhance its durability without adding too much weight. It also boasts an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, meaning rain or shine, this rangefinder is protected against the elements. The IP67 rating is the highest in its class.

Also included are some of the standard but critical features such as visual target lock with a ripple visual effect and pulse vibration when you lock onto the flag.

However, it is the connection with the Precision Pro app that looks to really set the Titan Elite apart. With the app integration, the rangefinder provides front, center and back-of-green GPS yardages through the reticle with the press of a button. 

Finally, what may be the feature golfers could use the most is “Find My Titan.” Forget your rangefinder? Precision Pro has you covered with its GPS location feature. This will ping the Titan Elite and provide a notification on your phone if you misplace it. 

TWPP3 (2).jpg

The Testing Opportunity

We are looking for four golfers to test, review and keep a Precision Pro Titan Elite rangefinder.

We want to know how all these features function in the hands of real golfers. Is this rangefinder truly in a class of its own compared to other top-of-the-line rangefinders?

Do you think you are up to the test?



*Open to all registered Forum members in North America.

*Registration closes June 5.

*Testers will be announced on the Forum on June 11.


Excited for this product review. I use 18birdies and a Bushnell rangefinder. Sometimes the 18birdies app is a little all over the place which is why I will revert to using the rangefinder to make sure it is accurate. I like the added feature of “Find my Titan”. There is too many times people lose their golf equipment on the course and I hope this helps ensure the lost technology is found. Anyone that gets chosen will be very lucky. Good luck to all! 

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Great opportunity for the members thanks to the efforts of the MGS staff and Precision Pro.

Best to all that apply, looking forward to the comments/reviews as to how this compares to the other brands in the market.

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Had a quick look on their site, and it says iOS only for the app (with Android coming soon). Strange thing to do in 2024 with how much the marketshare for Apple has dropped off over the years. Still seems very cool overall though, good luck to those who apply

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1 hour ago, Josh Parker said:

Good luck to those that apply!  

Love to try the rangefinder.  Have a bushnell and have used them for years with much success.  Always willing to compare another brand against one of the best on the market.  I find rangefinder quick and easy to use.  Thanks for the chance to try one out.  Play three days a week.  

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I had the R1 and sold it. This sounds the same but I assume they resolved the battery issue (must charge after every round) and the random changing of the yards/meters when you grab the unit to use it. I liked the R1's ability to lock on to a target but that didn't outweigh its shortcomings. Good luck testers!

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Good luck to all! Would love to try this rangefinder as it’s been on my short list. Currently use 18 birdies and a more entry Bushnell that lacks some modern features. 

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I would love to get a chance to test this range finder. I to the age that I need help on knowing my distance because depth perception is not good any. I never used a range finder and would love to try this one and see it can help my game. The reviews are very good. 

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As a longtime Bushnell user, this does intrigue me.  Being as though I'm in for testing the push cart and bag from Bagboy, I can't do this one.  But that doesn't mean that I'm not jealous. 🤣  Great Opportunities abound for the MGS community.  Good luck for all those whom are chosen.  I'll be anxious to hear what people think! 

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I've been using a combination of 18 birdies, cart gps, and my ShotScope watch. I have an older precision pro that needs a battery, I've just been lazy about sending the battery replacement request. It's been a while since I've used a range finder so excited for the chance.

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Interested in the tech and how it works with the app.  Also love the GPS feature as I have (2) teenager's that play and scope is constantly being taken from one bag to another... and left places.

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